Horizon Forbidden West Seeds of the Past Walkthrough

In this guide, we will cover the twelfth main story mission of Horizon Forbidden West, which goes by the name of Seeds of the Past.

In this guide, we will cover the twelfth main story mission of Horizon Forbidden West, which goes by the name of Seeds of the Past. We will provide you with a complete walkthrough of the Seeds of the Past quest in HFW and how to defeat the giant machine The Dreadwing, that you will face at the end of the quest.

Horizon Forbidden West Seeds of the Past

The Seeds of the Past main story quest is unlocked after you have completed The Sea of Sands story mission. You need to be Level 24 or above to take on this mission.

Your objective is to recover GAIA’s subordinate function, DEMETER, which is lost at the far western coast. Talk with Varl and Beta to get the location of where you need to go.

Go to DEMETER’s Coordinates

You will be given DEMETER’s coordinates where you need to go. When you reach there, you will be attacked by Quen. Take care of them and go inside the facility. The facility is called The Greenhouse, which is a research facility.

Keep following the marker and you will come across vines which will be blocking the path. Go through the door on your left and break the wall with the help of your Pullcaster.

Inside will be a vent that you can open by pulling it with the Pullcaster. Go through the vent and climb to the top. Interact with the module at the top to examine the console.

Meet with Alva

After that, you will get ambushed by more Quen Marines. You can either take them on face to face or sneak past them. Enter the facility and talk to Alva.

Enter the Tunnels

Interact with the console inside to open the path to the tunnels. Go down and keep following the path.

Now, go to the end of the tunnel where you will find a Firegleam that you can destroy. Go inside and pull the wall with the cross on it with your Pullcaster to open the path.

Head inside and go to the path on your right to find the exit. Climb the ladder to exit the tunnels.

Enter Test Station Elm

Once outside, you will find the Test Station Elm. Clear the area from the machines and go to the entrance of the test station. The entrance will be locked, and you need to enter inside through the vent just to the right of the entrance door.

When you enter the facility, jump to the middle of the area and interact with the Battery Storage Racks to the right. Behind one of the racks will be a Maintenance Bypass Key that you can use to unlock a door. Behind the door will be a Storage Unit that you can grab and take to the center of the room so that Alva can jump across.

Alva will turn you to restore the power of the control room by using a battery cell. In the area will be a vent that you can open with the Pullcaster. Go through the vent and ignite the Firegleam to destroy the wall.

Go through the new passage with the battery cell and place it inside the slot to give power to the Control Room. Now go meet with Alva to initiate a cutscene. After the cutscene, head into the tunnels again and find the exit.

Defeat the Dreadwing

When outside, you will come across The Dreadwing. It is weak against Fire damage and will take no damage from Frost attacks. In the area will be explosive canisters, that you can use in your favor during the fight.

Lure the creature towards the canisters and shoot them when it is close to them. This will deal a lot of damage to The Dreadwing and you can defeat it easily.

Enter Test Station Ivy

When you have eliminated The Dreadwing, loot its body and head inside the Test Station Ivy. Go inside and interact with the module. After that, go through the door and go outside.

You can now craft the Vine Cutter by using the Workbench outside. Go back to DEMTER’s coordinates where the path was blocked by vines. Use the Vine Cutter to clear the path and go inside to grab the DEMETER.

Deliver the DEMETER

After collecting the DEMETER, head back to the base to deliver it to GAIA and conclude the mission. This will conclude the Seeds of the Past story mission and you will get 2x Skill Points and 19,200 XP.