GTA 5 Random Events Guide – Locations, Tips and Rewards

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The eccentric world of Grand Theft Auto V is full of dire and needy people!

These people can be found at different locations in San Andreas and will ask for your help. These events are known as Random Events and although the rewards are not amazing but the flavor they add to the overall gameplay experience are totally worth it!

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Read on to find all the Random Events that can be found while playing GTA 5:

GTA 5 Random Events

Abandoned Vehicles

Locations:Smoke Tree Road, Grand Senora Desert, Ron Alternates Wind Farm

Character: All
Rewards: None

You will see a BF Surfer on an isolated area of Grand Senora Desert. This event is kind of funny seeing what happens to your character if you go near the vehicle. When you get off your car and go the abandoned vehicle, a man will shoot you in the face with a stun gun.

After being stunned; you’ll wake up on a train track with nothing but your underwear. Now; I don’t like to think what happened to your character while he was stunned. Anyway, you should choose Trevor to do this mission (Any character will work fine) and trigger his special ability. Now get near the car and shoot the man to complete this.

You’ll find a number of redneck guys on Wind Farm and having some special time with each other. Get near them and try to listen to their conversation. When you get too close to their vehicle; they will get off their vehicles without wearing their trousers and being shooting at you.

Gun down all these perverts to complete the mission and collect their weapons.


Location: Grapeseed, O’Neil Farm, Senora Freeway, Ron Alternates Wind Farm

Character: All
Rewards: $250 for helping criminal

You’ll see police’s siren turning from blue to red signaling that you can either help the police or the criminal. Killing the criminal will get you 2-star level for shooting in front of some cops. However, if you help the criminal by taking out the cops and help him escape, it’ll get you $250 and 3-star Wanted Level.

You can also choose not to react and pass by the scene without participating.

Very similar to previous mission, you will see the radar turning from blue to red indicating that you can either help the police or the criminal. Helping the criminal will get you 3-star Wanted Level and $250 cash. While helping the police will get you 2-star Wanted Level.

Alternatively, you can choose not to react by going by the scene without participating in it.

Bike Thieves

Location: Little Bighorn Avenue, Rancho, Bridge Street, Hawick

Character: All
Rewards: +3 Stamina

Get to this location and you’ll see a guy screaming about his stolen cycle. The thief will appear as a red dot on your mini-map. You can take out this thief by either running over him with your car or by shooting at him.

Once you kill him, take the cycle and get it back to the owner to receive some shares in Animal Ark worth $1,000,000.

You will see a guy standing besides his cycle on a sidewalk. Soon, a man will come and he’ll snatch the bike; and run away on it. Once again, take out your gun and kill the thief or run him down by your vehicle.

After taking care of the thief, get on the bike to get it back to its owner to complete this mission.

Border Patrols

Location: Mt. Haan Road, Grand Senora Desert, Tataviam Mountains, Paleto Bay

Character: All
Rewards: $700

While wandering on this road, you’ll come across three rednecks chasing you. If you listen to them closely you will note that they’ll be screaming about you being an immigrant.

Note: They have different comments for each of your playable character.

Anyway, these guys will be riding the Sanchez(s), so it’ll difficult to take them down by your car. We would advise you to use driveway or get off your car and kill them on foot. Note that, they’ll also retaliate with the shotgun at their disposal.

Take care of them all to receive the money they dropped along with their weapons.

This is the same as the above one except that now you’ll encounter the redneck on the Tataviam Mountains. Just shoot the guys and collect their cash and weapons to complete the mission.

Since they’re equipped with shotguns, keep your distance.

While traveling on this road, the rednecks will appear for the third and the last time saying all kinds of racist stuff about you (Depending on your character). Use your drive-by to kill them all and receive their money and weapons. Like the above two missions, they will be equipped with shotguns.



Character: All
Rewards: Ability Meter Filled

This mission generally pops-up while playing as Franklin. You will see a couple of guys trying to bury an alive woman. Driving you car near them will get them to drop the woman and take out their guns.

You can either shoot them by using the drive-by or get off the vehicle, find a suitable cover and being taking them out. After you take care of these gangsters, walk to the woman to automatically free and get her in your car. You will have to drop this woman somewhere safe. You’re GPS will help you there!

Once she is in the car, she will start telling you the whole incident of her kidnapping. Listen to her and get her to safety to complete this mission.

Note: While playing as Trevor, you will have two choices of where to leave the woman.

Bus Tour

Location: Alta Street, Downtown, Vinewood

Character: All
Rewards: None

You will see a blue bus with Vinewood Stars Tour written on it. This will give you a tour of different areas of Vinewood. Simply go near the bus and pay $40 to get on the bus. Refer to in-game controls to change camera settings and other viewing angles.

The bus takes you to the following places of interests:

  • Oriental Theater
  • City Hall
  • Epsilon Center
  • Portola Drive
  • Richards Majestic Studios
  • Tivoli Theater
  • Richman Hotel
  • Celebrity Wild Child, Martha Term’s Home
  • The Craze’s Home
  • Mark Fostenburg’s Home
  • Tequi-La-La Rock Bar
  • Dungeon Crawler
  • Gentry Manor Hotel

Car Thieves

Location: Great Ocean Highway, North Chumash and Exceptionalists Way, Los Santos Airport

Character: The first one can be done with anyone while the second one can only be done by Michael
Rewards: +5 Driving

There are basically two missions for Car Thieves; the first one appears at the Great Ocean Highway, North Chumash and the second one appears at Exceptionalists Way, Los Santos International Airport.

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  • Enrique Anthony Galea

    How long does it take so you can do another Random Event? Is it 3 In-Game Days? Thanks.

  • Cassandra Ledsworth

    It’s called “Burial”, and on my playthrough, I got 400,000. Although I found her after I finished the game and did the stock market (over a billion dollars at the time of her pick-up). Maybe what you get depends on what you have? Idk…

  • Cassandra Ledsworth

    Idk if anyone’s already mentioned it, but on the “Burial” random event, if you deliver her to where she is asking, she wires $400,000 dollars to your account a few days later! Biggest payout I’ve seen so far on my random encounters…

  • Karsten Fredslund

    When driving the business man to the airport – if you get there in time – notice he will tell you a tip for the stock marked. Following this tip will earn you about +30% of whatever you invest in that stock. So be ready with all your money to invest. Don’t wait too long to sell after ROI reaches about 30%

  • andrewdj

    I came across a police chase on foot, I drove into the suspect and knocked him down, but didn’t kill him. The policeman thanked me for helping and said it wouldn’t appear in the official account. No stars. :) But no money either :(

  • Chuck

    Yesterday, I just ran into the Lost van, where they held the girl. So I killed them and get the girl. But I was low on health so I stoped at Ammu Naion to get some armor. But when I came out from the store the girl wasnt there and the game made autosave. Will I enconuter them again or is this mission gone ?

  • Jerr

    For the Altruists Cult Shootout, you should mention there are four cases that can be picked up, each containing $25,000 for a total of $100,000. And various weapons, health and armor.

  • Zack

    Once you have encountered these random events, will they pop up again? Or once you do them they will never show up. Curious to know.

    Hope somebody knows the answer :)

    • ChristopherWallace

      I too would like to know this. In the last Hitch mission I had to shoot a guy because she wouldn’t get on my dirt bike and I needed a different ride. Then she said “you’re even crazier than he is” and ran off. Anyone know if it’s possible to re-encounter her without loading a previous save?

  • bgizzle404

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    Only $2 Dollars

    Im 75% completion of beating the game been a long weekend