Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag Warehouses Guide – How To Loot

How to loot Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag Warehouses without ringing the alarm.

Piracy can be costly work. People tend to underestimate the amount of resources that go into looting and plundering. You need to get a ship, then you need to play for its maintenance, whenever it takes damage, it needs to be repaired, you need to pay your crew and so on.

As such, it is prudent for you to go looting these warehouses found in Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag. The warehouses are well protected by guards, and you’ll have to take them out in order to get the money. There’s also a bonus if you can complete the challenge without the alarm being raised.

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Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag Warehouses

Only three warehouses are available to be plundered at any given time. When you loot one, one of the remaining five will become available for looting after about five minutes.

You’ll also want to hold off on doing these until you have the blowgun if you want to do them stealthily.

Nassau – Coordinates: 633, 784
To do this warehouse, approach from the north and hide in the fields. Whistle to attract the nearby guard to your position and gift him with a knife through the neck.

Use Eagle Vision to find the holder of the key.

You’ll find that the captain’s patrol takes him quite near your position. You can whistle to make him come near and use the blowgun if he has company.

Sneak your way to the warehouse, where there are two marksmen and a guard that need to be dropped. Do so, and collect the rewards, making sure that nobody is watching.

Havana – Coordinates: 240, 607
Enter this area from the roof of the building opposite the warehouse where a gunner is on the roof. Dive into the hay below and attract the patrolling scout to take him out. Use eagle vision and find out who has the key.

Watch the marksman on the roof, and while hiding from him, make your way to the guy patrolling around the cargo to the far right.

Take him down. Now you need to get rid of the marksman or you won’t be able to access the captain, who is either patrolling or has come to a stop. Use the blowgun to drop him and the captain.

Once you have the key, wait for the soldiers on the dock to move away and raid the warehouse while they’re gone.

Kingston North – Coordinates: 623, 172
There will be some bushes to the northwest of the warehouse near a fence. Approach from here and use Eagle vision to find the guard. Whistle to attract his attention and bag him.

Next you should go to the south of the restricted area and hide in the Stalking zone. Take out the marksman in the tower and the guy patrolling to the right of him.

Another man may move to check on the guy that dropped, but you can sneak up on him. Head to the door and raid the warehouse.

Kingston South – Coordinates: 623, 172
Begin from the viewpoint nearby, and make your way to a hay cart on the edge of the restricted area. Take careful note of all enemies nearby and when you see an opportunity, move to the stalking zone outside the door of the barn.

From here you can whistle the key holder over and assassinate him, although you may have to wait for a good chance when no one is looking.

When no one is looking, and you’ve got the key, head for the warehouse from the east. Barring any sudden patrol appearances, you should be able to make it to the door unimpeded.

Cat Island – Coordinates: 985, 626
You’ll recognize this area from a prior memory, it’s much the same as it was then, so it shouldn’t present a very big challenge. It’s even made easier because now you don’t need to perform that annoying eavesdrop.

Use the stalking zones to your advantage and get rid of the guard near the warehouse.

Hide in the stalking zone opposite the warehouse and try to identify the key holder, you’ll see that he patrols nearby every minute or so. Take him down stealthily and make off with the goods.

Matanzas – Coordinates: 333, 650
Starting from the docks, approach the large house cautiously. From just outside detection range, use Eagle vision to mark all enemies and identify the key holders.

When the guards aren’t looking, run for the stalking zone. From here you can whistle the key holder as he patrols around the house and kill him.

Now head back to the docks and go to the east. Avoid the two guards patrolling here as you make your way up the path on the other side of the fence and reach the campsite.

From there, you should take out the scout and simply wait for the chance when nobody is looking at the warehouse door. Loot it and you’re done.

New Bone – Coordinates: 442, 118
From the southeast side of the beach, head up the ladder and go around towards the stalking zone to the north.

You’ll also have to take out a scout along the way. Hide for a while as the two guards in the field go about their business. Then when they look away, move towards the house and hit the marksman on the roof of the house with a sleeping dart.

Head behind the house and get rid of the guard standing here. Wait for the key hold to appear (he patrols around here). Take him down and relieve him of his burden.

Next, you should head north towards the warehouse, taking out two guards along the way. You’ll go east before you find your prize. The last thing left to do is to take out two more guards; a captain and a regular. There’s also a scout patrolling around but you can just wait for him to go away.

Tortuga – Coordinates: 882, 370
When entering this area, you should start from the east dock and circle around to the north end. Next, go to the staking zone up the slope and take out a brute.

Use the blowgun to take out the marksman int eh tower, and make for the stalk zone at the top of the hill. Now identify the key holder if you can see him.

Whistle to attract him and take the key. Now hide in the stalking zone left of the hut and observe the four guards you need to eliminate; the brutes north of the door, a soldier to the west, and the gunner in the tower.

Blowgun the gunner first, then wait until the brutes come together, use the blowgun to quickly take down both of them. The last soldier only looks at the door of the warehouse at certain points, so you don’t even need to eliminate him to complete it.

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