Xbox Scarlett Release Set For November 6, 2020 According to Insider

Xbox Scarlett, the codenamed next Microsoft console to continue the legacy of Xbox One is still a mystery. While we wait for X019 to see whether or not the company will give us a first look at the console and some specifications, an insider claims that the Xbox Scarlett release date is set for November 8th of next year.

The “leak” comes from Twitter, where insider PSErebus tweeted a post claiming that “Xbox Project Scarlett will be the most powerful console when it launches on November 6, 2020”.

The release date doesn’t fall behind what we already know. Analysts expect both Microsoft’s and Sony’s consoles to release during next year’s holidays. While this is nothing more than a rumor, it does contain a grain of truth. Playstation 5 has already been confirmed by Sony to launch the next holidays, so it only seems natural for Microsoft to join the ride.

The interesting fact in that post is the statement that wants Xbox Scarlett to “be the most powerful console”. We already know that Microsoft is pushing the performance of its next-gen console. However, this is something that Sony says about Playstation 5, stirring things up in the console war.

The same user continued by posting “Enjoy it while it lasts. You’ve got 52 weeks left” for Xbox One X. After that, he says, it won’t be the most powerful platform. The post is followed by a XO19 hashtag, indicating that Microsoft will indeed give us news on their next console during the event. Interestingly, PSErebus has correctly announced early release dates in the past, giving him some kind of credibility on that matter.

It’s still early to say whether or not Xbox Scarlett will release next November. With Xbox X019 being only 3 days away, we are waiting for the show to be an important one. If this is, indeed, the last X0 presentation to be held before the release of the new console, we might get to see its launch titles and some of its main features.

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