XCOM Chimera Squad Field Office Guide

In this guide, we will explain everything about Field Office in XCOM Chimera Squad and how you can use it for upgrades and more

In XCOM: Chimera Squad, Field Offices are an important part of the gameplay. When you are not partaking in combat missions, you will be taking on responsibilities in the Field Office.

In this guide, we will explain everything about Field Office in Chimera Squad.

XCOM Chimera Squad Field Office

In XCOM, there are several different things to do in the Field Office. We will go through them below.

City Map: From the city map, you can control your field teams and select missions and targets to breach. Field Teams operate in the background to earn currencies for you.

Assembly: The Assembly is where you research for new and upgraded weapons and items. It requires Elerium currency for this purpose. Once the research is done, you’ll be able to unlock the gear from Supply. Assigning an agent to the assembly cuts the research time by 50%.

Training: Training can be used to improve your agents or heal their scars. Scars are penalties received during combat. You can heal the scar here to remove the penalty.

Spec Ops: Specs Ops helps you regulate your resources and income by completing operations. You will need to assign agents to these operations to earn Elerium, Intel and Credits.

Armory: Armory is where you can customize loadouts of your agents. You can also promote (level up) your agents and unlock new agent abilities in Field Office armory.

Supply: Supply is the shop from where you can buy upgraded weapons etc. for your agents.

Investigation: Here, you can review notes of investigations of the factions which are operating in City 31 and them embarking on missions related to them from this area of Field Office.

Scavenger: This is a special market that can be unlocked. Here, you can buy special gear using Intel.

Field Office Tips
At the field office, try to focus on what’s important to you as there will be so much activity there. Early on, you won’t have many agents to work with so try to prioritize important objectives at the start.

Once you unlock more agents, assign the more powerful ones to field duty and the extras to desk duty in the office.

Also, try to upgrade the field teams as much as you can as they will help you deal with District Unrest and City Anarchy.

Try to keep District Unrest and City Anarchy under control as the difficulty of missions increases as they get higher.

Use Field Team Abilities to lower it if you can, or just focus on easier Missions with better rewards.

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