World War Z Best Weapons Guide – Guns Tier List, Heavy Weapons

There’s a huge variety of weapons in World War Z. These weapons are further divided into multiple tiers. Tier 1 has the basic weapons that are available from the very start of the game. Tier 2 weapons are acquired from the world or from skill trees.

And lastly, tier 3 weapons, which are the best weapons in World War Z, are acquired from exclusive Weapon Caches. In our World War Z Weapons Guide, we’ve discussed the overall best weapons from all three tiers in the game.

World War Z Best Weapons

Starting with tier 1 weapons, these aren’t impressive, however, the Silenced Pistol is something to consider.

Stealth is an important aspect of the game and while you can always go in guns blazing, a superior strategy would be to utilize a stealthy approach.

You can sneak in with the 1911 Protector taking out only a few of the zombies to clear a path for you without alerting the rest of the horde.

Tier 2 Weapons

Moving on to tier 2 weapons, there’re 3 guns that fit the threshold to contest for the title of the best gun:

  1. ARK-103 Assault Rifle
  2. Pac-15 Sporting Carbine
  3. S890 Combat Shotgun

While it all comes down to personal preference, in the end, all three of these guns have great performance.

We definitely recommend trying out the S890 Combat Shotgun due to its raw damage output and the ability to shred through hordes in little time.

It takes only a single bullet to kill a zombie, but with a couple of zombies attacking you at a time, you might’ve trouble with this gun since it can hold only a few shells.

This is where the ARK-103 Assault Rifle comes into play. Although not as powerful as the other, it can get rid of clusters of zombies effectively.

Tier 3 Weapons

The tier 3 weapons are all good and if you come by any one of them, you should probably pick it up. The best weapons in the tier 3 category are:

  1. Repeater X Crossbow
  2. Taiga-12 Assault Shotgun
  3. HW416 Assault Carbine

Repeater X Crossbow is currently the most powerful weapon in tier 3 because it fires arrows that explode on impact, essentially taking out a bunch of zombies in one go.

Taiga-12 Assault Shotgun is also a notable weapon, thanks to the raw damage output it dishes out.

Heavy Weapons

Besides tier 3 weapons, there’s also a Heavy Weapons category in World War Z. The weapons in this Heavy Weapons category are special weapons like RPGL4 Rocket Launcher, Taiga-12 Heavy Assault Shotgun, etc.

  1. Taiga-12 Heavy Assault Shotgun
  2. RPGL4 Rocket Launcher

All of the weapons in this category are very good, however, their ammo capacity is very limited. Therefore, you can’t rely on them for a long time.

Additionally, the Stun Gun is also very useful. Although it’s technically a piece of equipment, it does come quite in handy. It will stop most zombies in their tracks so you can easily make your escape or take your time.

They are especially useful against Charging Bull Zombies. You can interrupt its charge and kill it at your own leisure.

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