How to Level Up Classes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

The RPG elements of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 make it extremely important for players to keep the levels of all their party members on par with the enemies or even higher than the enemies to be able to defeat them. However, leveling up your classes fast in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 by just doing quests can become a bit tedious. This guide will help you learn how to farm XP much more effectively in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 for leveling up your party members and their classes to be able to use the Class Points you have gained.

How to Level Up Classes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Start Out Simple

The simplest way of earning XP is by completing quests and exploring the world. Every quest gives you XP depending on the difficulty of the quest, and discovering landmarks in the world of Xenoblade also gets you XP for all party members.

Other then this, you can kill any monster you see along the way to get some additional XP. The XP each monster gives you depends on the rarity of the monster.

Questing and exploring is the recommended way of leveling up until you get the Chain Attack ability, allowing you to use the attacks of your team in sync to deal massive damages. By this point, you are sure to have additional defensive characters as well in your party.

Overkill Bonus XP

With the Chain Attack ability unlocked, you would want to focus on the Elite monsters, which include all the named, epic and legendary monsters. If you don’t know how to spot an elite monster, look at the health bar, and on both sides of the health bar, you will see wings. The winds you want are Blue, Red and Golden.

These monsters, when defeated, drop tons of XP. But we want to increase the XP multiplier by going for the Overkill. For this, you want to keep attacking the monster until it’s at very low health. When you see that only a few more hits will take down the monster, you want to use your Chain Attack.

You get to choose the attacking pattern, and then you get the Overkill.

We want to use the Chain Attack so late that the first hit will kill the monster. After that, each additional hit that is landed after the health bar is depleted will get your additional Bonus XP, and the multiplier for this Bonus XP can even get as high as 1000x if done properly.

Using the Bonus XP

Once you have all the XP you need, make sure not to just sit on it. You should go to any Rest Spot after you farm XP to use it to raise your character’s level. Other than using XP, make sure to cook food here as well to buff up your characters for the next fight as well.

How to Increase All Classes Level Cap

Once you’ve progressed to level 10 for every class you’ve unlocked so far, you might wonder now what? Well, there’s something you can do once you reach the maximum class level.

While playing Xenoblade Chronicles 3, every class is limited to a certain level; once you reach it, you can’t surpass it. However, it doesn’t mean there’s no other way around it. There’s still one achievement players need to unlock, known as ‘Class Rank Limit Broken.’

Once you break the level cap for each class and unlock ‘Class Rank Limit Broken,’ you’ll be able to progress past level 10 and continue your Xenoblade Chronicles 3 adventures.

But how exactly do you increase classes to a maximum level to break the level cap? Well, we’ve got you. Below is the list of every class in the game and how you can break their level caps.

Medic Gunner
To increase the rank limit for Medic Gunner, players are required to complete the Hero Quest Side Story: Eunie and the Fortune Clovers Rumor in Great Sword City Interior quest. For these quests, you will need Riku and Manana.

To break the level cap for Zephyr, players are required to complete the Hero Quest Side Story: Mio.

To increase the level cap for Ogre, players are required to complete the Hero Quest Side Story: Sena. Once that’s done, players must progress further to find the Ghondor’s Grumblings Discussion in the Swordmarch City Interior in Chapter 7.

To break the level cap for Swordfighter, players are required to complete the Hero Story Side Story: Noah.

Heavy Guard
To break the level cap for Heavy Guard, players are required to complete the Hero Quest Side Story: Lanz.

To increase the Tactician’s rank limit, players must complete the Side Story: Taion and ‘The Sea.’ For this quest, you’re required to have Hero Riku & Manana.

To increase the rank cap for Signifer, players are required to complete the Side Story: Taion active and Hero Quest Culinary Repertoire.

War Medic
To increase level cap for War Medic, players are required to complete the Hero Quest: I’m A Mechanic.

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