World War Z Classes Guide – Best Classes, How to Upgrade, Tier List

In the cooperative zombie shooter game, akin to the Left 4 Dead franchise, there’re a bunch of playstyles to opt for. Holding a total of 6 classes, it’s your choice to choose one which dictates the weapons, equipment, and perks you’ll be granted. Let us breakdown these World War Z Classes in detail below so you can have a good idea that which one suits you best.

World War Z Classes Guide

Being a shooter based on teamwork, you can expect the classes to take up different functions. These range from providing support in terms of reviving and scout services to frontline assault combat.

Depending on your general playstyle in shooters, one of the six classes below will get your attention.


This class is tasked with a simple objective i.e. eliminating zombies with efficiency. Equipped with a Compact SMG and a Frag Grenade, the soldier can fire quick rounds and deal decent crowd-control damage.

At Level 7 and beyond, you can unlock more powerful weapons including MAGS Machine Gun, ARK-103 Rifle, and secondary pistols as firearms for when you’re low on bullets.

In the Perks department, the Gunslinger focuses on skills maximizing his damage potential from the weapons, accuracy, reload speed as well as receiving free ammo and increasing his HP indefinitely.

At Level 5, you retrieve 5% of your ammo on every headshot kill. At Level 12, the max health is increased by 25%.

Rage Mode is unlocked at Level 16 and triggered whenever you’re pinned by a standard zombie and so instead of staying down, you get up back on your feet to continue fighting.

Overall, Gunslinger is a good beginner-friendly class that focuses on dealing damage and enduring hits better than the other classes.


This class is the explosive-unit or the demolitions expert making use of the C4 at their disposal to get rid of a swarm of zombie hordes.

They’re also equipped with a Shotgun that blasts away zombies in close-quarter combat. The Hellraiser can wreak havoc with his Hailstorm Grenade launcher that sets the horde of zombies ablaze.

His best skill, the Direct Blast perk, is unlocked at Level 8 when the explosive damage from C4s and Grenade Launcher is increased by a 100%.

At Level 19, the Third-Hand perk is unlocked which lets you reload your primary weapon if you manage to kill 15 zombies in one explosive round.

Overall, Hellraiser excels at the whole idea of crowd-control damage. If his charges are set up strategically and utilized properly, a large chunk of the undead army can be removed without much hassle.


As the name suggests, the class specializes in aiding teammates when it comes to reviving them or granting them temporary healing buffs with the Stim Pistol.

The Medic on his own can also deal damage with his Compact SMG. The Medkit at his disposal can allow you or your teammates to retrieve 25% of their lost health.

The perks for the Medic increase the capabilities of the Medkits, increase weapon’s damage when sufficient healing is carried out and heal yourself when you use a Medkit on your teammate.

The last perk, Good Karma, is unlocked at Level 15 and allows you to heal 50% of your health upon using a Medkit on one of your team members.

Being a support class in a game with aggressive zombies always there to chop down on your health, your team won’t be complete without a Medic.

With that said, the best perks of the class are unlocked at later levels so you’ll have to stick with the character for long.


Another support-oriented character, the Fixer provides ammo supply to his teammates via his Supply Bag and is very capable of fighting on his own with the Scout Rifle.

His perks allow him to increase his comrades’ ammo capacity by 10% while at Level 17, teammates will be granted a 20% bonus ammo whenever they refill their ammo stock.

At Level 3, Fixer will be able to revive teammates 50% faster while at Level 6, his firearm damage is increased by 50%.

His Please Stand Up perk is unlocked at Level 10, allowing him to stand up and continue fighting when all his teammates have been downed. This is useful since the Fixer can then proceed to revive all team members, giving them a second chance.

In terms of ammo supply, the Fixer is unparalleled while his expansive healing and reviving skills also make him an ideal choice over Medic for some.


Taking the up-close and personal approach, the Slasher class excels in melee combat thanks to his variety of perks suited around the playstyle.

Although you’ll be able to shoot afar using your Compact SMG, the meat of this class is the utilization of the Stun Gun allowing you to eliminate Bulls, Zeds, and electrocuting swarms of zombies.

His perks revolve around increasing melee damage for both him and his teammates. Some skills even allow him to chain multiple melee strikes together to get rid of multiple zombies in quick succession.

For example, at Level 11, the Trophy Hunter skill is unlocked allowing you to deal 25% more damage with your melee strikes on special zombies.

With that said, Slasher is still a pretty risky character to go for since zombies tend to attack in hordes and it might be difficult to rely on your melee skills without getting hit and biting the dust.

We won’t recommend this character unless you want to have some intense close-action fun.


The class plays similarly to the Hellraiser one, swapping out explosives for the classic Molotov Cocktails and fire-based weapons. Like the Hellraiser, he also handles a powerful Shotgun for close-ranged combat.

He can also make use of well-placed and timed Claymore explosions to set hordes of zombies on fire.

For his perks, he can deal 25% more damage to hordes during swarm attacks. At later levels, he can boost his Molotovs’ damage potential and arm Taiga-12 Shotgun or ARK-103 Assault Rifle.

At Level 15, the Fire Trap perk is unlocked which causes the Claymore explosions to cover even a wider radius in the fire.

You can pretty much swap out this class for Hellraiser. In terms of damage potential, both classes are on the same page, so it’s your pick.

This is all we’ve in our World War Z Classes Guide. If there’s anything that you’d like to add, be sure to let us know!

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