GTA 5 Random Events Guide – Locations, Tips and Rewards

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Both missions include a thief stealing a car and running away in it. You need to stop the thief and return the car to the rightful owner. However, you must make sure that you don’t damage the vehicle too much.

It can easily be done by using your drive-by skills and aiming the drivers only. You can also try ramming the vehicle so as to force the drivers to come out. Once the drivers come out, they will draw weapons and start shooting at you, get a suitable cover and take them down to drive the car back to the owners.

The first mission can be done with any character while to do the second one, you must select Michael.

Chase City Thieves

Location: Hawick Avenue, Hawick and San Andreas Avenue, Textile City

Character: All
Rewards: $2000 and $500 respectively

During the first mission, you’ll see a black van with Lost written on it; stealing from a civilian and then speeding off. The civilian will try to stop the van but it won’t do him any good. Chase the van and use the drive-by skills to take out the driver.

The occupants of the van will eventually come out and start shooting at you. You can get to a good cover and start taking out these guys. After you’ve taken care of all the goons; get the wallet (which contains $2000). You will then have the option of keeping the wallet which will get you $2000 or returning the wallet which will only get you $200. The choice is yours!

During the second mission, a same situation happens but this time the thieves will be on a bike. This can be a really short pursuit if you ram the drivers with your car. Anyway, if they get away, chase them and use the drive-by to take them out. They might get off their bike and start shooting at you. In this situation, take a cover to kill them and get the stolen wallet.

This wallet will have $500 which you can either keep or return to the owner to get $50.

Note: You might get some police attention due to all the shooting.

Chase Country Thieves

Location: Grapeseed Main Street, Grapeseed and Route #68, Grand Senora Desert

Character: All
Rewards: $250 and $120

These missions are almost exactly the same as the previous two missions and similar techniques are used to complete them. The only difference is that these robberies take place in the country with fewer rewards.

Anyway, the first robbery will occur in Grapeseed Main Street; you will see four armed gangsters robbing a man of his belongings and then running away in a van. You need to chase them down and kill them to retrieve the wallet. It can be done either by taking out the gangsters using drive-by or forcing the occupants to leave the van.

If they leave the van; they will start shooting at you. Get a nice cover and take them out to obtain the stolen wallet. You can either return this to the owner to receive $25 or keep it to get $250.

The second mission takes place on Route #68. The robbers will again move in a van, but the backdoors of the van will open and two gangsters will start shooting at you. Take them out and then the other two robbers to find a wallet.

However, there is a little hang up here; as soon as you take out the robbers, more gangsters will come hurtling towards you on bikes. You should get to safety and take out those bikers before getting to the wallet. Once again, you can either keep the wallet for $120 or return it to the owner to get only $12.

Crash Rescue

Location: Senora Freeway, Mount Chiliad

Character: All
Rewards: Taliana Martinez will join your crew

You will see an accident on the Senora Freeway with a dead body lying near the car. Soon, you will witness a woman in men clothing coming out of the car. Go near the woman and she will tell you that she wants to leave the area before cops arrive on the scene.

Get in your car and the woman will follow you. A GPS route will be marked on your mini-map, get the woman to her destination and you will come to know that she is a getaway driver named Taliana Martinez. From this point forth, she will help you in heists as a getaway driver.

Construction Accident

Location: Little Seoul

Character: Any
Rewards: Driving Skills Improved

At a construction site in Little Seoul, you will see an accident under a large crane with a man stuck inside. You’ll have very less time to save the driver from the explosion that is about to follow.

Get to the blue marker on your mini-map which will be a HVY Dozer. Now, you need to be careful NOT to push the pipes to the driver’s direction. Otherwise an explosion will occur and the driver will be gone for good.

You are required to pull the pipes away from the driver so that he could escape through the door. As soon as he gets out, a fire will erupt in the area but both of you should be headed to safety by then. The driver will thank you and mission will be completed.

Countryside Gang Fight

Location: Marina Drive, Alamo Sea

Character: Michael or Franklin
Rewards: $1000

You will encounter a drug deal between some bikers and a man. However, the things will not go the way they are supposed to and you will have to take out the bikers to safe the man. Follow the man as he thanks you for saving his life to find the reinforcements headed your way.

Get to a suitable cover to find the swarms of gangsters coming your way. Take them all out quickly without giving them a chance to react. After you take out the last gangster, the man will come to you to say his thanks and give you $1000 for saving his life. You can then collect the dropped weapons of the gangsters.

Countryside Robbery

Location: Route #68, Harmony

Character: Any
Rewards: $1000

You will encounter a gun fight between some cops and rednecks. Do not hurt any cops or their attention will be diverted to you. Instead, follow the pathway to get to the robbers and see the first one taken out by the cops and drop a briefcase full of money. You will instantly get 2-star Wanted Level for getting your hands on the briefcase.

The other robber will try to shoot you, take him down to take his briefcase too.

Even if you don’t take the briefcase and roam around in the area, you will still get the Wanted Level. So, it is better to get them as each of the briefcases will be filled with $5000. Lose the heat level to get away with the reward.

You can also decide to help the robbers by taking out the cops. However, in this situation, you will only get a $5000 and 2-star Wanted Level. Choice is yours!

Deal Gone Wrong

Location: Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness

Character: Any
Rewards: $25,000

Get to the area to discover about five trucks parked with multiple dead bodies here and there; indicating some kind of deal gone badly. Search the area and you will soon see some of the red markers on your mini-map.

Get to the red blip on your mini-map to find a man who will ask you to run away from the location and will die shortly. Near him; will be a package with about $25,000. Get the cash and get out of the area. However, you will soon be intercepted by some of the gang member which can be taken out with ease by finding a suitable cover and killing them. These are some easy bucks!


Location: Wild Oats Drive, Vinewood Hills

Character: Any
Rewards: Castro Lagano with $80

In the Wild Oats Drive, you will see a man in Golf attire begging his wife NOT to throw him out of the house. His wife doesn’t believe that he has been playing Golf at mid-nights and throws off all his belongings.

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  • Enrique Anthony Galea

    How long does it take so you can do another Random Event? Is it 3 In-Game Days? Thanks.

  • Cassandra Ledsworth

    It’s called “Burial”, and on my playthrough, I got 400,000. Although I found her after I finished the game and did the stock market (over a billion dollars at the time of her pick-up). Maybe what you get depends on what you have? Idk…

  • Cassandra Ledsworth

    Idk if anyone’s already mentioned it, but on the “Burial” random event, if you deliver her to where she is asking, she wires $400,000 dollars to your account a few days later! Biggest payout I’ve seen so far on my random encounters…

  • Karsten Fredslund

    When driving the business man to the airport – if you get there in time – notice he will tell you a tip for the stock marked. Following this tip will earn you about +30% of whatever you invest in that stock. So be ready with all your money to invest. Don’t wait too long to sell after ROI reaches about 30%

  • andrewdj

    I came across a police chase on foot, I drove into the suspect and knocked him down, but didn’t kill him. The policeman thanked me for helping and said it wouldn’t appear in the official account. No stars. :) But no money either :(

  • Chuck

    Yesterday, I just ran into the Lost van, where they held the girl. So I killed them and get the girl. But I was low on health so I stoped at Ammu Naion to get some armor. But when I came out from the store the girl wasnt there and the game made autosave. Will I enconuter them again or is this mission gone ?

  • Jerr

    For the Altruists Cult Shootout, you should mention there are four cases that can be picked up, each containing $25,000 for a total of $100,000. And various weapons, health and armor.

  • Zack

    Once you have encountered these random events, will they pop up again? Or once you do them they will never show up. Curious to know.

    Hope somebody knows the answer :)

    • ChristopherWallace

      I too would like to know this. In the last Hitch mission I had to shoot a guy because she wouldn’t get on my dirt bike and I needed a different ride. Then she said “you’re even crazier than he is” and ran off. Anyone know if it’s possible to re-encounter her without loading a previous save?

  • bgizzle404

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    Only $2 Dollars

    Im 75% completion of beating the game been a long weekend