Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Machine Assassin Guide

Machine Assassin in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is the debuff-focused class that will inflict deadly debuffs on enemies and will slowly bring them down. On its own, this class might not be as deadly but when you pair it with the right set of attackers, this class is scary.

If you are looking for the best possible combination of skills, gems, accessories, and everything else then you are at the right place as we have got the best possible build for your Machine Assassin needs in XC3.

How to Unlock Machine Assassin

Machine Assassin is the starting class of Segiri in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 so you will have to complete the hero quest for Segiri – Inhumanity to unlock the Machine Assassin class. The Inhumanity Hero Quest will be part of Chapter 6 of the main campaign of XC3.

You will need to complete The Illusion Returns campaign prior to this campaign to unlock it. Once you start the Inhumanity Hero campaign, you will have to go to the city to talk to Hollis about No. 7.

After that, you will have to roam around the city and talk to several people and collect more information about No. 7. From there, you need to head to Colony Lambda in Pentelas Region and talk to the Colony Lambda Soldiers.

During the campaign, you will have to make a stop to make rice balls and after that point, you will talk to Segiri for the first time and not just talk but also give orders to Segiri.

After that, head to Aetia Region, specifically Colony Omega where you will unlock the Hazard Neutralization Traversal Skill. Finally, you will get a chance to build and team and recruit Nocclia Mire.

During the final stretch of the quest, you will have to talk to Colony 0 soldiers and fight them as well and after you have defeated them, Segiri will join your team and the Machine Assassin class will be unlocked for you.

Best Machine Assassin Characters

Although the starting character for Machine Assassin is Segiri if you want to curate the best build for Machine Assassin class then Sena and Eunie are your best pick to go with in Xenoblade 3.

Both of these characters have high attacks and moderate dexterity. The high attack makes them a solid pick for support characters and the dexterity will help you land the majority of your attacks.

Best Machine Assassin Arts

Machine Assassin has a wide arsenal of Arts to choose from in XC3 and in order to bring out the most from the Machine Assassin class you can pick out the Arts from the list given below.

Combat Arts

Following are the recommended combat arts to maximize the throughput of the Machine Assassin class.

  • Fatal Bite
  • Terror Onslaught
  • Havoc Slayer

Machine Assassin class is the best class if you want to take down your enemies with deadly debuffs. If you pair the debuff abilities with Terror Onslaught the debuffs will be even deadlier and to promote the spread, you can use the Havoc Slayer. Fatal Bite will deal 100% more damage when attacking.

Master Arts

Following are the best Master Arts for the Machine Assassin Class.

  • Maximum Voltage
  • Spearpoint Thrust
  • No Love Lost

Giving a class more debuffs that already excel at debuffs might be overkill but that is exactly what we are looking for. All three of the above-given Master Arts are debuff skills that will improve your already shining arsenal.

Best Machine Assassin Master Skills

Following are the best Master Skills for the Master Assassin Class.

  • Fighting Prowess
  • Sappy-Sappy Drain
  • Greatest Warrior

Debuffs are great but what’s better is the higher chances of your debuffs hitting the enemies. Sappy-Sappy Drain! Increases your chances of debuffs hitting while Fighting Prowess will increase the attack damage of the physical attacks.

Best Machine Assassin Accessories

Following are the best accessories to use in Xenoblade 3 for the Machine Assassin class to add the cherry on the top.

  • Wind Bracelet
  • Bronze Gauntlet
  • Repulsor Cuffs

Accessories serve as the extra boost that you need to push your character’s abilities a little further. Since positioning is important when you are using your debuffs so that is why accessories that will increase your positional advantage are a must-have for a Machine Assassins build.

Best Gems For Machine Assassin

Following are the best gems for the Machine Assassin Class in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

  • Swelling Scourage I
  • Refined Incantation I
  • Steelcleaver I

Gems in XC3 increase your character’s overall abilities and give them the boost they need to cheese any enemy in front of them so that is why we have picked the best possible gems for the Machine Assassin class.

Best Machine Assassin Arts List

Talent Arts

Viral Vector – It will apply a random debuff on an enemy when this art is used.

Combat Arts

Tyrant Cross – It will apply a random debuff on an enemy when this art is used.

Fatal Bite – It will increase the overall damage dealt by the attacks by 100% when you are standing on the side of the arena.

Terror Onslaught – It will inflict Resistance on an enemy when this art will hit them from the backside.

Havoc Slayer – It will spread the debuff onto the surrounding enemies when it hits one enemy.

Mega Crescent – Every time your arts hits a target, it will increase the debuff timer by 10%.

Fury Reaper – It will spread the debuff onto the surrounding enemies when it hits one enemy.

Hundred Shells – Every time your art hits a target, it will increase the debuff timer by 15%.

Master Arts

Tyrant Cross – Rank 1

Fatal Bite – Rank 10

Viral Vector – Rank 20

Best Machine Assassin Skills List

Class Skills

Chaos Chain – Will increase the damage dealt by the attack by 20% when an enemy is affected with a debuff.

Phantom Strike – It will increase the chances of an attack being unblockable by 60%.

Cursed Edge – Will increase the damage dealt by an attack by 50% when you are attacking an affected enemy.

Anti-Erosion System – will give you 30% more resistance from all debuffs.

Master Skills

Cursed Edge – Rank 5

Anti-Erosion System – Rank 15

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