Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag Assassin Contracts Guide

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There are multiple ways to take him out, since a loud execution isn’t a problem. You can line up a headshot from a nearby Stalking Zone, or just run up and assassinate him with your hidden blades.

Just make sure he doesn’t see you coming, since he starts running if he does, initiating an unnecessary chase.

Grand Cayman

Assassin Contract # 21 – The Twin Dilemma
You’ll have to assassinate two targets this time, both of whom are a stone’s throw away from the starting point. Climb the rooftop behind the coop and proceed east until you get close to the two targets.

They’re surrounded by a number of other guards, so it’ll be difficult to take them out without being noticed, unless of course, you use a Blowpipe. Strike both of them with a Berserk Dart and exit the Restricted Area to finish the Assassin Contract.

Île à Vache

Assassin Contract #23 – The Expedition
You’ll find the target for this contract at Cumberland Bay. If you’ve visited the area before, you probably would have synchronized with the Viewpoint in the region.

If not, then there’s an alternate path for you to take to eliminate your target.

First, the Fast Travel method: Fast Travel to the Viewpoint, and upon arriving there, turn around and face the opposite direction. The target should be right in front of you, so blow a Berserk Dart at him and perform a Leap of Faith into the water below to escape.

Now the second method, for those who haven’t yet synched with the Viewpoint: Move in on your target from the beach to the west. Along the path, you’ll find a Stalking Zone.

Hide in it and from here, strike the target with a Berserk Dart. Retrace your steps and exit the area via the same path you used to get to the Stalking Zone.

Assassin Contract #24 – The Slave Master
Your target for the Assassin Contract is at a villa in Tortuga. Stick to the left of the path leading up to the house. You’ll encounter a few patrols along the way, which can easily avoided by hiding in the Stalking Zones and hiding spots nearby.

Once you’re right at the front of the villa, time your run and climb to its roof undetected. Reach up to your target from the roof, and you’ll have a chance to eliminate him with an air assassination.

Berserk Darts are still an option, but this is one of the few chances you’ll get during Assassin Contracts to perform an air assassination without compromising yourself.

Andreas Island

Assassin Contract #25 – A Slaver’s Business
This contract offers no additional reward for not triggering open conflict. This opens up a lot of possibilities for completing it, but if stealth is your thing, we’ll tell you of a way to eliminate your target without being detected.

When you first reach the Restricted Area, the target won’t be there. Instead there will be 5 guards standing at the pier. Tranquillize them using Sleep Darts. After a short wait, a ship will sail in and your target will be on its deck.

Since you’ve taken out the guards, you can move close enough to the ship to bring the target in range of your pistol. Now precisely aim for the target’s head and finish him with your pistol, while standing at a safe distance so that no one is alerted.

Once done, slip away from the ship and you’ll complete the assignment. Another method is to use the Jackdaw to sink the vessel, killing the target in the process. It’s much quicker and far more convenient, and you don’t really lose anything for doing so.

Assassin Contract #27 – The Treasure Hunter
For this contract, head to Abaco Island to locate your target. Fast Travel to the Viewpoint close to the designated Restricted Area and look south. You’ll see your target enter a tent.

You’ll be able to see enough of your target’s body to land a Berserk Shot, so do that. Perform a Leap of Faith into the hiding spot below and wait for a clean escape.

When you get a chance, exit the hiding spot and leave the Restricted Area to finish the contract unnoticed.

Salt Key Bank

Assassin Contract #26 – The Informant
The Naval Fort at Dry Tortuga must first be conquered before this Assassin Contract can be completed. Start the assignment after you’ve captured the fort and Fast Travel to it.

Take out the Scout at the top of the gate using a Sleep Dart. Now head straight to the point where there are a few crates lined up to facilitate climbing.

From here, scale the wall and run straight until you hit another spot at higher ground. Keep climbing and going straight until you’re next to your target.

Identify him from here using Eagle Vision, and then shoot the powder reserves beside him to finish the assignment.

Assassin Contract #28 – Shady Business
This Assassin Contract requires you to engage in naval combat with the targets vessel. To keep things short, make sure you have ample ammunition and the Advanced Mortars upgrade for the Jackdaw.

Board your vessel after undertaking the contract and head towards the marker. When at the search zone, use the spyglass to identify the target’s ship and begin pursuit.

Stay towards the open waters, away from your target – who’ll be sticking close to the coast. Line up the mortar once you have clear vision of the enemy and fire a volley to disable the ship.

Once it’s incapacitated, you can either board it or sink it with a few cannon shots. For a quick conclusion, just sink the vessel before more enemy ships arrive, as you’ll be forced to fight them as well if they show up.

Note: To complete Shady Business and Treasure Hunter Assassin Contracts, you’ll first have to acquire the diving bell which is obtained during Sequence 06.

Grand Cayman

Assassin Contract #29 – The Smuggler’s Squat
You’ll have to locate your target for this contract by navigating through the underwater maze that leads to Anotto Bay. Once you’ve reached Anotto Bay, wait for the patrol at the center to pass, then grab on to the ledge and wait for a guard to walk up to your position.

Eliminate him with a ledge assassination and quickly move in on the guard nearby who’s beating up a prisoner. Use the hidden blade for a stealthy takedown.

Now look towards the center of the cave and you should be able to see the Captain who you’ve come to eliminate.

Strike him with a Berserk Dart and dive back into the water. Hide underneath the walkway to avoid detection. The target will die within the next few seconds and you’ll have completed another Assassin Contract without getting into open conflict.


Assassin Contract #30 – The Outlaw’s Cave
The target for the final Assassin Contract is inside some old ruins. Reaching the point where the target is, is rather complicated, and requires you to find your way through a labyrinth underwater.

Once you’ve made your way through the water, you’ll emerge at the foot of the ruins. Look up northwest and you’ll see a guard stationed over there. A pirate will frequently patrol his way and then turn away and move in the opposite direction.

When he goes away, kill the sentry with a ranged weapon, preferably a silent one, such as a dagger.

Now climb to the top and stand at the corner of the pathway which the pirate is patrolling. As soon as he’s close enough, take him out with a corner assassination.

Pick up a musket and move forward. You’ll be able to see the main chamber from this point, and your target should be visible from this point. You can choose to shoot him with the musket from here and engage in open conflict afterwards, or choose to close the gap and eliminate him discreetly.

No matter which route you choose it’ll take you roughly the same amount of time. Take whichever route you prefer. Once the target is assassinated, and you’ve escaped the area, the contract will end and so will the Assassin Contracts side missions.

This concludes our guide for the 30 Assassin Contracts in Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag.

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