Assassin’s Creed Unity Helix Rifts Strategy Guide – Tips to Get High Score

After completing three Server Bridge missions during the Main Campaign, you’ll be able to save Brotherhood in modern times.

Your task in Helix Rifts is to collect as much data as you can and free other assassins trapped in the simulation. One important thing to note here is that you’ll have limited time to accomplish all these goals.

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Assassin’s Creed Unity Helix Rifts Strategy

Your initial score target and remaining time is displayed on top of the screen. After reaching your initial score target, you’ll be asked to free a friendly assassin for bonus points and Assassin Intel.

If you have spare time, you can reach a higher score and gain additional bonuses.

General Strategy
To be successful with Helix Rifts, you need to work on your movement and parkour more than anything else. Data which you need to collect is scattered across all sorts of locations and require top-notch maneuverability skills.

Moreover, it’s important to think of a pre-determined route that you need to take. While making this decision, it’s important that you don’t prioritize isolated data centers and aim for clusters.

Since different data centers have different score values, it’s better to prioritize with a higher score value. And lastly, keep on practicing new movement mechanics until you get the hang of it.

Data Centers

  • Whitish-blue static data centers are worth 10 points and are collected by simply walking over them.
  • Brownish data centers are worth 20 points and sometimes change their positions.
  • Green data centers are worth 50 points and require you to stand over them for a few seconds.
  • Trapped assassins are worth between 250 to 1,000 points and can be freed by rotating the RS.

Belle Époque – Training

From your starting location, keep on following the straight path ahead on the rooftops to grab multiple data centers within no time. You’ll also come across a green data center in this location.

Keep on going until you reach the large rooftop and turn left to come across another green data center along with a brownish data center. Collect these and turn right to cross the street using the hanging rope.

Keep on following the area and you’ll come across another encrypted data center (the green one). By this point, you should’ve completed your initial target so collect remaining data centers of the rooftop and get to the street level.

Once you see that the timer has started running out, dash towards the trapped friendly assassin followed by heading inside the portal.


Belle Époque – Data Harvest

When this Helix Rift starts, you’ll be standing on top of an open rooftop. It’s highly recommended that you clear the rooftop before dropping down to the street level.

You’ll also come across a couple of enemies, but it’s your choice whether you want to assassinate them or let them go. Do note that they won’t be able to pin you down while you’re constantly running, but silently assassinating them would reward you with additional 20 points.

Once you’ve earned enough points, you’ll be tasked to free the trapped assassin.

For your convenience, he is most commonly found near the Metro’s entrance or on the rooftop opposite the entrance. Bear in mind that both of these are his mostly common spawning locations, but he can also appear in other areas.

It’s better to keep on collecting data centers until you’ve more than enough time to reach the exiting portal.


Belle Époque – Tornado

The biggest difference between Tornado and previous missions is that a cyclone keeps on roaming through the map. If Arno comes in contact with this cyclone, he’ll receive a little damage and will be knocked out – wasting a couple of seconds during his recovery.

Therefore, it’s advised that you plan your movement in such a way so that you don’t come in contact with the tornado.

Similar to previous missions, the location of the trapped assassin is highly randomized, but he’s most commonly found near the central street with tree-lane.

Once again, you’ll come across several guards roaming in the area, but they would barely notice you with running and climbing. In case you manage to get behind one of them, don’t hesitate to assassinate him for additional 20 points.

Lastly, the area around the exit portal is usually swarming with data centers (both decrypted and encrypted). Make sure that you collect all the additional points before moving towards the exit portal.


Occupied Paris – Tower

Most of the data centers in this Helix Rift are located near your starting position.

Therefore, it’s recommended to go up the stairs and run around the tower in the anticlockwise direction. You need to make sure that you avoid the searchlight at all costs and grab all data centers on your course.

It’s important to stay hidden from the searchlight as enemies in this Helix Rift are equipped with firearms and be really frustrating.

One benefit of going through the area in anticlockwise direction is that you’ll be able to assassinate multiple targets to increase your score.

One run around the tower is more than enough to reveal the location of trapped assassin which is totally randomized like previous missions. However, you’re most likely to find him near the northwest corner.

There is a searchlight in this area so make sure to avoid that while freeing the assassin. As for the exit portal, it’s also located quite near the location of assassin provided above!


Occupied Paris – Covert

This mission starts off with you being near a watch tower.

It’s a good idea to use the hanging ropes nearby to collect all data centers on the elevated platforms. I would also recommend going inside the watchtowers to check for additional points.

One thing to look out for is searchlights in the area. Enemies will open fire at you as soon as you’re caught in the searchlight.

It’s better to avoid these enemies to the best of your abilities. These bullets have a large damage output and can desynchronize you in an instant.

Silently assassinating these enemies will also you to gain additional 20 points. The location of the trapped assassin is highly randomized in this mission.

Free him as soon as you can and rush towards the exit portal, but don’t forget to collect some additional points near the barrier for some extra bonuses.


Occupied Paris – Data Harvest

As soon as this mission, start running around the tower in clockwise direction. In this way, you’ll collect most of the data centers scattered around the tower.

It’s better to collect data centers on the airships before moving to the upper platforms. One of the best ways to earn points during this mission is mounted turrets located near the tower.

I would highly recommend that you use these turrets and shoot down aircrafts for additional 100 points. The trapped friendly assassin usually appears near on the turrets, but he can also appear at other locations.

Before or after freeing the trapped assassin, make sure to shoot down another plane for additional points. Once you’ve freed the assassin, perform a leap of faith to get on the ground level and rush towards the exit portal.


Medieval – Quarry

As soon as the mission starts, simply run along the path ahead and collect a Companion App Artifact from the left side. From there, run down the slope and make sure to collect as much data centers as you can.

Once you get to the quarry section, it’s better to move from one area to the other while collecting data centers along the way. In this area, you’ll come across two Artifacts on the right side and another one near the tunnel exit.

Make sure to avoid the incoming boulder by taking cover behind the walls. Cross the bridge as soon as you can and don’t stop to retrieve missed data centers.

In the final area, you’ll come across many enemies, but I wouldn’t recommend fighting them unless you’ve a clear opportunity to perform a stealth kill from behind.

Besides this, just keep your eyes peeled on the exit portal. As for the trapped friendly assassin, he’ll appear directly in front of you and you’ll be able to free him without taking a long route.


Medieval – Battlefield

Start off this mission by using the hanging ropes leading to the other towers and collect data centers there. Once you’re on the ground level, take a pre-determined route which have higher number of data centers.

You’ll frequently notice red circles near your location; indicating the location of an incoming projectiles. Try and avoid these projectiles and get to the trapped assassin as soon as possible.

In Battlefields, the location of trapped friendly assassin is, once again, highly randomized. As for the exit portal, you’ll find it in the area directly opposite of your starting location.

There will be a small number of enemies in the area, but as long as you’re running at full pace, they won’t be able to do much harm. Go through the exit portal to complete the last Helix Rift of the game.


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