How to Destroy Metal Flowers in Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West features a large and expansive world for players to explore, but not every path will be open at the start. Some will be blocked by metal flowers which need to be destroyed to access new areas and storylines. The following guide will explain just how to destroy these Horizon Forbidden West Metal Flowers.

How to Destroy Metal Flowers in Horizon Forbidden West

You can’t just simply destroy metal flowers with your regular weapons in Horizon Forbidden West. What you will need is a Vine Cutter.

Vine Cutter is an item that can be used to modify your spear to break any metal flowers in the way. However, a Vine Cutter will not be available at the start of the game, and will only unlock at a specific point in the campaign.

While advancing the storyline, Aloy will be tasked to collect three AI in no specific order. The needed Vine Cutter can be acquired on the highest-level option in the “Seeds of the Past” quest, which sends you to a forest.

During this quest, players will get access to a new lab and be handed a Dissolution Code Module, a crafting item that can only be utilized to make the Vine Cutter. You can make the Vine Cutter for your spear by taking this to any nearby workshop.

Vine Cutter has no purpose other than to destroy the Metal Flowers and, more crucially, the vines that are normally attached to them and block a nearby object.


Simply approach the metal flower and use your spear to open them up, allowing you to utilize the vine cutter’s full potential and get access to other regions. Metal flowers can be easily found all over the map, including the optional locations.

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