Wild Hearts Serpent Flotation Cutis Locations: Where To Find Whipthrash Serpents

Serpent Flotation Cutis is a collectible resource in Wild Hearts that you can get by taking out the Whipthrash Serpent. This Wild Hearts Serpent Flotation Cutis is a vital resource to be able to craft high-stat gear. As players progress through the main story, the difficulty level starts increasing, and thus players need a specific type of high-stat gear that Serpent Flotation Cutis makes possible.

How to get Serpent Flotation Cutis in Wild Hearts

Serpent Flotation Cutus is one of the Kemono drops you will get after taking out Whipthrash Serpent. You will only encounter this Kemono after reaching chapter 3 of Wild Hearts. The Whipthrash Serpent locations are Natsukodachi Isle and Harugasumi Way, mostly near some damp areas.

Fortunately, Wild Hearts helps players reach Whipthrash Serpent as the map marks the location. Thus to reach Seprent Flotation, all players need to do is open up the map and then change the mode to little squirrel to spot Whipthrash Serpent.

Unlike Sapscourge and Ragetail, Whipthrash Serpents are small Kemonos that the players can easily defeat. Each Whipthrash Serpent killed drops one Serpent Flotation Cutis, and players can obtain two. However, before defeating the Kemonos, players should ensure they have reached chapter 3. Defeating these Kemonos before reaching chapter 3 will get players nothing.

Moreover, do not that if you try to pet the Whipthrash Serpent, you will get Serpent Beard, not the Serpent Flotation Cutis.

Apart from all the gear upgrades that players can get after obtaining Serpent Flotation Cutis, one thing that stands out is it helps players to make their characters swim in Wild Hearts. Players can equip Serpent Flotation Cutis on their characters’ skin, making them swim easily. Thus, with this help, underwater challenges become easy for players who have unlocked them.