Xbox One Sales Reach 50 Million In New Turtle Beach Earnings Call

Xbox One sales have now reached 50 million, with the Playstation 4 having double those numbers in the same period of time.

A recent Turtle Beach earnings call for this quarter has given the total of Xbox One sales as having reached 50 million, around half as much as the number of Playstation 4 sales that Sony has come up with since the console released. Turtle Beach is a company that makes gaming headsets.

The rivalry between Sony and Microsoft has seesawed back and forth over the past few generations, each company gaining the advantage with each new console. While Microsoft’s Xbox 360 held supremacy last generation, the Playstation 4 has utterly dominated this generation.

The difference between Playstation 4 and Xbox One sales can likely be chalked down to a number of factors, most of which have been sparked since the Xbox One’s original debut conference, which included a number of controversial requirements.

These included the console not accepting used games, the included Kinect being always on and watching you, having to log in daily to “check in”, and a number of other privacy-invading factors that immediately soured public opinion against it and helped to cause the relatively low number of Xbox One sales.

Along with those, the Xbox One was severely lacking in exclusive games. Even now most of its games can also be played on the PC, while the Playstation 4 has a large number of high-quality, exclusive games. Along with better games, the Playstation 4 also has better processing power, allowing for better framerate and resolution.

While the number of Xbox One sales hasn’t marked the console as a complete failure, most of its success might come from its other, much-more promoted view, that it’s also a multimedia center along with being a game console, which allows gamers to watch TV, watch movies, and play games all in one package.

Only time will tell how well the Xbox Scarlett does compared to the Playstation 5, but hopefully Microsoft will have learned from the flaws in the Xbox One and will able to retake the initiative from Sony. The console is rumored to be releasing in the holiday of 2020.

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