Assassin’s Creed Unity Co-op Missions Guide – Get All Rewards

By   /   Nov 13, 2014

There is no fixed formula that ensures success in Assassin’s Creed: Unity co-op missions. Each strategy is different and every player has a distinct playstyle.

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Assassin’s Creed Unity Co-op Missions Walkthrough

The idea is to have good coordination and create a unique blend of these unique playstyles of individual players.

Therefore, the purpose of this guide is not to force you to adapt a particular strategy, but provide a summary of important locations and key targets in these missions.

Heads will roll

Rewards: Handmade Prowler Breeches, Handmade Medieval Belt, Tailored Musketeer Coat

To retrieve the key from the Warden of the Grand Chatelet, reach the rooftop from the left side of the main entryway. You’ll come across a quite a few enemies on the rooftop.

If need be, don’t hesitate to snipe a few of them before moving forward. Keep your eyes peeled on the Warden’s patrol and reach near the stairs. As soon as he goes downstairs, perform an aerial-assassination and loot his key.

I wouldn’t recommend pick-pocketing since it has a larger risk of detection. To retrieve Paton’s Notebook, run along the south wall and head towards the open window by the square tower.

Before heading inside the open window, make sure no one is noticing you to avoid detection. Once inside, assassinate the key targets using Phantom Blades or Last Known Position.

Tip: If you’re playing with another player, you can ask the other player to deal with the Warden while you get in this location.

The treasure chest containing the notebook is located at the end of a corridor with an accompanying soldier. Drop the soldier with a Phantom Blade before looting the chest’s contents.

After looting Paton’s Notebook, head over towards the southeast edge to identify and assassinate three Templar henchmen. Their locations are highly randomized so make sure to use Eagle Vision to identify them.

This area is teeming with Extremists and regular enemies so be careful! After the Brotherhood initiates the attack, reach the waypoint to come to a graveyard.

Reach the south side of the restricted area and look for Extremists marksmen and climb the rooftop to perform an aerial-assassination on two Extremists guarding the archway.

Go through the archway and reach the catacombs on the right side. Lockpick the door if required and speak with Paton inside to complete this mission.

The Food Chain

Rewards: Handmade Sans-Culottes Coat, Handmade Napoleonic Bracers, Arno’s Tailored Hood

From your starting position, you’ll be required to investigate a couple of sacks containing secret messages.

Locations of these sacks is highly randomized, but I would recommend getting to each sack with other assassins. The reason for this is that these areas are teeming with many Extremists and regular enemies.

After arriving at Mericourt’s location using the main road, head inside from the open window and assassinate enemies inside.

You’ll come across Mericourt at the top floor with a couple of Extremists and regular enemies. It’s recommended to be quick here and dispatch all enemies before meeting Mericourt.

Tip: It’s a good idea to clear the neighborhood before escorting Mericourt to make the upcoming sections a little easier.

While escorting her, it’s crucial that you assign one player to stop the guarding tolling the bell for reinforcements. This portion is not difficult as all as long you coordinate with other players and keep on killing enemies as soon as they appear along the way.

During the section when Mericourt takes over, try and stick to the rooftops to clear off enemies and if possible, use Cherry Bombs to isolate targets and assassinate them one by one.

When you’re tasked to assassinate Templars, have a couple of players take the rooftops and mark targets for you. Once you’re marked the targets, have one player sneak in for a Phantom Blade kill.

An alternative way of doing this is to use a Berserker Blade on one of the guards followed by killing the remaining enemies yourself.

You’ll find your last two targets in the south side. This part is quite easy and can be completed with a synchronized aerial-assassination from the rooftop nearby. Once done, leave the highlighted zone to complete this mission.

The Austrian Conspiracy

Rewards: Improved Military Hood, Tailored Prowler Breeches, Tailored Medieval Belt

Once this mission begins, wait until Danton has killed his target or intervene as you see fit. Once this is done, you’ll have to drop in several targets closing in your location.

It’s better to get on the rooftops and assassinate targets from a safer location. Alternatively, you can also use Berserker Blades to an easier job.

Throughout these engagement, don’t forget about a couple of marksmen on the balconies. After dealing with enemies, head towards the waypoint on the south side.

Reach the first green zone from the west side to identify your target accompanied by two enemies. I would recommend killing him directly and enemies that join in the battle for a quick finish.

You’ll find your second target in the very middle of the hedge maze. I would recommend getting one player on top of the ropes and direct the player entering the hedge maze.

The player entering the hedge maze should be alert of many enemies patrolling the area and make use of Eagle Vision and Phantom Blades to his advantage.

Escape the area from the west side with proper coordination. Assassins on the rooftop and ground should work together and leave the restricted area.

Your last objective is to assassinate two master spies located in the mansion.

Depending upon your co-op players’ individual playstyles, you can either divide the tasks among yourself or deal with each target individually or work together to assassinate your targets simultaneously.

The Infernal Machine

Rewards: Tailored Brigand Coat, Tailored Sans-Culottes Bracers, Improved Brigand Hood

During the first portion of the mission, divide up your team into two groups with each group focusing on each side of the street. I would recommend only killing the Extremists and leaving the regular enemies.

Keep on sniping targets and make use of Phantom Blades, Cherry Bombs, and Smoke Bombs to disintegrate your enemies and make progress.

Note: One important thing to bear in mind is not to get too ahead of Napoleon’s Carriage as it will fail the mission.

After infiltrating the mansion, the first piece of document can be accessed in an office which can be accessed from an open window. You’ll have to open up several desks to find the desired document.

For the second document, you’ll have to intercept a man patrolling in the heart of the courtyard. For killing the target in the courtyard, it’s not recommended to do so openly.

Instead, approach a more stealth-based approach and leave the area immediately. Your last target is inside a restricted zone with randomized entry points. You’ll find him on the upper floor of the building.

It’s recommended to split up and assassinate sentries in the area. Once you’ve eliminated the key target, leave the highlighted zone to complete this mission.

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