Assassin’s Creed 4 Kenway’s Fleet Guide – Trading Missions and Ships

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Kenway’s Fleet is unlocked during the fourth sequence of main storyline. This is an amazing way of earning some good amount of Reales. However, this feature of the game cannot be accessed during the Offline Mode.

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Assassin’s Creed 4 Kenway’s Fleet Management

Kenway’s Fleet can be accessed via Captain’s cabin in Jackdaw – from the map lying on the table. Alternatively, you can also use your iOS and Android devices as a second screen to control your Fleet.

In order to send a ship to your Fleet, you need to defeat it first and then choose to send it to Fleet during the Boarding Option. While you are in the Kenway’s Fleet’s UI, you can manage your ship and complete Trading Missions.

The Reales earned are automatically transferred to your main game. These Reales can then be used to upgrade the Jackdaw to stand a better chance against tougher enemies.


While you are in the Kenway’s Fleet’s UI, you will be able to earn Gemstones, Cargo, and Fire Barrels. Gemstones can be regarded as the currency of Kenway’s Fleet’s UI and can be used to repair your ship and purchase docks.

Completing the Ship Battles will get you Cargo which includes rice, tobacco, cocoa, olive oil, and wine. As for the Fire Barrels, they are basically weapons that will help you out during the battles.

The route which your ship takes has its own Route Danger Ranks, namely; safe, Hazardous, Dangerous, and Treacherous.

After you choose an initial opponent, the UI shows you the Odds of Success that you have for the particular battle. The Odds of Success can be increased considerably by taking in more ships and repairing your vessel.

The three main things which determine your Odds of Success in a particular battle are your HP, Firepower, and Speed.


Following are the ships you can add to your fleet by capturing them. You will need them in your fleet if you intend to complete all the trading missions in the game.


Level 4 – Found in North Caribbean

  • Speed: 63
  • Fire Power: 12
  • HP: 27
  • Max Repair Cost: 27
  • Cargo Capacity: 15

Level 8 – Found in North Caribbean

  • Speed: 66
  • Fire Power: 14
  • HP: 29
  • Max Repair Cost: 29
  • Cargo Capacity: 15

Level 11 – Found in South Caribbean

  • Speed: 70
  • Fire Power: 15
  • HP: 39
  • Max Repair Cost: 30
  • Cargo Capacity: 20


Level 17 – Found in North Caribbean

  • Speed: 54
  • Fire Power: 23
  • HP: 45
  • Max Repair Cost: 45
  • Cargo Capacity: 25

Level 20 – Navassa and Conttoyor Zones

  • Speed: 50
  • Fire Power: 24
  • HP: 48
  • Max Repair Cost: 48
  • Cargo Capacity: 30

Level 25 – Chinchorro and Charlotte Zones

  • Speed: 60
  • Fire Power: 25
  • HP: 50
  • Max Repair Cost: 50
  • Cargo Capacity: 35


Level 23 – Punta Guarico, Castillo De Jagua and Serranilla Zones

  • Speed: 45
  • Fire Power: 32
  • HP: 63
  • Max Repair Cost: 63
  • Cargo Capacity: 40

Level 29 – Navassa and Charlotte Zones

  • Speed: 45
  • Fire Power: 33
  • HP: 67
  • Max Repair Cost: 67
  • Cargo Capacity: 50

Level 38 – Chinchorro Zones

  • Speed: 50
  • Fire Power: 35
  • HP: 70
  • Max Repair Cost: 70
  • Cargo Capacity: 60

Man O’ War

Level 36 – Charlotte Zones

  • Speed: 9
  • Fire Power: 63
  • HP: 135
  • Max Repair Cost: 135
  • Cargo Capacity: 70

Level 49 – Serranilla Zones

  • Speed: 20
  • Fire Power: 67
  • HP: 143
  • Max Repair Cost: 143
  • Cargo Capacity: 80

Level 60 – New Bone

  • Speed: 30
  • Fire Power: 70
  • HP: 150
  • Max Repair Cost: 150
  • Cargo Capacity: 90

Level 60 – At Maximum Wanted Level

  • Speed: 30
  • Fire Power: 70
  • HP: 150
  • Max Repair Cost: 150
  • Cargo Capacity: 90

Trading Missions

Trading Missions offer a way to earn decent amount of Reales. However, there are certain characteristics of each Trading Mission, namely; Rewards, Cargo and Cargo Space, Cooldown Time, and Travel Time.

Southern British Colonies

  • First Business
  • The Sail Mates
  • American Dreams
  • New Horizon

Gulf of Mexico

  • The General Store
  • Diplomacy I
  • A Good Deed
  • Diplomacy II
  • Fortune’s Flavor

South Atlantic

  • A Feast of Riches
  • Outlaws III
  • Diplomacy III
  • Brethren of the Coast I
  • To The South
  • Good Works
  • The Big Smoke

Eastern British Colonies

  • Taste of Money
  • The Empty Cellar
  • Secret Medicine
  • New Partners
  • Save the Children
  • Emerging Opportunities

North Africa

  • A Popular Stop
  • Feeding the Fathers
  • The Sweet Tooth
  • The Cook’s Order
  • The Famous Stew
  • The Musicians
  • Before the Storm


  • New Trading Posts
  • The Old Man’s Order
  • Cursed Night
  • Do No Harm

East Canada

  • Promises to Keep
  • The Lost Expedition I
  • Scarlatina
  • The Lost Expedition II
  • Old Partners
  • Break of Dawn II
  • The Lost of Expedition III

Cape Verde

  • An Old Frenchman
  • Meet the Tributes I
  • Giant Appetites
  • Meet the Tributes II

South Africa

  • A Promise of Profit
  • The Eager Hunters
  • Door to Europe
  • Table Bay’s Luck
  • New Economic Hub
  • Bay of Biscay
  • Alliance I
  • Hungry Corsairs
  • The Corsair’s Request
  • Alliance II
  • Sweet Broth
  • A Sweet Journey
  • Successful Atlantic

North West Europe

  • Homeward Bound
  • A Worthy Trip
  • Welcoming the Irish
  • A New Cathedral
  • The Poet
  • The Great Plague
  • A Piece of the Action
  • A Long Voyage

Mediterranean Sea

  • Great Reputation I
  • Being Mad
  • Great Reputation II
  • The Catalans
  • The Smokers
  • Great Reputation III
  • A New Medicine

Provided you send the right ships, you will be able to complete all these missions. Only frustrating thing about fleet missions is the time it takes to complete them. Although you can reduce the amount of time taken by sending upgraded ships.

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  • Ken-Yuhiko :akatsuki

    I’m loggen in the Uplay server, but I cannot access the fleet. I can only salvage, add more docks and remove from dock and nothing else. Been happening since the day I was trying to get the final upgrade plan. First time it worked was when it showed me a tutorial, after that It hasn’t. Can anyone help me please? I need to do 100% of the game(currently 96%).

  • Juakosek

    should i have 5 brigs, 5 frigates and 5 man o’ war??

  • Deku-Johnny

    When do you unlock North West Europe? More specifically the Homeward Bound mission, I really want that Royal Fortune Figurehead.

  • ianb

    I’ve no idea how to unlock the Meditaranian. Any help?

  • Ankush

    eastern british colonies how many time do i have to repeat these missions- Neew Partners, Save the Children, Secret Medicine and Emerging Opportuniies…
    how many times do i need to play it for unlocking Empty Cellar
    when is send my ships the chances are 90-100%
    but each time they comeback its a succes but i have to play them again?

  • Daryl Sevenhuysen

    A Level 60 Man Of War

  • Bopo9

    Wich shipps do i need to get great reputation 2??

    • Daryl Sevenhuysen

      A level 60 Man Of War

  • The Guy

    how do i access the world map from my fleet management screen i have pressed every button but still it wont take me there. I have an xbox if that info is important.

  • chad

    does the countdown timer for the ships go down if the console is off or if the game is paused??

    • Diz

      Its real time

  • hscsadmin

    so if all of my ships are man’o’war I can’t play? For some reason I dont have missions available anywhere, because I am out of resources….

    • diz

      Salvage some and get some more

  • Mahmoud

    go to the highest level of option to get the max man o’ war. another than that if u get the other max ships, the frigates dont affect much then. i have 5 man o’ war (60), 6 frigates (38 always the stats are bugged), 3 brigs (25) and 2 schooners (11)

  • James Either Or

    for some reason all the level 38 frigates I caught has 33 48 50 which is the same stats as the level 29 ones, anyone help me out?

  • James Either Or

    are you sure this is right? I caught a bunch of level 38 frigates, but they keep showing up with the same stats as the level 29 ones

  • Angel Rivera

    It says you can’t play offline, but you actually can on the app. Just sync with your ubisoft account, and have fun.

  • krys

    add krys_3005 on psn

  • segmentnext

    Added Cargo Capacity. Have fun :) If you need any more help, let me know!

  • Rowan

    How do you get fire barrels??!!!!?? I used mine all up and no one ANYWHERE tells me how to get more!

    • Skyte

      It seems you get them semi-randomly from clearing trade routes. They are still rare compared to other resources so keep em in reserve for those fights that will never be in your favor, like I used em in a fight that 3 of my best Frigates only had 20% victory chance in.

  • carter

    How come I don’t see a fleet option on my menu?

    • Aaron

      It’s in the captain’s cabin on the Jackdaw
      On the table between the Outfits and Jackdaw upgrade