How The Morale System Works In Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

You must invest your time to raise your Wo Long Fallen Dynasty morale and fortitude rank, so it will be easier to slay more challenging foes.

You must wonder what number is above your health and your enemy’s head. Let us answer; the number is Wo Long Fallen Dynasty morale rank which shows how much power your enemy has and how experienced you are at fighting enemies. You must invest time to raise your morale and fortitude rank in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty so slaying more challenging foes gets easier.

While Moral System is important, players should also know about the Spirit System in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty for maximum effectiveness in combat.

How Morale works in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

You often see a number above your character’s health in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. This number represents the Morale of your character. Morale is directly proportional to the damage, which means if you have higher Morale than your enemy, you can inflict more damage than your enemy.

Having a higher rank than your enemy means you don’t have to worry about losing your health. The maximum your Morale can go is 25, which takes quite a bit of time. If you get killed, then your Morale will drop down a certain amount and the enemy that killed you will gain morale rank. Similar to Dark Souls games, you can kill that enemy to gain the morale you just lost.

If enemies have a higher level, you should dodge their attacks, or you will lose more health. To see their morale rank; you can look above their heads. You must have seen a color in the enemy’s morale rank, which shows how difficult they are to beat. Red is the hardest, so you should avoid them until you have raised your Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Morale to the maximum.

How to gain Morale

The simplest way to boost your Morale is to kill an enemy. Bear in mind killing a higher rank enemy is hard, but it will reward you with more morale points in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

A simple but time-consuming method to raise your Morale is to defeat an enemy and then rest at the battle flag to respawn the same enemy and beat him again. It is 100 % effective, but the only flaw with this method is that it takes a little bit of your time.

You can even find Battle and Marking flags to boost your Morale rank in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. Although they don’t give your many morale points, it is better to get something than nothing. With increasing your morale points, you must avoid losing your morale points.

If you see a red circle glowing in an enemy’s body, run away because they are about to perform a critical blow that can lower your morale rank. It is their heavy attack, and if you don’t dodge or deflect it, you will lose a chunk of your health along with a morale point.

So, it is better to avoid this attack and look for an opportunity to kill them and gain some morale points.

What is Fortitude and how to raise it in Wo Long

Fortitude rank acts like a lower limit to your morale rank. Suppose you have a fortitude rank of 4 and your morale rank is 6. If you die, your morale rank will return to your Fortitude rank of 4.

To raise your fortitude rank, you must find markings and battle flags as they boost your fortitude rank. We recommend you look for the flags when your Morale rank increases to prevent it from falling short in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

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