Where to Find Greenshine in Horizon Forbidden West

In this guide, we will let you know where you can find the essential resource Greenshine and outline its use in Horizon Forbidden West.

What is Greenshine?

The little green crystals in Horizon Forbidden West named Greenshine can be a vital resource used for upgrading certain weapons and outfits. It’s even used for trading with specific merchants.

Greenshine is an upgrade item and can be found throughout the world while progressing through Horizon Forbidden West.

It’s like a crystal and has a bright green glow that can be easily spotted from afar. Greenshine in HFW can be found in the form of fragments, chunks, clusters, and slabs.

At the start, you will only get Greenshine Slivers but the size and rarity of Greenshine will eventually increase as you progress.

Where to Find Greenshine in Horizon Forbidden West

As mentioned before, Greenshine can be found all over the map. If you are looking to upgrade your weapons and outfits or you are looking to buy tricky machine parts, you will need a lot of Greenshine and for that, you have to spend a considerable amount of time.

In general, as you progress across the map from right to left, you’ll uncover bigger and better rewards.

In the beginning, you’ll only find Greenshine Slivers and Fragments, but as you go through the game, you’ll find Chunks, Clusters, and Slabs.

You will find Greenshine at random and there are no specific locations where you can find Greenshine in HFW.

Sometimes it may be hidden, and you’d have to find it, sometimes it may be out in the open on rocks and boulders and sometimes you’d need some special gear or do some tasks to get your hands on it.

You will get some Greenshine as a reward for completing certain quests in HFW. The Daunt and No Man’s Land is reported to have a lot of Greenshine.

Generally, you can find Greenshine in the following places

Deserts and Mountains

Deserts and mountains contain a lot of hidden Greenshine Crystals. They are pretty straightforward to find but if somehow you can’t find them, you can locate Greenshine by following a specific sound that these Greenshine Crystal create.

Hidden and Blocked Caves

A huge amount of Greenshine Crystals may be obtained from secret and blocked-off caverns and passages in HFW if players have obtained the necessary upgrades.

Some of these underwater caves like the one in the east of Daunt and the other in the west of Daunt, need the use of a Diving Mask to hold your breath underwater, which you will obtain during the Sea of Sands story mission.


Several Ruins are used as climbing puzzles to obtain Relics which mostly include Greenshine. You can get your hands on Greenshine if you solve these puzzles.


You will see a lot of Red Crystals while progressing through the game. These Red Crystal are known as Firegleam, and you need Firegleam Ignitor to get your hands on Greenshine.

You can get Firegleam Ignitor by completing the Death’s Door story mission. Once you have Firegleam Ignitor, use this to blow Firegleam and you may find some Greenshine behind it.

Metal Flowers

You will see a lot of vines blocking your way while progressing through the game. These vines are known as Metal Flowers and to clear these vines, you’ll need a Vine Cutter upgrade.

You will get the upgrade from the Seeds of the Past story mission. You may find Greenshine once you cut these Metal Flowers.

What is Greenshine Used for in HFW?

Greenshine is basically used for upgrading your weapons and outfits or you are looking to buy tricky machine parts. Similarly, merchants will offer you outfit weaves and weapons coils as well in exchange of Greenshine.

In Horizon Forbidden West, there are multiple tiers of Weapons and Armor. To reach the maximum tier of some of these weapons and armor, Greenshine is necessary.

The rarer things will need the use of rarer Greenshine, so be sure you have plenty stored up if you plan on upgrading all of your gear.

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