Far Cry 4 Mohan Ghale’s Journals Locations Guide

Far Cry 4 Mohan Ghale's Journals locations to find all 20 journals detailing the life events of the father of protagonist Ajay Ghale.

Mohan Ghale’s Journals are a record of the life events of Ajay Ghale’s father in Far Cry 4. These Journals are located in different places all over Kyrat and appear as small, leather-bound diaries that can be found on tabletops, dressers, caves, and safe houses.

In this guide, we’ll go over the locations of all 20 of Mohan Ghale’s Journals in Far Cry 4. Whether you’re going for 100% completion to acquire the platinum trophy or just want to learn more about the world of Far Cry 4, this guide is for you.

Mohan Ghale’s Journal #1 – Banapur

Map Coordinates: x:216 y:425

Location: When you reach Banapur, simply go inside the Safe House present here and locate the dresser. You will find the journal on top of it.

Mohan Ghale’s Journal #2 – Army Supply Flight 2911

Map Coordinates: x:247 y:397 (Army Supply Flight 2911)

Location: There is a funeral site on the given map coordinates. When you are on the exact spot, look to the left of the door where Bhadra goes; there should be a column on your left that is broken. The journal is in that column. The funeral site is next to the lake with Army Supply Flight 2911 at its bottom.

Mohan Ghale’s Journal #3 – Kyrat International Airport

Map Coordinates: x:273 y:606 (Kyrat International Airport)

Location: At the Kyrat International Airport, go to the northwestern edge of the airfield and inside the warehouse. Go to the office and look around for the journal. You can go there directly after the Free Willis mission in Far Cry 4.

Mohan Ghale’s Journal #4 – Khilana Bazaar

Map Coordinates: x:299 y:425

Location: On the coordinates provided above, you’ll find a safe house in the Khilana Bazaar area. Go inside and locate the dresser, there is a journal on top of it.

Mohan Ghale’s Journal #5 – Nadi Gardiyana Summit

Map Coordinates: x:326 y:684

Location: Reach Nadi Gardiyana Summit and take the grappling point up; then keep going left (jump and grapple your way) and cross the ravine using the zipline. Now keep going until you are at the pit of the cave. Grapple the ceiling and lower yourself down. There is a journal at the bottom of the pit.

Mohan Ghale’s Journal #6 – Unnamed Warehouse

Map Coordinates: x:328 y:432

Location: Go to the coordinates provided and you will reach the inside of a warehouse. Now look for shelves on the northern side with white packages on top of them. The journal is on top of the white packages.

Mohan Ghale’s Journal #7 – Shanath Breeders

Map Coordinates: x:380 y:573

Location: You will reach Shanath Breeders by following the coordinates provided. There, go inside the safe house and look for the journal on the table.

Mohan Ghale’s Journal #8 – Rochan Brick Co. Shipping

Map Coordinates: x:394 y:504

Location: The given coordinates will take you to Rochan Brick Co. Shipping. Once there, look for the journal on top of a table inside the safe house, after liberating the area.

Mohan Ghale’s Journal #9 – Kalinag’s Wisdom

Map Coordinates: x:398 y:558

Location: The coordinates will take you to Kalinag’s Wisdom, an island next to Shanath Breeders. Go to the inner chamber and locate the thangka fragment. There will be a table on its right side; the journal is on top of that table.

Mohan Ghale’s Journal #10 – Collapsed Ghupa

Map Coordinates: x:405 y:669

Location: The Coordinates above will take you to the Collapsed Ghupa. Simply jump down the shaft and go into the water. The journal will be resting on a rock underwater in Far Cry 4.

Mohan Ghale’s Journal #11 – Udayagiri Cave

Map Coordinates: x:406 y:385

Location: Locate the grapple point near the coordinates, then take the next grappling point to the left; use the grappling points there to reach the top. From there, go to the left side across the gap and the chasm using grappling. Look for the Udayagiri Cave on your right side after crossing the chasm. Get rid of the boards at the entrance and fetch the journal from the back end of the cave.

Mohan Ghale’s Journal #12 – Banashur’s Tree of Life

Map Coordinates: x:458 y:573

Location: The coordinates above will take you to Banashur’s Tree of Life where you’ll find a shrine. Go to its front side and fetch the journal.

Did You Know

Mohan Ghale was murdered by his wife Ishwari Ghale after he killed Lakshmana, her and Pagan Min’s daughter

Mohan Ghale’s Journal #13 – Lake Visalakhutta

Map Coordinates: x:485 y:788

Location: On the given coordinates, you will find Lake Visalakhutta. Go to the bottom of the lake and find the journal.

Mohan Ghale’s Journal #14 – Kyrat Retreat

Map Coordinates: x:491 y:524

Location: Go inside the building on the given coordinates and look for a shrine. There is a table in front of it and there is a journal on top of that table. The building in question lies to the south of Kyrat Retreat.

Mohan Ghale’s Journal #15 – King’s Bridge

Map Coordinates: x:505 y:640

Location: The given coordinates will take you to King’s Bridge. Go inside the building and make your way to the first floor. Look for a desk with the journal on top of it in Far Cry 4.

Mohan Ghale’s Journal #16 – Yalung’s Spine

Map Coordinates: x:510 y:458

Location: You will reach Yalung’s Spine at the given coordinates. Now go to the back end of the cave and grapple up above the opening to a ledge. The journal is on top of that ledge.

Mohan Ghale’s Journal #17 – Khazana Temple

Map Coordinates: x:514 y:500

Location: The coordinates are for Khazana Temple; take the tunnel and the door on your left (it is half hidden). Inside the room, you will find a table with the journal on top of it.

Mohan Ghale’s Journal #18 – Ghale Homestead

Map Coordinates: x:524 y:577

Location: At the Ghale Homestead, go to the back side of the house to the shed. The journal is on top of a desk in the shed.

Mohan Ghale’s Journal #19 – Ashti Den

Map Coordinates: x:560 y:726

Location: Use the coordinates to reach Ashti Den and grapple up. Go left, then take the second grappling point and keep going until you reach the top. Continue uphill to find the journal in the middle of the bigger boulders.

Mohan Ghale’s Journal #20 – Royal Palace

Map Coordinates: x:737 y:884

Location: At the end of the game you will be at the Royal Palace, if you spare Pagan Min, a cutscene will appear and you will end up in a room with a shrine and a table. The last journal is on top of the table on Far Cry 4.

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