XCOM Chimera Squad Combat Tips

XCOM Chimera Squad changes the franchise gameplay a bit so we have prepared these combat tips to help out with the new system

XCOM Chimera Squad focuses on turn-based squad gameplay in which you and your squad try to keep peace in City 31. We have prepared these XCOM Chimera Squad Combat Tips to help you understand the changes to the gameplay.

The gameplay in Chimera Squad is somewhat different from its predecessors. In this guide, we will have gameplay tips that will help you start.

XCOM Chimera Squad Combat Tips

At the start of a mission, you will have to assign different agents from your squad to different breach points. Each agent has a specific effect so be careful when assigning them.

Every encounter in the missions starts with Breach Mode. Breach order determines turns in which your agents will act, so make sure you lineup the way you want your agents to be available in fight.

In Breach mode, you have the option to weaken or kill the enemies before the mission starts. You can weaken four enemies or kill two of them.

It is better to weaken more enemies rather than killing them as it will be easier to finish them off in upcoming turns.

Before each Breach attempt, it is good to save your progress so that if you fail, you can restart from the last save point.

During breaches, if a teammate gets injured, stabilize them and prevent them from dying as dying will fail the mission.

You can try and time the abilities of your different agents to get big damage to the enemies. If you capture enemies with subdue or Cherub’s Kinetic Shield ability, it will gain you more intel.

If you find your agents are getting controlled by enemies with psionic abilities, use a flashbang grenade to disorientate them and lose the mind control link.

If you are having a tough time during a mission, certain missions will have the option to Evacuate. Evacuate to escape from the enemies without any penalty.

You will be able to assign agents to tackle different missions and situations from the city map. The missions involve combat while situations do not include any combat.

Before starting a mission, pay attention to the “Projected Breach Options”. It can help decide when to use certain items like breaching charges or hacking doors.

Moreover, targets change daily so make sure to complete situations you want rewards from.

Missions are differentiated by different colors. Purple missions advance the story while yellow missions are side missions that reduce unrest and give you either leads or resources. Red missions are emergency missions that only appear when a district has very severe unrest occurring.

In some missions, you will be required to investigate some factions. Groundwork missions help you learn about the faction, Operations help you disrupt their plan and Takedown to completely eliminate them.

You will be able to recruit new agents to your team from the Armory tab in Field Office. In the beginning, you will only be able to choose one at a time from the options of three.

If an agent is injured during a combat mission, it will carry a scar which will result in negative bonuses. Use the training facility in your base to remove the scar, but this process will take a few days.

There are three types of currencies in the game: Elerium (the lightning bolt), credits, and Intel (magnifying glass).

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