Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Segiri Best Arts, How to Recruit and Use

We have crafted this guide to help you in adding the hero Segiri to your roster in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and explain his arts and benefits.

Among the numerous recruitable NPC heroes that can join your squad in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Segiri is definitely one of the most useful ones. We have crafted this guide to help you in adding the hero Segiri to your roster in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and explain her arts and benefits.

How to Unlock Segiri

There are numerous side quests that you will need to get through in Xenoblade Chronicle 3 in order to unlock Segiri. Firstly, you need to gather all the info in Colony 4 Part 1. Then go and discuss the gathered information. In this way you will complete your standard quest and the rest of the side quests will be unlocked. We have discussed all the side quests below:

Where the Heart is Her

This is the very first quest. This quest will take you exactly to the place where you find hero Gray. It is more likely that you come across other mysterious raiders as well. Once you are done with this part, you will have to make your way back to Colony 4 Part 2.   You need to gather some more information for your next quest.

Charity and Hypocrisy

You will receive this quest after you talk and discuss it with your party members or friends about it. A new location will pinned on your map that you will need to follow.

The main task would be to make your way to Barren Knoll area. There is a tactician squad that does brutality on soldiers. You are required to save those soldiers. The leader of that tactician squad is Maxie. You have to confront Maxie as well.

Melody of Mourning

Now talk and discuss Melody of Mourning with your party members. Quest will pop-up, accept it and you will have a pinned location.

The main task would be to investigate and search the specific said object and transfer the husks by Singbreeze Funnel. Now go and check the Husks of Soldiers to complete the quest.

Dorin and Bambam

Make your way to Colony 4 and interact with character Dinzel to unlock this quest. Dinzel will send you to Dorin, talk to Dorin. Your main task would be to fight some evil monsters and collection 3 Adun Ribs. Once you are done with that, head back to Colony 4 and interact with Dorin to complete the quest.

Rousing Bolearis

This particular side quest is basically an event. You can attend this in Colony 4 of Fornis Region.

Once you reach where the event is being taken place, you will have to go through the Cloudkeep in order to get to the true Queen. You have to go to the pinned location, where your crew will be waiting for you. Talk to them and the quest will be received. Interact with Bolearis at Colony 4 Observation Deck. He is going to ask for your help. He would want to send you to Endargo Pass in Pentelas Region. You will have to take down Rogue Tirkin there. Make your way back to Colony 4 Council Room once you are done with the fighting. Interact with your crew to complete the quest.

A Burning Curiosity

This one, like previous quest, as well is Quest type event. Make your way to the pinned location. You are going to see Agnian Levnis there. But he will tripped on the ground lying helplessly. To receive the quest, you will have to talk to your party members.

You will have to head to specific locations. There are some parts required by the Agnian Levnis that you need to collect. In the pursuit of this, you will have to confront and defeat Agnus Squad. Collect the missing parts for Agnian after taking them down. Now you will have another location to go to.

You will have to defeat some more enemies in order to get the parts. Once you gather all the missing parts, make your way back to Ymeer in Colony 4 and give all of the parts to him. Your questis completed.

Now you need to gather even more info to keep going. Gather information in Colony 4 Part 3.

Exhausted Supplies

After talking with your crew, the quest will be received. There are two main tasks of this quest; Mikoko and Brunella.

Firstly, talk to Brunella and you will have to hand-over some items to her like Longleaf, Poison Ivy and Twooth Clover. And then similarly, you will have to hand-over some items to Mikoko like Liber Lady and Potatwo.

Now you will be notified to head back and interact with Solon. This will complete the quest.

Tactical Eradication

After talking and discussing with the crew and gathering info, you will get this quest.

After accepting the quest, you will have to make your way to talk to Maxie. Maxie will assign you a few tasks like Jeremy’s Request, Fla’ran’s Request and Yorde’s Request.

Long story short, just go to all of them one by them, talk to them, do whatever they say, defeat monsters in the way.

After finishing all the jobs, get back to Maxie and talk to him. He is going to send you to Solon. You need to talk to Solon in order to finish the quest.

Severed Connections

Head to Medical Quarter in Colony 4. You are going to find a wounded soldier. Now go to the location that is pinned on your map.

Defeat the Mysterious Raider there. After defeating him, make an investigation about the Soldiers’ Husks. Then look for Maxie’s subordinates. This will sum up the quest.

Writer’s Block

In chapter 6 of the game, you need to go inside a city. Once you get there, gather as much info as you can. Collect a noble book known as “A Novel Book”. Discuss this with your party or crew members to receive this quest.

The main task of this quest would be collection of some items. Make your way to Wellwell’s Emporium and purchase Founders’ Tale, Latest Volume.

Now make your way to Leeanne and talk to her. She will order you to get her some items. Provide her with those items. And the quest will be completed.

The Illusion Returns

This is the last quest. You will be notified about the location. The location will be pinned on your map. Go there. You will be met by some monsters along the way, take them all down. A new Hero quest will show up, known as, ‘Inhumanity’.

After receiving the quest, next step is to talk to Hollis. So make your way back to the city and talk to him. He is going to send you to yet another place where you will meet Doctor’s Aide.

Once you interact with the doctor, you will gather even more information about No.7. Get back to the rest area where your crew is. Discuss this No.7 with them.

After the discussion, the quest will get updated. Now you will have to make your way to Great Cotte Falls. There will Lambda Soldier to whom you have to talk. Once you are finished with talking, you will get to know that you have to acquire Snow-White Mythrice. This item is needed for the quest.

This will update your quest again and this time, you have to make Onigri at Michiba Canteen which is in the city. After you are done with it, there is a vacant room in Caelum Residential Quarter. Go there. There will be a prisoner to whom you will give some food.

After this, you will be given a dialogue choice. Just make sure you select the ‘Give Segiri the Order’. Now you will have to discuss this again with your crew and then you have to head to Captocorn Peak and make an investigation.

You will come across a cave where you will find Segiri. Now defeat her and he will be added to your New Hero section.

How to Use Segiri

Segiri is a non-playable hero who comes with the Machine Assassin class that also unlocks the Hazard Neutralization traversal skill. Segiri is a high-level aggressive attacker.

The character has some very powerful skills like Chaos Chain (Debuffs the enemy and boosts the damage by 20% up to 150%) and Phantom Strike (increases the chances of attack to be unblockable by 60%).

The most ideal gems to use with Segiri in XC3 would be

  • Doublestrike: adds chance to strike two time per auto attack.
  • Swelling Scourge: enhances the power of debuffs.
  • Refined Incantation: extends the timing of debuffs.

Best Arts

Segiri’s best arts are given below:

  • Fatal Bite
  • Tyrant Cross
  • Fury Reaper
  • Seventh Edge
  • Hundred Shells

The talent art best suited for Segiri in XC3 is Viral Vector.

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