Zelda: Breath of the Wild Jitan Sa’mi Shrine Guide

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Jitan Sa'mi shrine guide with tips and strategies to defeat The Dragon and solve the puzzle.

Jitan Sa’mi shrine is in Zelda BOTW is a bit different than others as instead of solving puzzles or defeating guardians, you have to actually go up against a major boss. We are here to help you unlock the Zelda Breath of the Wild Jitan Sa’mi shrine and fight the dragon Naydra to claim the reward from the shrine.

How to find Zelda BOTW Jitan Sa’mi shrine

Jitan Sa’mi Shrine in Zelda BOTW is a Hateno region shrine and to enter it you first need to begin the quest “The Spring of Wisdom”. This quest is given to Link by Meda who is located in the Hateno Village.

As the quest begins, Meda will ask you to go to the top of Mount Laynaru and defeat the dragon Naydra. On reaching the top, you will find Naydra near The Spring of Wisdom all covered by Malice.

As soon as you remove the Malice, Naydra will fly into the mountains, therefore, follow Naydra as it flies and attack its eyes to defeat it. Eventually, it will drop a scale which you then need to use as the key to “Jitan Sa’mi Shrine”.

Zelda Breath of the Wild Jitan Sa’mi Shrine walkthrough

Once, you have located the Shrine in the Hateno region, you can simply enter the shrine by completing the quest “The Spring of Wisdom” which you can begin by speaking to Meda. After completing the quest, using the scale dropped by Naydra enter the shrine and you can easily loot the chest as a reward.

Free Nayrda from Malice

On reaching the top of Mount Laynaru you will find a Nayda and a Goddess Statue. Initially, the dragon won’t be able to attack you as the Calamity Ganon has covered it with Malice. As you speak to the Goddess, she will ask you to remove the Malice from Naydra.


To do so target the multiple eyeballs covering Naydra. Bow and arrow are the obvious choices where to avoid damage.

To make sure the arrow always finds its mark, players need to also account for the wind and aim accordingly. The wind can also be used to ‘fly’ up in the air, slow down time and then shoot the eyeballs on Naydra.

Every time an eyeball is destroyed, Naydra will fly and change its position so players will be moving around quite a lot. Once, all the eyeballs are destroyed, the Malice cover will be removed and Naydra will fly into the mountains.

Attack Naydra

Once you have freed Naydra, Goddess will ask you to hit the dragon one last time with an arrow to dislodge Naydra’s Scale. Here, you need to use the paraglider to fly near Naydra and then equip an arrow that will make your movement slow so you can hit the eye easily. 

As soon as you blow the final hit, Naydra will drop a scale. The item is used to gain entry to the shrine.

Opening the Jitan Sa’mi shrine chest

Once players pick up the scale, they need to go into the water and place the scale to open up the entry to Jitan Sa’mi Shrine which will be behind the spring. Inside the Shrine, players can loot up the chest which will give them a Frostspear. You will also get a Spirit Orb as you go to the Monk and speak with her.

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