Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag Taverns Locations ‘Barfly’ Guide

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In Assassin’s Creed 4, you play as a scallywag of an assassin known as Edward Kenway, who just so happens to be the grandsire of Ratonhnhaké:ton, or Connor. Also moonlighting as a pirate, Edward happens to be rather fond of his ale, being a regular at several Taverns throughout the new world.

When you combine alcohol, masculinity, and months of frustration from being out at sea, it can only really lead to one conclusion; a healthy, red-blooded bar fight. In Black Flag, you can engage in these whenever you come to a new tavern.

The taverns in question are shown on the map if you synchronize the correct viewpoints, if you haven’t then fear not, for we have provided the coordinates for the locations. All the encounters go the same way.

You approach the tavern and interact with the barkeep. Then another person in the bar will bump into you or spill a drink on you and a fight will break out with multiple opponents.

While the cutscene may be different, the result is always the same, and once you’ve beaten up the proper people, you’ll have unlocked the tavern. Doing so at all 8 of the taverns will unlock the ‘Barfly’ achievement/trophy.

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Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag Taverns Locations

  1. Andreas Island (573, 720)
  2. This tavern is not very difficult to find. It’ll be in the southern part of the island near the coordinated given above. You can pay 200R at this tavern to obtain information about the Treasure Map in Castillo de Jagua

  3. Salt Key Bank (496, 629)
  4. This tavern will be found in the center of the village here. It’ll be south of a nearby viewpoint so use that for reference. You’ll get into a fight with 4 thugs and afterwards you can pay 200R for information about a Naval Convoy

  5. Crooked Island (808, 545)
  6. This tavern is pretty easy to find as well. The harbor masters office is directly south of it. Another fight awaits you here, and paying the barkeep reveals information about a Treasure map in Punta Guarico.

  7. Arroyos (192, 565)
  8. When you’re looking for the Arroyos tavern at these coordinates, search for a pirate flag outside the building. The tavern itself will be on the south-eastern side. This barkeep will tell you the location of the treasure map in Santanillas for 200R.

  9. Corozal (37, 266)
  10. This’ll be easy to find, mostly because this tavern is bigger than any other building on Corozal island. It’ll be on the western side if you need more specifics. Spend 200R for information about a treasure map in Cayman Sound.

  11. Grand Cayman (392, 325)
  12. Look for this tavern near the harbor master building, on the north side of the island. The bartender of this tavern will give you the location of a treasure map in Isla Providencia when paid 200R.

  13. Kingston (623, 172)
  14. The Kingston Crown is the name of this particular establishment. Follow the coordinated to find it, or just use a viewpoint to make it appear on the map. When paid 200R, the bartender tells you about a treasure map in Misteriosa.

  15. Ile à Vache (839, 137)
  16. This tavern will be on the western side of the island. Unlock it by beating up the thugs and you can pay the bartender for information about the secret map in Punta Guarico

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