Skyrim Stones of Barenziah Locations – No Stone Unturned Guide

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There are 24 unique (Unusual Stones) scattered throughout the map of Skyrim. If you show one of these stones to Vex (She can be found in Thieves Guild in HQ), she will tell you about other details about the stones.

If you manage to gather all 24 of them and show them to the lady, you can earn yourself the reward.

Following guide will help your cause to collect all the stones but before you start, make sure that you have completed these tasks to unveil the locked areas:

  • Access to Thalmar Embassy (during the main quest)
  • Initiate the Dark brotherhood quest series
  • Ownership of Proudspire Manor in Solitude which requires 25,000 gold
  • Access to the Arch-Mage’s Quarters which can be achieved by starting “College of Winterhold” quest series.

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Barenziah’s Stones Locations

#1 In Whiterun, head to the Hall of Dead Catacombs. You can find the stone if you go left down the stairs in the first room.

#2 Go to Whiterun’s Dragonsearch. You will find one in Jarl’s room.

#3 Go to Jorrvaskr in Whiterun. You will find the stone in Kodlak’s room.

#4 In Solitude, the stone is in Jarl’s room in Blue palace.

#5 You will have to buy it from Proudspire Manor (Solitude) for 25,000 gold.

#6 Head to Mistveil Keep in Riften. Go to Jarl’s room to find a stone.

#7 In Windhelm, look for a stone in Wuunferth’s Room, in Palace of Kings.

#8 There is another stone in Windhelm. You will find it in the “House of Clan Shatter-Shield.

#9 Head to Markarath and then to the treasury house. The stone can be found in Thonar’s bedroom.

#10 Head to Underston keep in Markarth; you can find it in Dwerner museum.

#11 Head to College of Winterhold and look for the stone in Arch Mage’s quarters.

#12 When you go to Dead Crone Rock, you will find it placed on the table near the boss.

#13 In Black-Briar Lodge (northeast to Riften), head to the second floor bedroom.

#14 In Ansilvund Burial Chambers, which is north to Riften.

#15 In Stony Creek Cave, which is south of the Easternmarch imperial camp. The stone is on the table in the last room.

#16 In Rannveig’s Fast (northeast of Rorikstead), the place where you fall down the trapdoor and drop near a chest and the Dragon Word wall.

#17 A stone is in Fellglow Keep. You can get there by exploring northeast section of Whiterun (move up the stairs and then take a right)

#18 There is a ship (Dainty Sload) to the southwest direction of Solitude Lighthouse. You can find the stone here.

#19 In Sunderstone Gorge ( north of Moss Mother Cavern), search for the stone on the table with two bodies.

#20 In Yngvild,head northeast of Dawnstar (on the island), you will find one in the last at the end.

#21 Head to Thalmor’s Embassy and then move to the second floor in Elenwen’s Solar. Look for the stone in the first bedroom to your left.

#22 In Pinewatch, in the underground bandit hideout, there is a house west of Helgen. You will find the stone behind the locked room in the storeroom just before the boss.

#23 Head to Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary and get the stone from Astrid’s room.

#24 In between Dawnstar and Winterhold is Hob’s Fall Cave on the northern coast. Explore the area to find the stone.

If you are having trouble in finding any of these stones, let us know and we try to sort out the problem. Also if you have any other info about the locations, don’t hesitate to comment.

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  • Alice

    I missed the one in the Thalmor embassy when I was at the fancy party. Went back to see if I could get back in but I found it in the Reeking Cave instead. It was under the ledge I must have jumped down from on my way out of there the first time, next to the body of some mage.

  • Victor

    I got 23/24 of the stones but im still missing one and i cant remember whitch one it is.
    i have restarted the game from the beggining 7 times and still ended up stuck at 23/24

  • Paul

    Can anyone help?! I’ve collected 19 stones but can’t remember which ones! Is there any way I can find out?

  • Crucial4im

    To get back into Thalmor Embassy do not follow youtube suggestions. Get a plate and under the front on the ground you will see some rubble and a window. walk through the window and up the slope into thalmor.

  • Braden liquifire

    I found all the stone the embassy sto e has been moved to the cave when u escape is in the update for the kinect version the crown gives u the best ability prowlers profit it allows u find a shit load of gems like diamonds, emeralds, and etc.

  • antilly

    i am playing on the 360 and i had around 11 stones when I did \diplomatic immunity\ but that stone was nowhere in either the embassy or elenwens solar, however there was one in the reeking cave on the snowy platform u come out on after going through the escape hatch…BUT after going to the rest of the locations and finding each of the other stones (where they were supposed to be) i only had 23. i even went to every place and double checked Except the embassy because its key locked…anyone know anything, have the same problem or perhaps know how to get into the embassy again?

    • noel

      You can ride a horse into the embassy up over the wall on the left, but that might not help you if you found that one in reeking cave…….

  • josh

    i got 23 stones and been to every location when i found 17 of the stones i had to make a copy of the location list and marked each one down as i visted each location.and still cant find it 2 of the stones i got i got introuble for commiting a crime whould that effect it

  • greenchem

    I have 23 stones but the last (for me) in Fellglow Keep is not there! I have spent time and returned again but no stone! HELP!

  • dan

    Hi In windhelm where is the clan of Shatter-Shield?
    (Im not very good at finding places)

  • John

    Hey the stone in the old dark-bro hood sanctuary isnt there. i completed the DB quests. do i have to start the game all over?