Xenoblade Chronicles 3 CP Farming Guide

Class Points (CP) play an important role in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. They are required to master the different classes present...

Class Points (CP) play an important role in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. They are required to master the different classes present in the game.

Hence, in a nutshell, farming CP will allow you to master a particular class as quickly as possible to make it easier to win battles.

In this guide, we will explain how to farm CP fast in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

How To Farm CP Fast In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Perform Overkills

In XC3, the fastest way to farm CP is by chaining ‘Overkills’ during combat. In a battle, chaining multiple attacks together will result in an Overkill combo, which will reward you with CP as a result. The amount of CP farm can be increased by chaining overkills against Unique and Elite monsters as they give out more CP in a battle.

The amount of CP farmed from an Overkill is based on the amount of damage done after an Overkill is activated. The aim of this is to award the players with more CP who are familiar with the game’s Chain attack mechanisms.

To perform Chain Attack Overkill in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, follow these steps:

  • First, check if Overkill is turned on from the game settings. Head to menu > System > Game and turn it on if it already is not.
  • Then head out in search of Unique or Elite level monsters. They can be found in areas that have the same or higher level than your party. Note that Elite Monster’s HP bars are marked by blue wings.
  • Start the fight and make sure that you charge the Chain Attacks by canceling attacks to arts, performing combos, and performing role actions. This will lead to Chain Attack Overkill, resulting in fast CP farming.

Moreover, if you go up against Unique enemies, you will be able to obtain loads of CP the first time you defeat them. After that, they will give out normal amounts of CP. Another way to maximize the amount of CP that you can farm is to use Overkill along with Ouroboros Chain Orders.

Ouroboros Chain Orders are first unlocked after you finish Chapter 3. They allow you to do really high damage while also multiplying the amount of CP obtained when the chain attack ends.

Check Monster Levels

While farming CP, make sure that you fight enemies who are close to the level of your character, as they give out the maximum amount of CP. If the level difference is too low or high, the amount of CP given out decreases. The below table shows the relation between the enemy level and the amount of CP obtainable from them.

Difference of Level % of CP Gained
Same Level 100%
1 Level difference 95%
2 Level difference 86%
3 Level difference 78%
4 Level difference 69%
5 Level difference 63%

Check Your Class Aptitude

In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, every character has their own set of classes which they can master more easily than the others. Make sure that you are using the CP that you have farmed to level up those classes as they will be able to level up much faster.

To check the aptitude of a party member, head to the menu > Characters > Class. Use the ZR button to display the class information of each character. From here, you can see which classes can be leveled up much faster for the character.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 CP Farming Tips

Cooking and Eating Meals

In XC3, the amount of CP that you can earn can be increased by cooking and eating meals. Many meals in the game provide different CP Boosts which will increase the amount of CP that you can gain for a small time.

Meals such as Yapolta Veggie Beans and Feisty-Spicy Zestbeans provide great CP boosts. The Feisty-Spicy Zestbeans provide a 15% CP Boost for 49 in-game minutes. Whereas the Yapolta Veggie Beans provide a 20% CP Boost for 22 minutes.

Utilize Accessories

There are many accessories in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 that increase Class Aptitude for the character. Higher aptitude means that the character will require less time to master the class and hence, less CP will be utilized to level them up.

Scholar and Mastery Necklace are a few accessories that increase class aptitude in XC3.

Get Teach in Your Party

Recruit ‘Inscrutable Teach’ by completing his hero quest to get him into your party. Teach provides a +10 Tactical Points bonus to all party members that are active and it will help out in Chaining attacks, which is required for Overkill to farm CP.

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