Skyrim Hearthfire Adoptable Children Locations Guide – Where to Find Kids

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Alright, Hearthfire is out which means that you should start building. Let’s assume that you have built a house with all the basic necessities. Now what? Well, you may want to turn it into a home by filling it with family members.

First thing you do is invite your spouse to move in. But what about kids? The game let’s you adopt some children which can be made to live in your created virtual house. Now, the question is, where one can find these adoptees? The list below answers the question.

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Skyrim: Hearthfire Adoptable Children Locations

The list is categorized into two: ones with the sad story and the ones on the conditional basis.

Sad Story

Location: Dawnstar
Story: Sailor father died from illness.

Location: Katla’s Farm
Story: Legion parents killed in action.

Location: Honorhall Orphanage
Story: N/A

Francois Beaufort
Location: Honorhall Orphanage
Story: N/A

Location: Honorhall Orphanage
Story: N/A

Location: Whiterun
Story: Abandoned by greedy relatives.

Runa Fairshield
Location: Honorhall Orphanage
Story: Unknown

Location: Honorhall Orphanage
Story: N/A

Location: Windhelm:
Story: Stormcloak father killed in action.

Conditional Basis

Location: Rorikstead
Condition: Lemkil is dead.

Location: Heartwood Mill
Condition: Grosta is dead. Earlier quest to find dead father may also be necessary.

Location: Rorikstead
Condition: Lemkil is dead.

Location: Old Hroldan
Condition: Eydis is dead.

Location: Solitude
Condition: Addvar and Greta are dead.

Skyrim Hearthfire – New Children Locations

The DLC adds up some NPCs including the children, the list is as follows:

Sofie – She is a girl you will find on the streets of Windehelm selling flowers.

Blaise – He is a boy working at the Katla’s Farm (as a stable boy).

Lucia – She is a beggar wandering in the streets of Whiterun.

Aleson – A boy who works with the miners in Dawnstar.

If you know about any other kids that can be adopted, share with us in the comments below!

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  • zeke

    Are there any black kids I can adopt. Want a tough black son to protect his younger sister

  • Harry

    the kid in dawnstar won’t come to my home

  • RPOMAN2010

    By the gods I wish I could adopt them all…Until they start pissing me off by asking me if I got something for them whenever I come home.

  • carson

    Hes sometimes in the mine but he does run outside

  • Connor

    I was looking for a kid to adopt and I heard about the dawnstar kid near the mines but I cant find him…can someone tell me where he is.

  • Nlena

    I wanted to adopt Sissel since she’s bullie so I sneak attacked her dad and killed him, but I don’t have an option to adopt her. I have a be and dresser, it’s the kids room upgrade in the breeze house or something.

  • dovakin

    @Dennis the little bastard thing is a bit literal dont cha think lol

  • Dennis

    I went to adopt my second child and I chose the dawnstar boy who works at the mines and he won’t go home! If I would’ve known he was going to be a delinquent runaway, I would’ve chose another child! He just stands around all day in Dawnstar and he lies to me and tells me he just needs to pack his things and say goodbye but he’s fibbing to me. Little bastard…

    • Ramin

      Lol he is not lying to you, every kid tells you that she/he will pack their things and go to home. You must just go to home and wait for them by using T to wait for hours or maybe sleep too and you will see they will come.

  • Rowan

    You can adopt all the children whose parents are killable

    • OperaGhost

      With the exception of Haming in Froki’s Shack, and Mila in Whiterun. Even if you kill their parent, there is no option to adopt them.

  • Wrex

    How do you go about adopting from the orphanage; there arent any options for me.

    i completed the brotherhood quest, went back and there isnt any new dialogue for anyone

    • OperaGhost

      Did you speak the the woman running the orphanage? The children won’t talk to you until she okays it.

  • Vixaris

    dorthe isnt in honorhall orphanage, shes a special circumstance adoption if alvor and sigrid in riverwood are killed.

  • Neko

    Frodnar in Riverwood can be adopted if his parents are dead. I accidentally killed his parents when I first played this game… So I went back to see if he is still there, he is and he is adoptable.