GTA 5 Strangers and Freaks Missions Walkthrough Guide

By   /   Sep 18, 2013

Take photo just as the handover occurs and send it to Beverly. Get away from the scene and drive off. Soon you call Beverly automatically and the mission ends. The optional objectives are to take the photo without being detected and to take the photo while she’s buying the drugs.

Paparazzo – Reality Check
Once more, take Franklin to the ‘P’ marker in west Vinewood to find Beverly and his filming crew in the middle of shooting.

Franklin asks for payment for services rendered but gets blown off by the faux celeb. At this point you can just walk off, or kill every last one of them. Therefore I suggest you use a rocket launcher.

The optional objective is to kill both Beverly and his crew in one shot.

Risk Assessment
After you complete the Minor Turbulence mission, switch to Franklin to find a new ‘?’ icon on the map. This will take you to a dog, and you will have a conversation with it. The dog is going to lead you to Dom, the new contact.

Dom seems to be in a bit of a bind, literally. He’s hanging from a parachute that’s gotten caught in a tree. Franklin helps him down and they have a chat. You both end up in a Maverick helicopter and set off for a skydive. The Chopper will travel on its own, so you don’t have to do much, though you can skip the ride if you want.

Jump from the heli when prompted and free fall for 7 seconds. After that, deploy the parachute and aim for a landing on the orange bulls eye on top of Mount Chiliad.

After the landing, you and Dom will engage in a bike race, so grab the bicycle nearby and start pedaling down the mountain trail, making sure to pass through the checkpoints. The optional objectives are to fall for 7 seconds before deploying chute, getting 2 seconds of airtime in the race and winning the race against Dom.

Liquidity Risk
Now you need to head to the ‘D’ marker (har har he wants the D) to meet up with Dom at the Los Santos International Airport. You both commandeer some Nagasaki Blazer ATVs. Follow Dom through the security gate onto the runway.

He proceed to have to near-death misses involving a Jetliner and somehow makes it up the loading ramp of a cargo jet. Follow him in there.

After a while, Dom rides the ATV out of the plane while it’s in mid-air. Follow him off and skydive to the landing zone marked on the map.

To accomplish the optional objectives you need to ride the ATV off the plane and do 8 spins while free falling on it. Then you need to ride the ATV all the way into the water without stepping out or opening the chute.

Targeted Risk
Once again, head to the ‘D’. This time Dom will be waiting for you on the roof of the Maze Tower, so you’ll need a helicopter.

Jump off the roof when prompted and parachute down to the roof of a flatbed truck. You can track the vehicle through the blue blip on the map. Some tips for landing, it’s always much easier to undershoot the target and land just behind the truck rather than in front of it. Therefore try to hover a bit ahead of it and slow down as you land.

The optional objectives are to free fall for 8 seconds before deploying chute and to land perfectly on the back.

Uncalculated Risk
The last Dom mission starts off at the ‘D’ at the reservoir, where you find the dog again. You need to have all the Parachute jumps completed in order to do it. The dog will lead you to Dom, who’s about to make a dive to the death off into the Spillway.

Grab the nearby parachute and follow after the guy, deploying your chute so you don’t meet an untimely demise. Jumping after Dom and surviving is also is the optional objective.

A Starlet in Vinewood
After you find all 50 of the letter scraps (preferably using our guide here), read through them to reveal a new ‘?’ marker on the map. This is the location of Dreyfuss, the killer in the note. Head to his mansion on Hangman Avenue in Vinewood Hills. There you can find him meditating next to the pool.

A scene occurs when Franklin confronts him, and Peter Dreyfuss takes off running. You have two options here, you can let him go, or gun him down. This is the optional objective.

Shift Work
You need to complete ‘Pulling Favors’ in order to make this mission’s ‘?’ appear on the map. Follow the marker to find Hao standing outside of his car. He offers you an invitation to a street race, something Franklin is more than ready to win.

Head over to the starting point and line up. While it’s not necessary, it’ll be best if you can snag a nice car from somewhere before you start the race. DO the two laps and try to come in first place.

The optional objectives for this mission are as follows; complete a lap within 1:20, finish the race in 2:50, and finish it with less than 5 collisions.

Exercising Demons
This Strangers and Freaks mission unlocks upon completion of the Predator mission. Head on over to the ‘F?’ icon on the map to find the blond doing pushups and angrily berating herself. Approach for a cutscene and another race.

This is a swimming challenge, so run down to the water and start paddling. Follow the checkpoints without missing a single one until you reach the marker on the other beach. Sprint across the beach to reach one of the two nearby bikes and cycle around the trail. Remember not to use shortcuts if you want the gold.

For the last phase of the race, you need to race along the checkpoints on foot. Reach the end to win.

Far Out
After the Fame or Shame mission, this ‘?’ will appear on the map, available for Franklin. Head over to the icon to come to eastern Sandy Shores to find a crazy hippie looking form aliens. He tells Franklin a story about how he was abducted and named Omega. He also asks for help in searching for some spaceship parts.

There’s fifty of them scattered throughout San Andreas, and to find them, you can check out Spaceship parts guide here. After getting them all, another mission will unlock.

The Final Frontier
Head over to Omega’s trailer at the Wind Farm to complete the mission. The hippie is overjoyed at seeing the final piece of the puzzle and shows you the assembled spacecraft.

Pulling Favors
This one occurs early on in the game, after finishing the ‘Repossession’ mission. The question mark that appears on the map is right across from Franklin’s house, so go there to meet up with Tonya. She will commission your assistance in her towing business.

Head down the blue route to the impound lot where you can acquire the tow truck itself. Head out of the lot and go to the car that is marked on the map. Begin to tow it by backing into it with the crane fully lowered, then raising the crane and driving off.

Take it back to the lot, completing the whole thing within 5 minutes and keeping the vehicle hooked to get the gold rating.

Pulling Another Favor
This time you need to search for the ‘T?’ icon on the map to find Tonya at the liquor store in Strawberry. Same situation as last time, one of her workers is nowhere to be found and you’ll have to fill in. Get to the impound lot and take out the truck.

Now go to the car that’s parked improperly and tow it once more back to the lot. Take care to keep it properly hooked and finish within 5:30.

Pulling Favors Again
Once again, this is pretty much the exact same situation, except now it’s a matter of life and death! Some poor mug’s had his car stall out on the train tracks and the locomotive is approaching fast.

Use the towing skills you’ve learned so far to hook his car in a speedy manner and taking him over to the repair shop post-haste. The optional objectives for this one are to finish within 7 minutes and to keep the car securely hooked until delivery.

Still Pulling Favors
Do I even need to spell this one out? You get another text from Tonya, which leads to a phone call, which leads to you taking out the tow truck for another spin. Head over to the faulty car and wait for the owner to get into the truck with Franklin.

Now hook the car and drive it over to the auto repair shop, being careful to keep it hooked properly and finishing in 6 minutes for the gold.

Pulling One Last Favor
Franklin’s patience is running out with this woman. However, being a soft hearted teddy-bear, he concedes to one last towing job. Find Tonya with the ‘T?’ outside a liquor store to start it up, so get in a vehicle and wait for Tonya to join you.

Take the truck to the crash site where the ambulance is just leaving.

Hook the ruined car and use the yellow route to take the car away to the Vapid Dealership. For the gold requirement, you need to finish in 5 minutes and keep the car hooked properly.

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