Zelda: Breath of the Wild Jitan Sa’mi Shrine Guide

The Jitan Sa’mi shrine in Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild is hidden atop Mount Lanayru in eastern Hyrule as part of the Hateno Tower region. To reach the shrine, players simply have to make their way up to the top and fight a boss.

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Zelda: Breath of the Wild Jitan Sa’mi Shrine

As mentioned earlier, to reach the shrine, players will have to climb Mount Lanayru all the way to the top where the shrine will be inside the Spring of Wisdom, alongside Naydra the dragon.

In order to get access to the shrine, players will first have to defeat Naydra which isn’t all that difficult if players pay attention to the fight.

Initially, players will need to target the multiple eyeballs covering Naydra. Bow and arrow are the obvious choice where to avoid damage.

To make sure the arrow always finds its mark, players need to also account for the wind and aim accordingly. The wind can also be used to ‘fly’ up in the air, slow down time and then shoot the eyeballs on Naydra.

Every time an eyeball is destroyed, Naydra will fly and change its position so players will be moving around quite a lot.

Once all the Malice goo covered eyes have been destroyed, Naydra will return to the Spring of Wisdon once again and players will need to hit the dragon once last time with an arrow to dislodge Naydra’s Scale. The item is used to gain entry to the shrine.

Once players pick up the scale, they need to go into the water and place the scale to open up the entry to Jitan Sa’mi Shrine which will be behind the spring.

Once the entrance is open, players can simply go in and loot the chest for their Spirit Orb and Frostspear Attack Up +4.

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