The Witcher 2 Fistfighting Guide

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Fistfighting is another minigame featured in The Witcher 2. If you are a gentle kind, have a go in Dice Poker, and Arm Wrestling, but if you are fighter, Fistfighting should be your thing in this game.

You can enter a fist fighting tournament at any inn by talking to the self-appointed fight organizer and selecting the appropriate dialogue option.

Before you begin the fistfight you will have to place your bet. Stronger the opponent, the higher will be the maximum bet you can place. When you enter fist fighting mode, you will see your opponent in front of you with health bar above him. To win the fight, you need to lower your opponent’s health bar to critical level and knock him out.

You will need excellent reflexes to win Fist Fighting since this mini game uses Quick Time Event mechanism, which essentially means that to land a critical blow on your opponent, you will need to press the right keys at the right time.

During the short time when hints are displayed, you will be able to view the fight in slow motion. Failing to press the right key will result in being hit by the opponent, and multiple failures in losing the fight.

When you win the fight, you get the money you bet earlier. You can try again, but this time; it will be a stronger opponent. Should you lose, you will lose your money. To get money (and your honor) back, all you need to do is, talk to the fight organizer about payback.

You will need a lot of practice in utilizing the directional keys (W, A, S, D) to execute successful QTEs; they can either require a single key press, or they may require consecutive key presses to deliver a critical blow to your opponent.

Do remember that, your enemies have a way less health than you, but that shouldn’t make it less of a contest for you, if you are not careful, you will lose.

If you don’t want to bet on luck in Dice Poker and can’t win Arm Wrestling, you should win some fist-fights to make some extra orens. This mini-game is relatively easy.

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  • Titan

    im on hard mode, and these QTE’s take a ridiculously long time to finish, its been 10 minutes, i come into the other room and post this response and im confident ill go back in there and they will still be fighting

  • Jim

    Um….the fight doesn’t go into slow motion, the hint flashes for approx 1/4 of a second, then you get hit..

    The real key to success is button mashing and getting through by luck alone

    • Mike

      @Jim – A shame you think so, I’ve found the button prompts more than long enough, and I’ve gotten through all the fights nearly unscathed. And they take about 1 second until you’re hit.
      If your fight doesn’t go into slow motion when the prompt shows up, maybe you have a bug?

      • ounkeo

        The buttons flash up very quickly before dissappearing. I can barely make out what is being flashed. I thought I saw an S somewhere but that’s all i can see before i’m pummelled incessantly.

        Shitty game mechanics and no guide on how to do it. the game just assumes you know what’s going on.

        • racerc2000

          turn off difficult QTE if its too hard for you