How To Unlock And Use The Elemental Lantern In Wild Hearts

The Wild Hearts Elemental Lantern is a powerful Fusion Karakuri. It is especially useful while facing strikes from element attacks like Fire, Ice, Wind, etc. This guide provides a step-by-step procedure to understand how to get the elemental lantern in Wild Hearts and use it during combat.

How to unlock Elemental Lantern

You can unlock the Elemental Lantern fusion karakuri by combining the Glider and Crate Karakuri during the hunt for the Gritdog Kemono. If you have these karakuri equipped, you will get a flash of inspiration during your fight against Gritdog which will unlock the elemental lantern.

Gritdog is adept at creating various objects using sand and attacks you with these sand-made objects. If you are not prepared enough, this unpleasant-looking Kemono can be a formidable boss for a fight.

  • The Gritdog has Wind and Wood as its attribute weaknesses, and its softest part is the head. So, use a Wind or Wood attack with Slash on its head to cause great damage.
  • When the Gritdog attempts to launch an attack, listen carefully for a “water-dropping sound” and the slow motion of the gameplay just after that.
  • Remember! You must have your feet touching the ground for this flash of inspiration, or else it does not happen. Hence, be mindful while using the weapons in Wild Hearts that keep you flying during the attacks.
  • When this happens, you will see an input menu on the screen; instantly press it to start the “Inspiration building process.”
  • Now you must press the input Karakuri option pop-up on the screen, which include the Glider and Crate Karakuri.
  • This will activate the Fusion Karakuri called the Elemental Lantern.
  • Now you may use this Karakuri to defeat the Gritdog Kemono.

How to use the Elemental Lantern in Wild Hearts

A lot of Kemono tend to use Elemental attacks during the fights. When a Kemono does use these attacks, use the Elemental Lantern to absorb and reduce the effect of these attacks.

Whenever a kemono throws an elemental attack on you, such as Fire or Wind; using this elemental lantern karakuri will neutralize the effect up to a great extent. The lantern basically acts as a lightning rod and sucks up any elemental attack as long as you are within its range.

When you use it on a Kemono, the Elemental Lantern substantially damages its health in Wild Hearts. You can see a visual bubble around you when using this Karakuri.

You can also upgrade the Elemental Lantern Karakuri up to two levels. One upgrade increases the time of its effect, while the other further diminishes the elemental damage you may take while fighting.

Besides the Gritdog, the Elemental Lantern is quite useful against other beasts that employ elemental attacks, such as Lavaback, etc., which also uses the Fire attribute.

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