Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag Templar Hunts Guide

How to complete Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag Templar Hunts sequences to unlock special armor and Help A Brother Out achievement or trophy.

Templar Hunts are a new set of side-missions introduced in Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag. After acquiring the Great Inagua hideout, Edward Kenway can undertake these side-missions by visiting the starting point for each Hunt marked on your map.

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Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag Templar Hunts

There are a total of four Templar Hunts in AC4, and each consists of four individual missions. Each mission nets you a modest sum of Reales that progressively increases with every subsequent mission.

Starting with just 300R and going up all the way to 1,500R on the 4th mission, completing a full set of missions in a Templar Hunt can earn you 3,050R. The monetary reward isn’t the only thing you’ll get for completing these side-missions though.

Completing each Templar Hunt; in addition to the Reales, gives you one of five keys needed for unlocking the Templar Armor locked within Great Inagua. The first key required for it is acquired while progressing through the game’s primary sequences.

The special armor obtained after completing all Templar Hunts and unlocking it in Great Inagua reduces all damage Edward Kenway takes by 25%, making it well worth the effort of acquiring it.

Templar Hunt #1 – Opia Apito

The first Hunt revolves around Opia Apito, and your target Lucia Marquez, a female Templar withholding one of the five keys.

Mission #1 – The Taino Assassin
After finding and talking to Opia in Cayman Sound, the first mission will begin. Opia will challenge you to a hunting and skinning contest. Your objective is to hunt more animals and skin them faster than she does.

It’s rather easy and not much of a challenge. At the start, do not try to follow Opia and steal her first kill, as she’ll always get the animal before you do no matter what. Simply move along the beach with Eagle Vision turned on and you’ll spot plenty of animals for you to skin.

Once you’ve killed and skinned five, a white jaguar will attack you. Quickly press the buttons prompted on the screen to evade it. All you have to do now is just kill this jaguar to finish the mission.

For a relatively safe though somewhat time-consuming way to take it out, climb a nearby tree. From here, line up a shot with your pistol, and shoot to kill the jaguar when you have a clear shot.

Mission #2 – Templar Ships
The second mission in the Opia Hunt is a straightforward eavesdropping mission, with a bit of pick-pocketing at the end. Sail to Grand Cayman to start the mission. Follow your target and initiate the eavesdrop sequence by entering the designated zone to the west.

Just keep moving from one blending opportunity to the next as you tail your targets to avoid arousing suspicion, and remain within the eavesdrop zone at all times. At the end, you’ll have to pickpocket the marked man, so use Fast Walk to close down the gap and pickpocket as you normally would to end the mission.

Mission #3 – Right-Hand Man
The starting location for the third mission is less than a minute away from where the second one ends. Catch up with Opia and begin the mission.

Accompany her up to the point where she asks you to hide, at which point you need only move to the hiding spot right next to you. Right after this, a chase sequence will begin where you must catch up with Vargas.

You can do this in a number of ways. Either follow your target and lose him eventually as it’s bound to happen, or go in the opposite direction right from the start and jump into the shallow water below. Run towards the crooked tree.

Jump along the wooden poles nearby to quickly reach the Jackdaw and switch to travel speed to gain up on your target.

Use the Custom Marker in the map to mark Vargas’ vessel. The distance meter should assist you in aiming your mortar. Launch a mortar volley on your target’s ship as soon as you’re within 500m of it.

Now you can either board the ship and take out Vargas after dealing enough damage to his ship, or simply kill him without getting off the Jackdaw with a carefully aimed shot at him from a swivel-gun.

You’ll complete the mission once Vargas has been killed.

Mission #4 – The Trail Of Lucia Marquez
To begin the final mission in the Hunt, you’ll have to sail to Pinos Isle.

Talk to Opia after reaching the island and tail the soldier with her by moving from one Stalking Zone to the next. Eventually you’ll reach a point where you’ll be requested to take out a bunch of guards.

From here you’ll fight a few waves of enemies.

Use the powder kegs nearby to your advantage. Smoke bombs will let you quickly take out the second wave of enemies. After all guards are taken out, chase Marquez and assassinate her to obtain the key and end the first Templar Hunt.

Templar Hunt #2 – Rhona Dinsmore

Your aide in the second Templar Hunt will be Rhona Dinsmore. The Templar you’re hunting this time is called Hillary Flint, is residing in Havana and has another key for you to take.

Mission #1 – Bureau Under Attack
The second Hunt can be initiated by reaching the point marked on your map in the south of Havana. This string of missions begins with a lengthy battle where you must take out hordes of enemies that’ll move in on the Assassin Bureau from three different directions.

You can take them all out in standard combat easily, but you also have the option of placing a few powder kegs at key locations such as the gate and the staircase, which you can shoot at as the enemies come from those sides.

If you shoot at the right time, you’ll kill a bunch of the enemies and then kill off the stragglers. You’ll have ample time to reload your pistol and place the kegs in between the waves. After four waves, the mission will end.

Mission #2 – A Thief In The Market
You’ll be standing right in front of Rhona at the end of the previous mission. Talk to her again to begin the second chapter in the Hillary Flint Hunt. You have to catch and loot a thief in the market close to the cathedral.

Circle around the search zone and try to locate your target from the north side using Eagle Vision. Doing so without being spotted will give you the opportunity to tackle your target without a lengthy chase sequence as he’ll move towards you himself.

Tackle him as soon as he’s in range to complete the mission.

Mission #3 – Arms Race
Return to the Bureau to start the third mission. Your objective this time is to ignite and blow up three powder reserves in different parts of Havana. All the powder reserves are in Restricted Areas.

Stealth is completely optional and you can go in and alert every guard patrol of your presence if that is your thing.

All the powder reserves will be marked on your map so finding them shouldn’t be a problem. Once ignited, you’ll have nearly 8 seconds to move away from the explosion, so plan your exit route beforehand. The mission will end after you blow up all three powder reserves.

Mission #4 – Flint’s End
For the last chapter in the Hunt for Flint, head up to the center of Havana and meet up with Rhona to begin the final mission.

Follow her until the two of you reach the Restricted Area. To avoid an encounter with the enemy, do not walk into the Restricted Area with Rhona. Instead, run along the nearby houses and circle your way around the designated red zone.

Once on the other side, sprint and hide into the hay cart in front of you and let any Suspicion you’ve generated subside. After you’re in the clear, move out of the cart and shoot Hillary Flint in the head.

Jump into the water and swim away once you’ve assassinated Hillary Flint and you’ll complete the Hunt and be one step closer to acquiring the Templar Armor.

You can take the other route as well, but that leads to a lengthy battle, and a subsequent chase where you must catch up with Hillary Flint to assassinate him. You can complete the mission either way, so how you choose to do it is entirely up to you.

Templar Hunt #3 – Anto

You’ll be travelling around Kingston in the third Hunt, enlisting the help of Anto to track and take down the Templar Abraham, and nab yourself another key in the process.

Mission #1 – The Maroon Assassin
To begin this set of side-missions, meet up with Anto at the Assassin Bureau in the south of Kingston. This is primarily an eavesdropping assignment, so hiring some dancers will save you a lot of time, and a lot of hassle.

You can find some dancers to your right a little further along the path to the first waypoint from the starting location for the mission.

Once hired, walk with the dancers into the eavesdropping zone. Stay within the circle until the sequence ends. Alternate between Fast Walk and the standard walk to match your speed with the targets you’re eavesdropping on and the dancers you’re blending with. After you are done listening to their conversation, run to the next marker.

Don’t enter the circle just yet. Search around for another set of dancers. There should be a group of them nearby. Rinse and repeat the previous steps from the first eavesdropping sequence. At the end of this one, a chase will begin.

Use your free-running skills and tackle one of the fugitives to complete the mission. You can opt to run straight when the fugitives make the first left. This will lead you straight into the path one of them turns towards and give you the opportunity for a straightforward tackle.

Mission #2 – Recruiting Maroons
Talk to Anto at the marked location to start the second mission in the Hunt for Abraham. Your goal is to free three captured slaves. All three zones are marked as Restricted Areas, so the guards will attack you on sight. You can either take out the guards in the different locations where the slaves are, or you can take a more discreet approach.

Close to each point where the slaves are being held will be groups of drunks. Pay them to start a fight with the guards. While the drunks keep the guards busy, move in and free the slaves and then walk out without being noticed. Do this for all three slaves and you’ll be done with the mission in no time.

Mission #3 – Under Attack
The third chapter is a Bureau defense mission. Head back to the Bureau and talk to Anto to start it. Like the Bureau defense mission from Havana, waves of enemies will attack you from several different sides. You and your allies must survive the attack in order to complete the mission. Your primary objective is the survival of Anto, so stay close to him at all times.

The attacking forces only have your typical soldiers and Scouts, so clearing them out should take too much time. Kill Streaks are a good way to cull their numbers, so keep the momentum going after every enemy you take out. You can also use Smoke Bombs to initiate Kill Streaks. After you’ve defeated a few waves, the mission will end.

Mission #4 – The Commander’s Ruse
To begin the final assignment, make your way to the center of Kingston. Anto will be waiting for you there. At the start of the mission, you’ll only have to tag targets using Eagle Vision and tail them.

Anto will do all the work and take out the enemies along the way. Upon reaching the Restricted Area, you can either choose to follow Anto into it, or skirt your way around it to find a better spot to assassinate Abraham undetected.

You’ll first have to figure out who Abraham actually is using Eagle Vision. Hide in the sugar cane fields or move to the opening in the north wall to do so. Once you’ve spotted him, search for a nearby Stalking Zone. Now you can either shoot him with a Berserk Dart, or whistle for a quiet assassination when he comes your way. Move out of the restricted zone to complete the mission.

If you kill Abraham while causing a ruckus, you’ll have to lose your pursuers and become anonymous to end the Templar Hunt and acquire the key. If you’ve done the previous two Hunts, you now need only one more key to acquire the Templar Armor.

Templar Hunt #4 – Vance Travers

The last Templar Hunt has you hunting a Templar better known as the Pirate Queen Jing Lang. She has the final key in her possession and is the only thing left between you and that armor (if you have done all of the previous Templar Hunts so far).

Mission # 1 – Oh Brother…
You can start this Templar Hunt by talking to Vance Travers. You’ll find him near the center of Nassau. This one’s a fairly routine eavesdropping mission so the best method, as always, is to hire a group of dancers to blend in with as you listen in on your target’s conversation.

You’ll have to first find your target using Eagle Vision. The group of dancers you’re going to hire will be just north of the search zone. Circle around and hire them before you tag your target. Once you have the dancers with you, initiate the eavesdropping sequence.

After successfully overhearing the conversation, climb to the top of the building to your right and use Eagle Vision to identify Upton in the crowd below. You can air assassinate him from this point, or use any other ranged weapon in your arsenal to take him out. Doing so will complete the first mission, but you won’t kill Upton though…

Mission #2 – The Other Brother
The second mission can be started by talking to Upton, who can be found in the western part of Nassau. Follow him around for a bit and Upton will then ask you to protect him from thieves as he makes his way to his destination.

At this point hide inside the Stalking Zone, and then stealthily tail Vance and Upton once they’re at a safe distance from you. Over the course of the mission, a few thieves will pick up their trail. Quickly dispatch them without being noticed.

After some time Vance and Upton will part ways. Now follow Vance until he reaches a small clearing with a well in it.

Pick a spot to hide as you’ll soon have to eavesdrop on Vance’s conversation with the Pirate Queen here. Once you’re done eavesdropping, immediately make your way towards Upton’s killer. Execute him before he’s able to get to Upton to complete the mission.

Mission #3 – Upton’s Sorrow
Head to the tavern and speak with Upton to begin the third chapter in the Hunt for the Pirate Queen. You’ll find Upton extremely drunk, and a bar brawl will follow. You’ll be using your fists in this battle, so fight accordingly.

Make quick work of all the enemies using Counter Kills and Kill Streaks.

Afterwards, you’ll find yourself escorting Upton, who’ll soon have a need to relieve himself. Defeat the guards that will attack Upton because of this to complete the mission. You can either walk behind and double assassinate two of them, and then execute the third in combat, or simply throw a Smoke Bomb and take out all three in one Kill Streak for a quick dispatch.

Mission #4 – Queen of Pirates, King of Fools
The starting location for the final chapter in the Templar Hunt is in the eastern part of Nassau. Talk to Upton there to begin the Hunt for Jing Lang. Make sure both your pistols are loaded before moving forward.

Following the waypoint will bring you to a large search zone, which also happens to be a Restricted Area. Stick to the trees and cross the search zone all the way to its western most edge. While remaining on high ground, turn on your Eagle Vision to locate Vance. Air assassinate him as soon as you’re in a position to do so.

Killing Vance will immediately trigger a chase.

To keep it short, land two quick shots from your pistols on the Pirate Queen to take her out. The mission will end upon her death, and you’ll obtain the final key, bringing an end to the Templar Hunt side-missions.

Once you have all the keys in your possession, head back to the Great Inagua and the Templar Armor will be yours for the taking. This concludes our guide for the four Templar Hunts in Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag.

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