Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag Underwater Shipwrecks Locations Guide

Where to find all the Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag Underwater Shipwrecks to find new ship upgrade design plans and unlock Seven Deadly Seas achievement or trophy.

The name of Edward Kenway’s ship in Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag is the Jackdaw. It’s a worthwhile vessel, and will serve you well on your voyages around the sea. However, like all men are wont to do, Edward will definitely want to pimp his ride.

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Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag Underwater Shipwrecks Locations

You can do so through elite ship design plans that you can find at various underwater wrecks and caves. These plans will do wonders for the Jackdaw, and range from new weapons to various stat boosts and useful tools.

You can also find a lot of loot at these locations, so if you come across one that doesn’t have a ship upgrade, you’ll nevertheless leave with your pockets much heavier.

Keep in mind that all of these dive sites are locked to you until you’ve completed the ‘Diving for Medicines’ mission in Sequence 6, so you’ll want to finish that before you go hunting for these lost treasures.

Petite Caverne – Coordinates: 901, 263
This Cavern doesn’t require you to get your feet that wet.

You can simply sail to the location and enter normally. However, there are several guards around the area. The entrance tunnel is being guarded by a marksman, so seek him out ASAP and take him down silently (the blowgun or some other ranged tool would be quite effective).

Simply go around the cave killing people, or just initiate a large melee and do more of the same. Once you no longer have to worry about the pirates, you can collect the Treasure map on the west side.

There is also some buried treasure here, but you can only find it once you have the Cayman Sound Treasure Map. You’ll find the Elite Heavy Shot Storage design plan as well as 3000R.

Jiguey – Coordinates: 565, 539
This area also does not require diving.

Sail to the provided coordinates and leave the Jackdaw outside. Inside you’ll find less than 10 guards, and it’ll be a piece of cake to eliminate them. Still, it would be unwise to engage all of them at once, so show a modicum of stealth and assassinate some of them before brawling the others. A good idea is to start with the guy to your right as you enter.

There is another buried chest here, near the coconut tree. All it contains is 4000R.

Kabah Ruins – Coordinates: 769, 145
Now it’s time to take the plunge (literally). From the diving bell here, go forward and left to snag a chest, then back to the bell. After that you need to head to the ruins on the other side.

Inside the lower level is a chest as well as an Eel. You’ll want this chest since it holds an Elite Round Shot Strength upgrade. Now, without wasting time, go to the upper part of the ruins for an Animus Fragment.

Leave the ruins now and head for the air barrel that’s a ways below. From here you’ll find a long straight path where a powerful current will blow you back periodically. When you see the screen shake, take shelter near the sides and wait for the current to subside before proceeding.

There will be a bunch more chests, one of which is near another Eel and another air pocket where you can get some respite. Use this air pocket to fill your lungs before you return to the entrance of the tunnel.

Now go towards the patch of seaweed, but be careful as there is a shark prowling nearby. When it turns away, head for the wreckage and a chest. Go to the air barrel on the other side and go southwest.

There’s another patch of seaweed you need to use to escape another shark. You’ll see another chest around here. Head to the back of the wreck for another fragment.

You’ll find another chest as you keep going this way, as well as a shark that you need to wait for. Go to the next air barrel. Use a burst beam and you’ll reach the eighth and final chest here. Head back to the bell.

Devil’s Eye Caverns – Coordinates: 487, 357
There are no sharks to be encountered here, so that’s something.

First of all, head to the wreckage on the floor to find two chests. Replenish your air supply and continue down the tunnel. Before long, you’ll come to a fast moving current. There is an Animus fragment to be collected here, as long as you keep an eye out for any tunnel to the left.

Swim around a Moray Eel to find another chest, then keep swimming onwards for an air barrel and some jellyfish. Keep going and you’ll come to a hatch that you can open. Inside you can find another chest.

Enter the nearby tunnel and swim with the current that takes you. When you get to an air pocket, ascend to replenish your supply. Submerge towards the west to find a chest, and keep going through the tunnel west, then south.

Pick up an animus fragment as you go. Before long you’ll exit the water near a slope. Head up and you’ll find two more chests. These contain the Elite Swivel Guns designs. After you have them, dive off from the right.

Swim down and you’ll find the last chest, as well as another current. Follow the current, surface, and you’ll find yourself near a tunnel that takes you to the diving bell.

The Blue Hole – Coordinates: 471, 170
There is an annoying shark here that patrols the length of the ship here. You can avoid it and reach the first chest by utilizing the seaweed patch to the left of the hull and the covered area on the deck.

After scouring the first chest, head back to the covered area and make for the air barrel through the doorway to the north.

When the shark moves away, head out and go for the next section of the ship. You’ll find a chest here, as well as some stairs leading up. Now you need to reach the captain’s cabin, but be wary of the shark and time your swim well.

At the cabin you can find a chest, then go to the left side of the ship, to a hole in the hull. Around here you should find an animus fragment, as well as a treasure chest to the north.

After collecting it, swim out of the hole on the east side and reach the sea floor. Head north from here to find an air barrel. There will be another chest to the west of this barrel guarded by an Eel, so be careful.

For the next segment you’ll need to avoid a shark, so be careful with your approach and reach a patch of seaweed. Pass two more Moray Eel and you’ll get to the main treasure chest, which contains the Elite Broadside Cannons Set designs. After snagging these, head back to the seaweed patch.

Next there will be a shark patrolling in a circular path near an animus fragment. Go around it in the opposite direction to reach the collectible, then down to the air barrel. Then head southwest through the seaweed. In the nest segment there will be another two Eels and a chest.

Lastly, there is an animus fragment in the hull section to the west. Utilize the burst beam and time your swim to avoid the sharks to reach it near the opening. After that head for the bell.

La Concepcion Shipwreck – Coordinates: 181, 296
When you begin this dive, head down through the seaweed and enter the first wreck. Empty the chest inside and leave through the other side.

Head for the barrel using the seaweed as cover. Next you need to use the seaweed to hide from the sharks and then make a break for the next wreck for another chest. Then go to the next air barrel after retracing your steps.

Go through the nearby opening into the shipwreck, and keep going until you get to the wall. Open the chest on the other side of the wall and grab the nearby animus fragment. Leave through the trapdoor and snag the chest near it.

Replenish your breath at the air barrel and quickly make for the animus fragment on the mast platform. Then go for the last shipwreck. This chest will be east to see as you enter.

There is another chest near the mast, after getting it, lunge up, and swim down the small staircase. You’ll find a chest with the Elite Ram design. Observe the shark here, and the moment it turns and goes away snag the animus fragment.

Rest at the air barrel. Lastly, head back to the diving bell by swimming around the rock cliff

The Black Trench – Coordinates: 215, 449
The first wreck you should go for is to the south. There is a chest to the right, then go forward to the seaweed, avoiding the jellyfish. Observe the shark, and head for the air barrel when you see a good moment.

Get to the next wreckage and open the chest here, then proceed onwards.

You’ll come across more seaweed before long, and there will be another wreck you can access from here. Next you want to go for the captain’s cabin. Consider refilling your breath before venturing there.

When you’re ready, you’ll find two chests in there, after getting them head outside using the trapdoor when the shark is away for an animus fragment.

Take refuge in the air barrel above. Wait for the shark to pass to the right below you and head for the next part of the wreck. Open the chest to the right and go through the door nearby. Head up the stairs.

Head left and empty the chest in the small room on the side of the ship.

You’ll find some minor design plans in it. Go through the hole in the wall to the air barrel and snag the last animus fragment when the shark is away. Head straight towards the bell afterwards.

Antocha Shipwreck – Coordinates: 630, 660
From this bell, head for the wreckage to the right and open the first chest, then go out through the back. There are two patches of seaweed you need to use to avoid the sharks as you proceed to the fore section of a ship for the second chest.

Take a breath at the air barrel outside then head for the next patch of weed. When the shark moves away, head for the hull section using the burst beam and find another chest, avoiding the Moray Eel.

Go back to the seaweed and refill at the air barrel. When the shark is at its furthest, swim into the wreck from the upper section.

Proceed down the corridor northeast and open another chest. Then go through the doorway behind you and down another corridor. There will be a chest to the left, return throught eh doorway afterwards.

Go northeast and up through an opening for the next chest which has an Elite Mortars design. Make a break for the air barrel.

Now you need to swim around the mast to reach the animus fragment above. Keep the mast between you and the shark. Then head down and through the next opening. Replenish air as needed and head through the next doorway.

Upon reaching the wooden steps, grab the chest to the right when the shark is away. Then head through the opening on the west side of the hull, use the burst beam nearby to reach the small wreck to get another animus fragment.

Replenish at the air barrel and head for the bell.

San Juan – Coordinates: 479, 487
Get the Santanillas treasure map before you perform this dive. First, swim through the tunnel towards the main cave from the bell.

Head for the Animus Fragment you can see on the map, avoiding the Eels on the way. Soon you’ll be taken up by a strong current that’ll take you to a chest. After that, head through the tunnel towards a cavern, where there are two pirates that you can easily take care of.

After that, unearth the dig site to the right of the opening that leads to the next chamber to find the Elite Fire Barrel Strength design as well as 3000R. Head through the opening afterwards.

You’ll find a dead body with a sword and a musket. You can pick them up if you wish, as the next area will have some enemies. Either way, there is a chest and an animus fragment, so you can go silent or go loud.

Anotto Bay – Coordinates: 621, 277
Don’t bother doing this one until you’ve got the treasure map that takes you here and have the ‘The Smuggler’s Squat’ assassin contract from Grand Cayman. Head to the southern opening from the bell and through the tunnel. When you get to a ladder, go up and watch out for a shark.

This shark will patrol the tunnels in a fixed pattern, watch it for a while, then head into the one to the left. Soon there will be another left that takes you to an air pocket. Allow the shark to pass then return and swim south, to the left until you can go up. You will find a chest here.

After that turn around and head to the air pocket. Keep heading south to find an animus fragment, turn around and go west, then up when you reach a ladder. Head up to the surface. Prepare yourself for a fight now, as it’s time to take out a bunch of smugglers.

You can go quiet, by some timely assassinations or a straight fight by picking up the axe that’s embedded in the wood near the prisoner.

You’ll find a chest and a treasure map now, and afterwards you should dive into the nearby waterhole and follow the tunnel to the west. Go to the end of the corridor blocked by two closed doors. Also near the exit of the cave you’ll be able to dig up some treasure.

Ambergris Key – Coordinates: 55, 178
Get the treasure map from Corozal before you attempt this one. You’ll have to navigate through a school of jellyfish across to a treasure chest. Go along the tunnel, where there should be few complications, and you’ll come across some ruins. There is a sandy area to the south where you can dig for the treasure.

Now head up the ruins to find an animus fragment. There will also be some enemies here, so wait until one of them moves away before you take out the other and then air assassinate the first. The next segment needs to be a fight. It’s not possible to stealth-em-up here.

Grab the musket from where you killed the two guards and prepare for a long brawl.

After the guards are dead, loot the remaining chests in the area. You’ll also find a treasure map as well as an animus fragment. When you’ve cleared the area, feel free to leave to the Jackdaw.

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