Xbox X018 Event Will Feature Revelations and Surprises, Xbox Scarlett Maybe?

Xbox Mexico has assured all the fans once again by saying that Xbox X018 Event will be full of revelations and surprises. Xbox Scarlett is rumored too.

Xbox X018 Event is scheduled to take place next month and Xbox Mexico has now confirmed that it will be full of surprises hinting at a possible reveal of Xbox Scarlett.

Since Phil Spencer has announced this event, everyone has been making guesses about what we may actually see during the event. Phil Spencer did mention that there will be announcements at the event. But now, Xbox Mexico has reassured all the fans to not miss this as it’s going to be filled with content.

Xbox Mexico mentioned that there will news, revelations, special guests, Xbox Fanfest and Mexico City at the event. It’s the best and most unique event which you will not want to miss at all.

This Xbox X018 Conference will take place at Mexico City Xbox FanFest. All of the latest news and surprises will be shared from 3 pm to 5 pm CDT on Saturday, October 10th. So be on time.

These announcements will include first and third party games. Considering the past events which included big games like Fable and Halo 2, we are expecting some big names to be dropped.

Above all, everyone is expecting Microsoft to talk about Xbox Scarlett at this event. Last year, Microsoft announced Xbox One X which didn’t manage to sell so it makes perfect sense to move on to the next generation.

Recent hints from job listing by Infinity Ward tells us that they are working on a cross-gen game. That means, future gen consoles are closer than ever and Microsoft might be ready to take the lead from Sony this time.

On the other hand, there’s a lot of news regarding PS5 and Sony has even mentioned it recently.

As for other reveals, don’t expect to see Halo infinite at Xbox X018 because 343 Industries have confirmed that they have no plans for it.

Banjo Kazooie for Xbox One is also rumored to be announced at the event. Rare Developer has hinted that the next game is in works so this might be it.

Stay tuned to to know about everything that will be revealed at the Xbox X018 Event.

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