Assassin’s Creed 3 Homestead Guide – Crafting, Missions, Artisans

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One of the big major yet optional additions in Assassin’s Creed 3 is the brilliant Homesteading system, which replaces the Monteriggioni from Ezio’s trilogy.

ACIII says good-bye to the property buying feature that was found in Brotherhood and Revelations, and instead opts to give gamers a more personal taste with the introduction of homesteading.

The Homestead that Connor will settle in early on in the game isn’t just a peaceful resting place that blossoms with the tossing of money, but is instead a living energetic environment that can be transformed into a profit-giving household.

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Improving Homestead
As stated before, the Homestead no longer grows with just money. Instead, it offers a completely different set of optional missions that would aid you in developing the place you call home. Each of these missions improves your lands in one way or the other.

Some will bring completely new artisans to settle there, while others will vastly improve the skills of your already settled artisans.

Generally, Homestead missions are relatively easy to complete, and don’t feature optional objectives. The missions are unlocked as your progress further in the main story. It is generally desirable to carry out these missions regularly to improve your home and consequently your overall advancement.

Homesteading and Crafting
Crafting isn’t a new addition in the AC series, as it has been spotted in the form of bomb-crafting in Brotherhood and Revelations. However, Assassin’s Creed 3 takes the art to an entirely new level. Crafting now gives a large variety of different items and materials, which can greatly change how you progress through the storyline.

The art of crafting and homesteading are closely tied together. Carrying out Homestead missions will allow you to obtain more skilled artisans or enhance the skills of settled artisans.

This will unlock new recipes. Crafting tradable supplies will allow you to trade through caravans, which in turn will provide you with more materials for crafting.

This entire cycle can grow to give you some of the most powerful items in the game, ranging from weapons to consumables to war supplies.

Additionally, convoys can generate a lot of money to you if you spend time to craft high-quality items and sell them in distant ports.

Accessing the Homestead
Thankfully, you don’t have to run back to your home every time you wish to access your accounting book (found by default in the study room of your homestead) or to send out your convoys.

The homestead interface can be accessed from just about any general store in the game, which greatly reduces monotonous travelling.

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  • abhijeet

    how can I get crafting items?

  • Callum

    I kinda had the same problem. I completed the story first with no idea about how important the artisans were. So now there’s no homestead missions and I’m completely screwed :(

  • seb

    i finished the main quest in ac3 but the homestead missions are not marked on my map please help me

  • Trey

    I’m on sequence 9 and I just helped the farmers twice, but no I can’t find anymore homestead missions, or interactive dialogues. I know there should be more to do with the homestead, but where?

  • Jess

    I have completed ac3 and i cant seem to level up any of my people. does anyone know why?

    • Jess

      I have done all the homestead missions but i cant seem to level them up anymore.

  • Geoffry

    Someone please answer… because I’m an idiot and the story made me rather excited I didn’t do the homestead missions in their allocated sequences. Does this mean I have to start the whole bloody game again to do them like I should have?

    • Inguara

      I don’t know. I did the exact same thing as you, I did the story first. I don’t want to start the game all over again just because I missed out on homestead missions.

  • Matt R

    I had to finish the entire game before i got even my second artisan. im kinda p/oed that i had to go through the entire game without any upgraded items, or any of the crafted items. did i do something wrong? after i found my first artisan early on in the game no more homestead missions appeared anywhere :S

  • Cesar Vazquez

    I’m on sequence 11 and the homestead missions have disappeared. I think I skipped big daves mission in Boston. Is this a glitch or will the missions come back until the end of the game?

  • logan

    im trying to make dyes and it says i have to have level 2 tailor mines level 3 and also beezwax but when i put these together it puts my tailor to level 1 and beezwax and makes candles so i cant make dyes please help i really want to make lincolns battle sword

  • Glenn

    can you bulid up your own house in the game

  • jimmy

    were can i get some red wood lumber

    • AmplifyNYC

      Redwood? Idk. You get ROSEwood Lumber when you complete the Homestead Mission for Lumberers in Sequence 7 I believe.

      Its when you have to play Bocce ball with the big guy.

  • Stan marsh

    so killed these brits that threw some guy off the cliff dangling from a boulder.. how am I supposed to save him? and is he an artisan?


    • kaleb

      yeah hes an artisant save him

  • Dlopez

    How can I increase the amount of arrows I carry?? Please can someone help me. If possible.

    • kaleb

      craft the extra quivers to carry more arrows you can also carry extra bullets i can carry 38 plus 2 in the gun

    • kaleb

      craft the extra quiver

  • sam

    Need help
    I’ve completed sequence 12 and so far the ones I have NOT completed are…
    – Everything after collecting the parcel for Achilles is incomplete
    – ONLY the very first mission for Big Dave is complete (Deserter)
    – Nothing is incomplete for Godfrey & Terry, its all done.
    – Only “Thousand Pound Idea” is incomplete for Lance
    – Nothing is incomplete for Warren & Prudence, all done.
    – Everything for norris is complete too
    – “Slander” for Lyle White is incomplete
    – “The Final Straw” for Ellen is incomplete
    – “Fool me once” for Myriam is incomplete
    – “The Wedding” in Homestead Daily Life is incomplete, others are done.
    – All of the homestead inventions are incomplete.

  • allan

    my first caravan got attacked and i cant make send anymore out or remove the attacked one from the menu. what do i do?

    • AmplifyNYC

      If you havent solved this issue for yourself already, when you receive the notification “Defend Your Convoy x:xx” this means you have to Fast Travel yourself into the Frontier and head to the Convoy.

      It is marked as a White and Black shield icon on the map which reads “Defend Convoy”. Kill 15 Redcoats easily before your 8 Convoy members die and you pass.

    • AmplifyNYC

      To make more Land Convoys, head to the craft menu under “Special Items”. The woodworker can make them starting at Level 1, but you may not have the materials to construct one if you Lumberers arent high enough.

  • John

    anyone else notice that each time you craft an item the price to craft that item again increase? Is this suppose to be an implemented effect, and if so, why? Crafting ten “Jugged Hare” ended up costing 350 to craft it a tenth time

  • assassin

    how do i actually use the artisons i can only use the wood cutter none of the otheers will evenn show up in the accounting book has this happened to any one else i am at s 8

  • Nate

    How do I get my land convoy back after it has been attacked? I have two other convoys but I want the third one. How do I get it back?

    • Zach

      you have to craft a new one.

  • Dillon

    I missed out on the blacksmith in sequence 8, can i still get him later? i cant seem to find him on the frontier…

  • Dave

    I am on sequence 8, and I have not had any homestead missions appear in the last 3 sequences. whats up with this?

    • kenny.

      somewhere in the homestead or frontier there’s a mark for a interactive dialogue with two civilians from the homestead after that there should be no problems. i had the same problem

      • Ben

        I had this same problem, like 5 sequences and no new homestead missions. I never considered searching in the frontier as well

        • Oliver

          Is there any way that you could let me know where abouts? I have the same problem and there’s no interactive conversation showing up on the map apart from the ones in Washington’s camp and in the Native American village

  • john p

    there is no oak lumber for me to buy in stockpile and i have no convoys. what do i do?

    • Dave

      Continue through the game and watch for homestead missions and the stockpile will grow with each mission

      • David

        Never mind just needed to do more homestead missions 😀

  • Gibson Schnurr

    How do i get sewing threads?

  • Mark

    Progress through the story more and you will get another homestead mission from the lumberjacks and then it will be open to create more through the recipe function

  • Kent

    In the begenining when we were introduced to the process of homestead we had to send a cart of supplies to get sold, my caravan was attacked, so i lost my cart. Now in order to build a new one i need oak lumber, but I cant find where to buy it, and its really starting to aggravate me.

    Please help!

    • Liam

      Use the stockpile option in the accounting book to buy it.

      • David

        I bought oak lumber one time to make the barrels now I have no option to buy oak lumber, only charcoal and oak bark. What gives? I really want to continue crafting but kinda need the oak lumber.

        • Arcova

          Prob means its still in your stockpile (you still have it) you’ll also need 1 oak bark to make the cart

        • Benjamin

          This happened to me, just play on a bit and do more homestead missions, I could finally make another after the Terry v Godfrey fight mission

          • Vetreran

            i completed sequence 12 and im trying to upgrade my homestead but i dont think i can because achilles died [sorry if that just ruined the game to anyone] but i dont know how to upgrade… please help

      • will tod

        umm nope