Skyrim House Building Materials Guide – Hearthfire House Building Materials Locations, How to Build Hearthfire House

Want to have a taste of Farmville in Skyrim? Play Skyrim: Hearthfire where you can your own house. The second DLC for the game primarily focuses on house building where players are supposed to construct a permanent house of their own. You will acquire a land first and then start building.

You need Heathfire House building materials in order to complete the construction of your favorite place to hang out. The materials are spread across the map at different points.

When we talk about Skyrim Hearthfire House construction, the most important part is the resources needed to build the particular structure. Since we are talking about building houses in Skyrim, there are multiple ways to gather materials.

Although you can go for materials hunting yourself, the easier option is that your hire a Steward, who will buy the materials for you.

If you are playing as thane, the housecarl will play the role of Steward, e.g. (Lydia, housecarl to the Dragonborn in Whiterun). For other classes, one of your followers can play the role of Steward for you.

For more help on Skyrim Hearthfire, read our House Building and Plot Finding Guide. Now, before we head to the items crafting, let’s have a look at the basic materials you can find easily around you:


Skyrim Hearthfire Building Material Locations

Note: Don’t forget to retrieve 30 Clay, 1 Corundum Ingot, 6 Iron Ingot, and 30 Quarried Stone from a chest in your newly bought properties.

Skyrim Hearthfire House Building materials are available in different kinds such clay, glass, and others. You need to head over to different locations to gran these building materials to construct the house in Hearthfire.

Location. For the startup, you will get 30 clay that can be found in the chest placed just beside the Drafting table. You can harvest more from the Clay veins found on your land. Explore the area near the logs.

Location. You can contact some vendors to purchase glass. Vendors in Dawnguard Sanctuary is one good place to buy this material.

Corundum Ingot
Location. You will find some in the starting chest, and if you want more, you can smelt it from the corundum ore or contact some Blacksmith and purchase it directly.

Hinges and Iron Fittings
Location. You can create them at any anvil.

Location. Vendors dealing in General goods can supply the horns, e.g. the one in Riverwood named Lucas.

Lock and Nails
Location. These are the anvil crafts like hinges and fittings.

Iron Ingot
Location. You will get some from the starting chest. If you want more, you can either smelt it from Iron ore or you can contact the blacksmith or the vendors dealing in general goods.

Quarried Stones
Location. Apart from the initial supply, you can look for this material around the rocks in front of your land.

Swan Logs
Location. To get the wooden pieces, you should contact people working or dealing in the lumber mills. For example, Hert, in the Half-Moon Mill north of Falkreath is one place you can visit.

Location. Not a hard material to find as you can buy it easily from the general traders at various places.

Skyrim Hearthfire – Building Material Requirements

To build the house, you will need these materials during each step of the house building. You need to perform these steps exactly as they are stated.

For example, to build the walls, you must first build the foundation and the Wall Framing. Furthermore, once you have finished the initial structure of your house, you can add Misc. Exterior at any time.


Small House

Step 1

  • House, Foundation – Requires: 1 Sawn Log, 10 Quarried Stone
  • House, Wall Framing – Requires: 6 Sawn Logs, 10 Nails

Step 2

  • House, Walls – Requires: 2 Sawn Log, 8 Nails, 4 Clay

Step 3

  • House, Floor – Requires: 4 Quarried Stone
  • House, Roof Framing – Requires: 6 Sawn Log
  • House, Roof – Requires: (House, Roof Framing), 10 Nails, 1 Sawn Log

Step 4

  • House, Door – Requires: 1 Iron Fitting, 1 Sawn Log, 1 Lock, 2 Hinge, 2 Nails

Main Hall

Step 1

  • Main Hall, Door – Requires: 1 Iron Fittings, 1 Sawn Log, 1 Lock, 2 Hinge, 2 Nails

Step 2

  • Main Hall, Foundation – Requires: 4 Sawn Log, 30 Quarried Stone

Step 3

  • Main Hall, Floor – Requires: 6 Quarried Stone
  • Main Hall, Wall Framing – Requires: 16 Sawn Log, 20 Nails
  • Main Hall, First Level Wall – Requires: (Main Hall, Wall Framing), 4 Sawn Log, 16 Nails, 8 Clay
  • Main Hall, Second Floor Supports – Requires: (Main Hall, Wall Framing), 6 Sawn Log, 10 Nails
  • Main Hall, Second Level Walls – Requires: (Main Hall, Second Floor Supports), 12 Nails, 8 Clay, 4 Sawn Logs
  • Main Hall, Roof Framing – Requires: (Main Hall Second Floor Supports), 10 Sawn Logs

Step 4

  • Main Hall, Roof – Requires: 25 Nails, 2 Sawn Log

Step 5

  • Cellar – Requires: 8 Sawn Log, 50 Quarried Stone

Additional Foundations
All rooms and towers require approximately same materials but if you want a custom-room like a library or trophy room, you will need the following materials:

Trophy Room

  • Doors – Requires: 2 Iron Fittings, 2 Sawn Log, 2 Lock, 4 Hinge, 4 Nails
  • Doors will either be 2 Fittings/Logs/Locks and 4 Hinges/Nails, or 3 Fittings/Logs/Locks and 6 Hinges/Nails.
  • Foundation – Requires: 2 Sawn Log, 10 Quarried Stone
  • Floor – Requires: 4 Quarried Stone
  • Wall Supports – Requires: 8 Sawn Log, 8 Nails
  • Roof Support – Requires: 4 Sawn Log
  • Roof – Requires: 8 Nails, 1 Sawn Log
  • Roof materials will change based on wing type. (Armor roof requires Stone, Trophy Room requires wood)
  • Walls – Requires: 3 Clay, 1 Sawn Log


  • Foundation – Requires: 2 Sawn Log, 8 Quarried Stone
  • Floor – Requires: 4 Quarried Stone
  • Main Supports – Requires: 10 Sawn Log, 10 Nails
  • First Floor Walls – Requires: 1 Sawn Log, 3 Clay
  • Second Floor Supports – Requires: 4 Sawn Log, 12 Nails
  • Second Floor Walls – Requires: 2 Sawn Log, 6 Clay
  • Roof – Requires: 1 Sawn Log, 4 Quarried Stone
  • Roof Canopy – Requires: Sawn Log, 6 Nails

Once you have built the primary structure of the house, you can add additional structures like Garden, Sable, etc.

Misc. Interior

  • Armory – An armory is a must have when you are living in the age of Dragons and thugs. You possess a lot of weapons and surely need a place to stock as you cannot always carry all the weapons with you.
    For this, you need to add a patio area on the outside of the roof. Here, you will be able to keep 3 armors alongside 8 weapon racks, 4 display cases, and a workbench etc. You can also include 18 usable containers in the armory.
  • Kitchen – The kitchen includes a fireplace with a large cauldron hanging on top. You can also add an oven for baking and a churn to provide butter for adding to the taste. Along with that, there are 16 usable containers for storage. Adding other furnishing material will add to the list of foods available.
  • Library – The library is made as a tower-like structure including a balcony area on the rooftop. In it, you can build five large bookshelves along with four smaller ones. The large ones have four shelves each which hold eleven books each, while the smaller ones have two shelves each which also hold eleven books. In addition to that, you can add eight usable containers for storage in the library.
  • Trophy Room – You can also add a trophy room to the north wing of your house. Here, you will be able to display three large and four small trophies. You can also add a display case to keep your most prized trophy. Also, there is room for 16 useable storage containers to keep the rest of your trophies.
  • Storage Room – Just like the armory, the storage room also requires an exterior patio on the roof to build this room. It has an ability to store three display cases along with 46 storage containers to store all additional material at hand.
  • Alchemy Laboratory – Similar to the Library, it is a tower-like construction with a rooftop balcony area. The lab can hold up to 42 usable containers for storage. Along with that, it also adds a number of food options and ingredients along with other furnishing options.
  • Bedrooms – This construction also requires an exterior chimney area on the roof. You can add a single bed or a double bed along with two small children’s beds. Alongside the beds, two display cases and 18 usable storage containers stand to store your excess material.
  • Greenhouse – The greenhouse is a pleasant addition to the house, it is an indoor area for the plantation to add to the beauty of the house. You can build three large planter and six small ones. The large ones have the ability to hold four plants each with the small ones holding one each allowing a total of 18 plants to be grown inside the walls of the house.
  • Enchanter’s Tower – Similar to the Library and the Alchemy Lab, the Enchanter’s tower is built inside the tower with balcony area on the rooftop. In it, you can build an arcane enchanter, four braziers for soul gems, an armor mannequin, two display cases, a weapon plaque alongside three weapon racks. In addition to that, there is room for 13 usable storage containers.

Misc. Exterior

  • Animal Pen – 1 Sawn Log. Adds an animal pen outside your house, allowing you to keep animals here Info?
  • Apiary – 2 Sawn Log, 1 Nails, 2 Straw
  • Armorer Workbench – 2 Quarried Stone, 1 Iron Ingot, 1 Sawn Log
  • Garden – 1 Sawn Log
  • Grindstone – 1 Quarried Stone, 1 Sawn Log, 1 Iron Fitting
  • Smelter – 2 Iron Fittings, 5 Iron Ingots, 6 Clay, 4 Quarried Stone
  • Stable – 3 Sawn Log, 5 Nails

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