Skyrim Guilds Guide – How To Join Every Guild In Elder Scrolls V

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You don’t have to conquer Skyrim on your own, but you can, if you choose so. There are certain guilds and Factions in Skyrim, you can become member of and they will aid you in your quests but first, you will have to work for them and earn their trust.

How different creatures and NPCs in Skyrim react towards you is subjected to which guild or faction you have joined.

It is also important to know the background of the these guilds before you join them because they may be at war with each other, hunting down members of the rivals etcetera.

Your choice should be based on the max benefit, so choose wisely. In any case, you can choose to become member of multiple guilds and factions at the same time.

These are the main guilds in Elder Scrolls V Skyrim:

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Bard’s College

They are the musicians, based in Solitude.


It’s a Nordic clan based in Whiterun. They are allied with Imperial Nobles, which has put them on war with Stormcloaks. If you want to join the cause, you can get access to their base in Whiterun.

They are also involved in a bitter fued with Gray-Manes, and are involved in the abduction of Thorald Gray-Mane, a strong supporter of the Stormclocks, by the Thalmor.

How To Join Battle-Born
You can get access to go their base in Whiterun and join the guild.

College of Winterhold

You want to choose the path of magic ? choose to join this guild, based in Winterhold. If you were member of the Mages Guild in Oblivion, you should definitely join College of Winterhold, because they are pretty close.

How To Join The College of Winterhold
Enter College of Winterhold and find Grand Teacher, Tolfdir. He will give you ‘First Lessons’ quest. You will receive the membership of the guild, upon completing this quest.

The Companions

They are mercenaries, good in combat, and are based in Whiterun. If you were member of the Fighters Guild in Oblivion, choose to join this guild. If you gain trust of The Companions, you will join their inner circle of the most trusted members, who are Werewolves. If you want to become werewolf, read How To Become Werewolf.

How To Join The Companions
You will most encounters members of The Companions fight Giants. Help them slay these giants and they will lead you to their leader, Kodlak Whitemane in Jorrvaskr. Or you can simply go the their main guild hall and join the guild.


It’s a Nordic Clan based in Whiterun. Gray-Mane are fierce enemies of the Battle-Born.

Silver Hand

It’s a group of Werewolf Hunters.

Dark Brotherhood

It’s a secret guild, comprising trained Assassins. They are really evil in what they do, so if you have soft corner, don’t join this guild.

How To Join The Dark Brotherhood
They are really secretive about their activities, which makes them very hard to spot. You will most certainly hear rumors about them when you investigate at the bars about them. Keep digging about this guild and you will ultimately make your way to Aventus Aretino, in Aretino Residence in Windhelm.

Speak with the boy and he will give you a quest – Innocence Lost. Complete the quest and you will receive a courier with a note inside. Sleep and you will be contacted by a member of the Dark Brotherhood. Talk to him to join the guild.

You will also be contacted by the guild, if you indulge yourself in killing random people. Become more evil, Dark Brotherhood will automatically contact you. After all, they only need someone who is at par with them.

There are several advantages of joining Dark Brotherhood. You will receive a special dark brotherhood armor, a dark brotherhood horse ‘Shadowere’ and access to members only Sanctuary. You will also receive access to the kill power word, which is part of the Marked For Death Dragon Shout. Once you have completed a questline, you will receive minions and a sanctuary for yourself.

Imperial Army

They are the imperial guard protecting the province of Skyrim, led by Imperial General Tullius. They are opposed to Stormloaks and ruthlessly hunt down members of that guild throughout Skyrim.

How To Join Imperial Army Guild
Enter any Imperial Camp and talk to any Imperial Soldier, they will invite you to join the Imperial Army and direct you to Solitude. You will receive ‘Join the Imperial Army’ quest. When you complete this quest, you become member of the Imperial Army.


They are the rebels of Skyrim, fighting for an independent Skyrim. They are good with offensive magic such as destruction spells in combat and mostly use hit-and-run tactics to fight Imperial Army. They have a rivalry with Battle-Born.

How To Join Stormclocks Guild
Choose to follow Ralof to escape Helgen during the quest ‘Unbound’. When you do that, you will be invited to join the Stormcloaks and directed to Windhelm. You will receive ‘Join The Stormcloak Rebellion’ quest.

Alternatively, interacting with Stormcloak soldiers throughout Skyrim can also do the trick. You can join the Stormcloaks if an Ice Wraith is killed for Galmar, Ulfric’s second in command.

Thieves Guild

It’s another secret guild, comprising of masters of Stealth and thievery. They are based in Riften.

How To Join The Thieves Guild
Find Brynjolf in Riften, in the Town square – You will find him at the storefront during the day. Talk to him and he will give you a quest. Complete the quest and meet him at a bar balled the Ragged Flagon, located underneath Riften, in the Ratway.

He will give you quest ‘Taking Care of Business’, complete that quest will guarantee your membership of the Thief Guild.

For more help on Skyrim, read our Character Builds, Crashes Freezes Fix, and Tweak Guide.

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  • Alice

    Actually John, when Morrowind was a new game both it’s DLC (dawnguard and tribunal) were paid additional disks. It was only later that they came packaged with the original game. Much like Skyrim does now.

    • john smith

      actually they were free when you bought the elder scrolls morrowind…

      • Alice

        They were paid for at first, they became free with Morrowind when the ‘Game of the Year’ Edition came out

  • Reliable_Source

    The Gate to Riften isn’t locked. They’re just thieves tryin 2 con you out of your $. If u persuade the’ll chicken out and let u pass!

  • Liz

    Can you even join battle-born clan on skyrim? if so, How daF*ck?? ūüėź

  • dovahkiin98

    i wanna now how to join the dark brotherhood and the thieves guild if the gate to riften is locked

    • joe

      for te dark bro you dont need to be in riften

      for the guild you either pay or intimadate

    • Liz

      dark brotherhood: go windhelm, visit the little kid who call’s for the brotherhood, a guard will tell you where to find him as you are passig through the city,, and at rifte gate just persuade the guard! or bribe him if you didnt..

  • CAGE

    hey when do u join the blades i know that it was in oblivion. once you got the next in line. so i may ask you when do u get the oppitianty to join them?

  • TrOlOl0

    You forgot The Nightingales! *spoiler* even tho its part of the main questline

    • jeezy

      its not part of the main quest. it happens as you do quests for the thieves guild.

  • CoOlDuDe

    well im in the companions and the leader of them and then ive joind the theifs,darkbrothers and now im going dragon hunting well i just made that little clan up i call it dragon hunters…. well for now im more consernd about.Can u get devorsed in skyrim

    oh nd if u are in need of money go hunt some dragons or make leather bracers always works for me.

  • randall

    1. The Blades are inherently joinable by the dragonborn, they serve the dovahkiin. 2. You cannot join the silverhand. 3. this isn’t really a how to guide is it.

  • Matt

    If i join thieves, companions, dark brotherhood,and storm cloaks I sohould be OK right?

    • Summit

      I am all four and I am just fine.

  • Fearmaster

    blades arent a guild that is available to joined because you are dragonborn.*spoiler*
    Its like the thalmor

  • Magusat999

    You forgot the Blades! How could you forget the Blades???

  • Fredor

    Hello. I would like to ask how can I join the battle-born clan. I cant find the olfrid battle-born.

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