Who Finds The Haven – Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Find the mushroom haven before Meghyn and Nat to reap the rewards.

Who Finds the Haven is a side quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, which rewards you in a big way. This quest aims to find a hidden cave full of mushrooms, some of which are rare, like the Hearty Truffles.

In this quest, we will teach you how to start this quest and find the Sturnida Springs Cave easily. This is also the final one in the trilogy of quests given to you by Nat and Meghyn.

Talk to Nat and Meghyn near Snowfield Stable

After completing the Cave Mushrooms that Glow and The Captured Tent side quests, talk to Nat and Meghyn (-1661, 2542, 0233) near the Snowfield Stable in Tabantha Frontier.

This stable is North of the Forgotten Temple and South Tabantha Snowfield. Once you talk to the sisters, the quest will start, and add it to your journal.

Find the Mushroom Haven

Nat and Meghyn will tell you about a mushroom haven hidden inside a cave. The only hint that you will get is the following statement.

“Vapors drift over Sturnida Basin, near a pond in Hebra. At the source of the steam lies a bright mushroom haven”.

The cave in question is the Sturnida Springs Cave. It is to the northwest of the Rospro Pass Skyview Tower, near Sturnida Secret Hot Spring.

Use the Skyview Tower to get airborne and glide Northwest towards Lake Kafka. You will find the entrance to Sturnida Springs Cave at the following coordinates (-4015, 2644, 0013).

Once you enter the cave, you will find Nat and Meghyn talking about Mushroom Haven deep inside. They will both leave after the cutscene.

Go deeper into the cave to find Nat standing near a wall of Breakable Boulders. Ignore this wall and go forward. You will come across another breakable wall in the front.

From there, turn right and back to find a small tunnel to the left. Go inside the tunnel to find Meghyn here. Destroy the boulders in this area and drop down.

In this new area, you will find two sets of breakable boulders. Don’t break them. Instead, turn around, and you will find a large rock blocking a small tunnel.

Remove the rock with the Ultrahand ability and crouch (press the left analog stick) to enter the tunnel. This tunnel will lead you to Mushroom Haven.

Once you enter the haven, both Meghyn and Nat will arrive. They will accept their defeat as you found the cave first and leave all the spoils to you. This will complete the Who Finds the Haven side quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Quest Reward

You won’t get any rewards from Nat and Meghyn. Your reward is in the form of loot available in Mushroom Haven.

A small list of Mushrooms that you can find here are.

  • Chillshroom
  • Brightcap
  • Stamella Shroom
  • Hearty Truffle
  • Big Hearty Truffle
  • Rushroom
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