The Witcher 2 Romance Guide

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The Witcher 2 is mature game consisting of sex sequences which can be accessed by following certain quest line. You will be able to play these sequences only if you choose the correct choices that lead to these. Quite tricky…

Note. The Witcher 2 is more mature than any of other RPG games that feature similar sequences (Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect 2). To keep it safe for work, I am not adding any images.

The Witcher 2 – Sex with Triss

You will get your chance in the quest, Roses of Memory, in which Triss tells you that she might be able to help you get your memory back but that would require you to retrieve Roses of Memory from the nearby elven ruins.

Retrieve these flowers and bring back to her so she can create a potion that brings back your memory. There are two ways you can go and retrieve these flowers, first go alone, second, go with Triss. So, definitely, go with Triss.

Avoid the traps and enemies (combat if needed) as you go through the Forest with Triss, at one point by the waterfall she will point out that the ruins are nearby. Go in the direction of the ruins, retrieve the roses of memory out of the flowers there.

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You will be attacked by the Elven Thugs by the statue of Elven Lovers. When you are fighting these thugs, the ground breaks and you end up in a bath with Triss. Convenient ? is it. Try to use Aard Sign to break the wall but it won’t help much. May be it’s time you should talk to Triss.

Talk to her, if you will play your card well you will end up in water with her. Once you are done, try to use Aard Sign and this time, it will work and you will be able to leave the bathhouse. After concerned Vernon Roche frees you, return to Flotsam to talk to Zoltan and inquire about Iorveth.

The Witcher 2 – Sex With Ves

You will get your chance during Ave Henselt! side quest. You can begin this side quest by accepting the offer of Proximo for a place in tournament during The Butcher of Cidaris quest.

During the tournament as you win the fights with all the knights, Ves will volunteer herself as your opponent. You need to win the fight with her, you can use Yrden Sign to immobilize her and attack her from behind or flank her to win the fight.

If you win the fight, she will invite you to her tent. If you play it well, you will end up in bed with her.

The Witcher 2 – Brothels

There are two brothels in The Witcher 2. You can get the services of a prostitute by paying 100 orens. So, Yeah find and go!

The whores Geralt can sleep with: Arnesse, Julia, Vesna. The whores Geralt can’t sleep with: Margot, Alia, Falka, Lobelia, Libena.

The Witcher 2 – Sex With Riannon

I haven’t yet figured out the correct choices that lead to this. You get the chance somewhere in the ACT II if you opt to choose Iorweth pathway in ACT 1. If you have figured it out, share.

The Witcher 2 – Sex With Succubus

Select the Iorweth Pathway in Act 1. In the second act, you will given The Succubus side quest from an elf named Ele’yas. He tolds you that young men have been disappearing in Vergen for sometime.

Examine burnt villages, gather the clues, go to the catacombs to find the trail and get more evidence. After you are through the enemies you face there, find a fresh body and make sure you have surgical equipments to extract the blade shards.

From the body which we are to supposedly examine, you will find Dandelions poetical sketchbook which leads to Succubus. Now, once you are done with your Catacomb work, have chat with Dandelions about his poetry.

A friend at inn, tells you about the stolen book, convince him to help you lure the Succubus out of the hideout using the poetry. Meet him at the burnt village at midnight. If you do it right, Succubus will appear, invite you to go with her. Take whatever choice it doesn’t influence the outcome.

When you ran into Succubus, which to your surprise, doesn’t attack you. She claims she seduces men and makes love to them to drain their energy, but does not kill them, as she wants them to come back.

She says that one of them, Ele’yas, fell in love with her and that he is murdering other men out of jealousy. Believe her story, go to meet Iorweth and have a chat. If you have had the blade shards from the body of the diseased, you will be able to convince him and come back to Succubus for your reward which ofcourse an intercourse.

On your way you will be attacked by Ele’yas. Immobilize him with Yrden Sign and finish him off with a strong blow.

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  • yvonneka

    hmmm…that’s a much better looking Geralt you have in that pic than what’s in my game.

  • unknown

    you can also have sex with phillipa’s lesbian girl friend – Cynthia or something like that, finish the quest “secret of loc muinne” in ACT III, then find her in the inn in loc muinne

  • Rudox

    Riannon can be found outside Vergen in Act II, if you choose Iorveth’s path. Take the first left once you exit through the main gate. She will be a very willing party. She will also give you a key which will open the door behind her for a shortcut to the troll lair and quarry.

    • Rudox

      Sorry. Got the name mixed up. It’s Mottle. An elf u save from the fire.

      • Ted

        Its Mottle, not Riannon and to have sex with her you have to save her from the burning guard tower in Act I. If you go after Loredo then she, Morril and the third she elf dies

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