Wild Hearts Sapscourge Boss Guide

Sapscourge is the second Kemono boss that you will face in Wild Hearts shortly after defeating Ragetail.

Sapscourge slightly resembles a beaver but is coated in amber with a giant amber tail. By the time players face Sapscourge, they will have added the Spring Karakuri to their arsenal, making it a lot easier to dodge this kemono’s attacks.

Unlike Ragetail, you need to be quick on your feet against Sapscourge. Be ready to roll and dodge once you reach its location.

Sapscourge location

Sapscourge is located in the Harugasumi Way where it has captured the blacksmith Hatsume’s escort. Most of the time, players can find this kemono boss in its lair inside the Northern Amber Grotto’s cavern, after completing the first hunt.

Sapscourge weaknesses

As each Kemono boss in Wild Hearts has different attribute weaknesses, therefore, choosing weapons and attacks related to that will help you deal massive damage.

In terms of Physical attribute weakness, Sapscourge is the weakest against Fire therefore you can slash a lot of health with these attacks. Talking of attacks, choosing weapons dealing Slash attacks is encouraged as he is weakest against them.

As most of you already know that the damage on the weapon can be increased by adding Status Ailments. For the ailment to effectively work, you need to know what this Kemono is weakest against. For Sapscourge however, you can use Ablaze to maximum damage.

How to defeat Sapscourge in Wild Hearts

Place Bulwark to block attacks

Unlike other weak Kemonos, like Ragetail, whose attack can be blocked by simply putting up crates, players need to place a Bulwark if they want to avoid the attacks for some time. Players can place a Bulwark by crafting two crate towers (3×2 stacks of crates).

Do keep in mind that in order to unlock the Bulwark fusion karakuri, you must have first learned it during the fight between Kingtusk.

Slide away to dodge the rolling attack

Occasionally Sapscourge will roll on the ground but due to its massive size and rolling speed, this attack can be difficult to dodge by jumping or simply rolling away. This is where the sliding dodge comes in. Simply sprint and press the dodge roll button to slide out of Sapscourge’s way.

Attack the head and tail

After placing a Bulwark quickly, players must aim and attack Sapscourge’s head. This is the most vulnerable part of Sapscourge and will affect its health significantly.

Attacking the head, however, isn’t easy so you have to be careful. Another good idea would be to focus the Sapscourge’s tail initially and cut it off like all other bosses, thus taking out one method of attack from the boss.

Avoid amber sap spit

Throughout the fight, Sapscourge will occasionally do a spitting attack toward players that looks like lava. This is its amber attack which can harden after a short while, stunning players.

You must make sure to either use a spring karakuri to move quickly or move through the water to remove the sap otherwise it slows you down and makes you an easy target for the boss.

Be wary of the lunging grab

Perhaps the most devastating attack from Sapscourge in Wild Hearts is when it grabs the players and gnaws at them. This can easily kill any player with low health and take a huge chunk from those who are at full HP so it must be avoided at all costs.

Whenever you see Sapscourge standing on its rear legs and rubbing its hands together, it is about to lunge and grab you. Either up crates to block its lunge or prepare a spring karakuri to dodge and avoid the attack.

Sapscourge materials and drops

After defeating the Sapscourge kemono boss players can obtain the following rewards in Wild Hearts:

  • Sapscourge Leaf Beard – Obtained from its head.
  • Sapscourge Amber – Obtained from Sap Sacs
  • Sapscourge Horn – Obtained from the head.
  • Sapscourge Tail.
  • Rare Sascourge Sap
  • Small Plum Scent Crystal
  • Young Warrior Teardrops