The Witcher 2 Fight Club Quest Walkthrough

Join King Ziggy to start the Fight Club quest and earn rewards.

The Fight Club is a Fistfighting quest you can get during the first chapter of The Witcher 2. Go to the Inn in Flotsam and head towards the basement to start this quest. Here, you’ll notice a crowd with two people fighting.

Approach them and talk to a man in red clothes named Sheridan. He’ll introduce you to the Fight ring scene, where opponents fight individually with bare fists. The One on One: Flotsam quest will start if you agree to fight here. You need to complete this before jumping to the Fight Club quest.

Once the third fight ends in the One on One: Flotsam quest, King Ziggy will approach and ask you to join him so you can get into more severe fights and earn a lot more. This will start the Fight Club quest.

How to complete the Fight Club quest in The Witcher 2

Rest or spend the time until the night falls, near midnight or just before that, go outside the Inn to meet King Ziggy. He’ll be leaning against the Inn wall. Talk to him; if you agree, he’ll take you to Loredo’s residence. Once outside, you’ll be asked again if you are in for this fight.

If you disagree, you’ll get the chance to back out. This is the last time that you can leave without making the quest marked fail. Before entering, put your weapons in the chest and follow Lorendo downstairs to the fighting club pit.

Loredo will approach you as you reach the pit, and the fights will start. There are three opponents that you’ll get, which are Twigs, Matho, and lastly, Tassledick. Then comes the last fight against the more powerful Zdenek.

But before the fight, Loredo calls you over and proposes a deal in The Witcher 2. He informs you that he’s’ betting against you, contrary to all others, so he wants you to lose willingly. If you agree, he promises to split the reward half and half.

Should you throw the fight or refuse Loredo’s offer?

If you accept Loredo’s deal, you will not take any action, and your buttons will not work. Ultimately, Geralt wakes up outside Loredo’s backyard with a reward of 400 Orens and 100 Experience. You are then free to go with Dandelion, who approaches you. Unfortunately, this decision fails the quest.

If you refuse Loredo’s’ offer in The Witcher 2 Fight Club quest, you will ultimately win the fight and get 300 Orens and 100 Experience as a reward. As soon as you win, you’ll be led out of the residence with the chest beside the two guards who let you in.

Keep your sword drawn as on your way back to the Inn, two of Loredo’s’ thugs would come after you. Defeat them, and this will complete the FIght club quest.

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