World War Z Beginners Guide – Tips and Tricks to Get You Started!

While straightforward on paper, being good at World War Z requires a deep understanding of the game mechanics and devising strategies that complement your playstyle. Your job, in a nutshell, is to fight, dodge, assist your companions against waves of ruthless creatures. To do that, you’ll need an understanding of how the game works and team play which is where our World War Z Beginners Guide comes in.

World War Z Beginners Guide

The first thing that you need to do is to complete the game on “Normal” and then on “Hard” to unlock all the skills. If you see a zombie pyramid, try to engage it, and always try to target the base.

Try to aim at the bottom because if the base is destroyed, the whole tower collapses.

If you get your hands on silent weapons, try to play in stealth mode and eliminate as many zombies as you can. Also, try to unlock grenades so you could use them against big groups who are approaching you.

While playing Exterminator class, try to unlock a perk that will give you a Heavy Weapon right from the start of the match. Teamwork is key! Try to communicate with your buddy and use the marker feature to mark enemies.

Let the Medic revive while the rest of the players should cover as the Medic has the ability to revive quicker. The Medic can also heal other players, therefore, one player should take medic each match.

Try to get a headshot on Hazmat Zombies so that they don’t explode. Bull is a really tough zombie but you can kill him instantly if you target him on it’s back. If you can’t circle around him, try to break his helmet.

Turrets can be reconfigured to attack the zombies; the player who sets the turret would receive the kills. Instead of hacking claymores, just destroy them, as they are a waste of time.

Try to be extra careful about friendly-fire. When you are in front of your friends, try to crouch so that you won’t block their view. This will decrease the chances of friendly-fire.

This game has an Online Mode along with Offline Mode. Try to practice in Offline Mode so you could improve your skills and understand the mechanics of the game.

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