How to Unlock Squad Members in XCOM Chimera Squad

XCOM Chimera has a lot of interesting characters with a rich background and unique abilities. Although you have only four agents available at the start of the game, you will be able to unlock Squad Members in XCOM Chimera Squad as you progress.

Each new addition will bring about a new set of abilities and allow you to mix your playstyle up a little bit. We have taken the liberty to list down the brief steps you will be taking in order to unlock all the characters in XCOM Chimera.

Unlock Squad Members in XCOM Chimera Squad

There are a total of 11 characters that can be unlocked in Chimera Squad. Each of these characters has its own benefits and downsides to being in your Chimera Squad and below we will show you how to add them to your team.

Starting Characters
The game starts you off initially with only 4 characters you can access. The starting bunch includes:

  • Godmother
  • Cherub
  • Terminal
  • Verge

Unlocking New Characters
You will be able to unlock more characters down the line. There is a total of 11, out of which you will have access to 4.

Unlocking new squad members in XCOM is rather straightforward, you progress through the game, and you will unlock them as you go along. Not precisely by completing specific missions, but by completing specific milestones.

When you achieve these advancements by playing through the game, you will be given a choice to recruit one character out of three from the Armory.

You might want to select the one that you think suits your team composition best.

Read the descriptions carefully, make an educated decision in accordance with how you prefer to approach the game for the time being.

Once you have all of them unlocked, you can go about experimenting with different ideas.

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