Far Cry 4 Shangri-La Missions Walkthrough Guide – Tips and Strategy

By   /   Nov 19, 2014

There are a total of 5 missions in Far Cry 4 where players enter the mystical Shangri-La in order to save the area from demons and get rid of the corruption plaguing it.

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Far Cry 4 Shangri-La Missions Walkthrough

The first mission “The Protector’s Arrival” is actually a story mode mission while the other 4 are optional ones. The guide here should help players in completing the missions in no time without any hassle.

The Hunt for Rakshasa

This is the second mission that takes place in Shangri-La, the first one being the story mission. Players have to first find the game’s second thangka piece which they can start by finding a grapple point west of Crazy Cock Bar.

The coordinates for the point are x:213 y:520, players can check these from the map. Once players have found the grapple point, they need to climb up and follow the path to another grapple area where there are multiple points arrange in an upside down triangular pattern.

They need to climb the bottom most point and then move to the one on the left. As they finish climbing this one, players will see another point on their left which they can’t reach without moving along the cliff a bit.

After having climbed this other grapple point, players need to once again follow the trail in front of them, climbing ledges to make their way to another two-step grapple area whose coordinates are x:240 y:516.

Continuing the same routine of switching grapple points and following the path, players will come up on a cave mouth known as Kalinag’s Door.

The thangka is inside the cave and once they pick it up, they will travel to Shangri-La and meet their companion, the tiger.

Once they have teamed up with their feline friend, players need to follow yet another path and meet a seeker. This seeker is different from the secret seekers in each mission and instead of granting a health boost, he provides players with a new bow with amazing arrows.

The bow works like a sniper rifle and the arrows move in a straight line at incredible speed instead of moving towards the ground with distance. Aiming through the bow also slows down time so it’s a devastating weapon.

After acquiring the bow, players will come up on a circular multi-level room where they have to kill the enemies. Stealth isn’t an option here since players have to search for a seeker here instead of just passing through.

Initially it’s a good idea to stand in the doorway and shoot demons from a distance and send the tiger after enemies they can’t shoot. Slowly players can make their way across the ring counterclockwise and keep dropping down through the ledges.

The seeker is hidden under the stone bridge. Once they have found the seeker, they need to follow the quest marker through a waterfall out into an open area with a red river in it.

The river leads to a portal but before going through it players need to follow the river upstream and find another seeker hanging from a tree.

After passing through the portal, players will reach a series of interconnected islands. This area is highly confusing since where ever players go, they always end up back to one of the three glowing doorways.

What players need to do is to step through a door to enter a hexagonal walled off area and spin the mani wheel in the area. They can then head back out through any door to reach a path littered with demons.

Players can fight them or just rush past to reach the temple gate which will open at their arrival. When they are in the temple, they need to fight to reach the bell.

This area also introduces a new enemy: beasts. These look like skinny, furless dogs wearing a mask and they explode when players get close.

Players can stop their detonation by killing them before they get too close; this not only saves them from a lot of damage but also provides a corpse on the ground which can be shot at to cause an explosion that will kill other enemies.

With the introduction of Beasts, players now know all the 4 types of enemies in Shangri-La. Having finished off all the enemies and before going to the exit, players need to go to Kyra’s statue near the pool and move along its sides to get behind the statue where another seeker is hiding.

After getting the health boost from this final seeker, they can pass through the portal to fight another army of demons. The best strategy here is to play as a sniper and kill the enemies from a distance while using cover since most of the demons are Beasts.

The tiger can help protect the flanks while players aim in front of them. Players should always keep an eye out on their health in this part since it’s easy to lose track of and die.

If an enemy gets too close, they can use the tiger to deal a finishing move or snipe the back of their necks while enemies fight the tiger. Once all the enemies are dead, players can ring the bell to finish the mission.

The Surrender to Paradise

Once again players need to find a thangka and their search begins from x:553 y:455 here a small bell can be seen hanging in front of a cave entrance.

Players need to climb the stairs and ledges nearby and follow the path until they reach a grapple point.

They need to climb up and cross multiple ledges by either jumping across or swinging to reach a path that will lead them to a waterfall: Kalinag’s Descent.

Players can either use the grapple point to slowly descend which will also allow for them to find a lost letter in a cave on the way or they can just dive right in to land in a pool at the bottom.

From there they need to swim through an underwater passage to reach the thangka chamber which will take them to Shangri-La.

Having reached Shangri-La, players will need to learn how to use wind spires, alternates to their wingsuit. The red leaves boost altitude so players need to constantly aim for them to stay airborne.

Having completed the training, they can move forward to meet a seeker that upgrades their bow to fire a five-arrow blast. There are still three other hidden seekers to find though.

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