How To Remove Nudity In The Witcher 3

Hide some of the NSFW content with these mods.

While playing The Witcher 3, players might feel somewhat overwhelmed by the amount of nudity in the video game. Undoubtedly, The Witcher is an adult game; however, due to multiple reasons such as religious beliefs, kids in the house, etc., enjoying the game can be a hassle.

Featuring a copious amount of nudity, playing The Witcher 3 can be quite risky, especially if you are a streamer or content creator, due to the terms of service of sites like YouTube and Twitch. Naturally, content creators look for ways to censor nudity or remove it completely so their content isn’t affected by strikes.

Mods to remove nudity in The Witcher 3

First things first, unfortunately, there is no nudity-related setting in the game’s options menu to allow you to turn off nudity in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt.

The best option that you will find to remove the nudity from The Witcher 3 is using mods to censor parts of the game. Right now there are two mods available on the nexusmods that can help you do that. These include:

While the player is using these mods, they can completely remove all nudity from The Witcher 3’s main storyline and the DLC by including an ivory-colored, strapless bra top on every female character. Of course, the mod censors the nudity of both NPCs and the main characters, so you will not have to worry about accidental NSFW shots in the video game.

Characters like Keira, Philippa, Corinne, etc., will have their dresses covered, helping provide players with a much more modest option going into the game. 

However, there is one scene that this mod fails to cover, and it is during the intro Kaer Morhen mission with Yennefer taking a bath. Since that part of the game is a pre-generated movie scene, the mod cannot alter it. 

Apart from that, the mod works well enough to provide players with a much more censored video game version. Additionally, its effectiveness is especially helpful if you’re a streamer or want to post your content onto your YouTube channel without getting a strike.


There is another way to avoid nudity by basically just skipping any cutscene where Geralt has sex with another character. Similarly, you should also avoid trips to the brothels during your playthrough, but keep in mind that during the optional quest, it can be hard to avoid topless NPCs in The Witcher 3.

Using developer-added options to censor The Witcher 3

If mods are not your style of playing the video game or you are on a console where you can’t install mods, then players can also avoid most of the NSFW scenes in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt.

CD Projekt Red has included several options to bypass scenes of sexual content/nudity, understanding the preferences of different groups of people. If you are on a console, copies of the game from certain regions like the Middle East come pre-censored to show characters in undergarments instead of fully nude.

The first option to avoid the nude scenes is by completely avoiding the romance missions or options within the storyline, helping you effectively avoid all such scenes. Players can either avoid choosing the romance missions or options or skip any possible NSFW cutscenes that might be integrated into the mission.

That being said, this isn’t a perfect solution. The Witcher 3 features a lot of adult scenarios and nudity, even outside of cutscenes. In some cases, players might still end up seeing a random nude scene or an NPC walking around dressed scantily since there are moments that take place in brothels inside the game.

However, avoiding all nudity throughout the video game is only possible with a mod. So, it is advised to use a mod that censors the game to your liking before you start playing it. 

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