Watch Dogs Privacy Invasions Locations ‘Peephole Guide

There is no limit to what you can do in Ubisoft’s open-world hacker, Watch_Dogs. Even the slightest notion of someone peeking through my CCTV camera while I’m doing something… something in my apartment gives me chills.

Out of many Collectibles featured in the game, one is called Privacy Invasion. And contrary to the category it’s been placed in, PI does not involve scavenging Chicago of any collectibles.

Instead, Privacy Invasion encourages that you become a creep, hack into someone’s apartment, and see what they are doing; which candidly, is not a pleasant experience most of the times.

Although you can stumble upon someone to spy on, Privacy Invasions are marked on your map (as a small eye) from the beginning of the game; like ctOS Tower.

However, you must unlock the ctOS Tower in a particular region to display all collectibles (including Privacy Invasion) in that area.

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Watch Dogs Privacy Invasions Locations

To start an Invasion, you must travel to the designated location on the Mini Map and start to Intervene. This will bring up the usual Hacking Mini Game which will be timed and you must join all the lines in the given time for a success hack.

After that, you would be able to spy on random people, listen to their conversations, and even hack into their ATM accounts.

For each successful Privacy Invasion, you will be provided with an XP Boost and carrying out 30 Privacy Invasions will unlock Peephole Achievement/Trophy along with Sunrim and Vespid vehicles.

For more clues, you can follow the text to become the perfect creep Chicago City has ever seen!

Parker Square

Privacy Invasion #1
This invasion can be found near the church in the neighborhood homes. Two ctOS boxes attached to the router here are attached to two other houses in the neighborhood.

Once is right next to the router location, while the other is southeast, roughly half a block away. Check the wall of a duplex and you’ll be able to spot it on the second floor.

Privacy Invasion #2
This invasion can be found behind the Thyla Pharmaceuticals, and is located north of the May Stadium. You can spot the first ctOS behind an iron fence, while the second one is elevated on top of garage nearby with a wooden wall.

Don’t destroy the fence to access it unless you want to catch the attention of police – just get a proper angle instead.

Privacy Invasion #3
This one is found south of the Phoebus Theater, in the Liquor Store Parking Lot. There is only one ctOS that needs to be hacked into, and it is above the Garage Building.

It will take a bit of effort to get there though. Instead, it’s more optimum to hack it remotely by accessing the camera on the front of the pizzeria, and then spotting it behind the sign.

Privacy Invasion #4
Head up the metals stairs behind the Pilipina Classic building to hack the router.

Privacy Invasion #5
You can find this one near the Cash Run and Shipping Crate Garage. There are two ctOS to unlock, and both of them are wired onto the rooftop of the buildings.

Try searching for camera you can access on the wall near the box to unlock the first one. After that, use any of the nearby cameras to unlock the second one.

The Wards

Privacy Invasion #6
Check south of the Malinski Station in the Apartment complex. When you spot the router, check just around the corner to spot one ctOS on an exterior balcony.

The other ctOS box is located on the doorway on the other side of the building.

Privacy Invasion #7
Head to the Old Brownstone, Southwest Wards, and check near the mall here. The ctOS boxes are located here and there in the neighborhood, and with the profiler you should get easy access to them.

Privacy Invasion #8
There is a Housing Complex with L-shaped apartment buildings. Check the base of the second building near the burned down factory to find the router.

Privacy Invasion #9
Head to the Apartment Complex in Central Wards near the ctOS center. Access the cameras and hack a few until you spot the ctOS on the roof of the building west of where the router is located. You can get the other ctOS with the same camera.

Privacy Invasion #10
Head to the east of Rossi-Formont to the apartments. Find the camera pointing across to the third switch from the roof and work your way through it to make an easy invasion.

Brandon Docks

Privacy Invasion #11
Head to the Umeni Technologies Branch Office here. Locate the yard with the pipe stacks and hack the brick balcony to find the first box opposite of the chimney stack building. Run up and behind the billboard and locate the second box on the roof.

Privacy Invasion #12
Go to the Parkfield Train Station and check nearby for a metal warehouse. Check the northwestern corner of the warehouse near the train tracks to find the router and hack it.


Privacy Invasion #13
Check the northern part of the island for a brick building. The north side of the building has a router that can be hacked into.

Privacy Invasion #14
Look around for a stone hotel and spa near the river on the island. On the wall of the hotel you should spot the router.

Privacy Invasion #15
This router is squeezed between the of Connelly Square and Willis Tower. You can find it on the wall between the two buildings.

Privacy Invasion #16
Head inside the City Hall and check the northern wall in the main foyer to find and hack the router.

Privacy Invasion #17
Hea south of the Ambrose Theater and check in the Shipping Dock alley under the QR Code. Use the camera at the end of the alley to access both the ctOS.

Privacy Invasion #18
Head behind the Mama Reyn Restaurant near Quincy Station – the router itself is located northeast of the station. After finding it, go down the alley; one is located near a propane tank, while the other is to the left.

Privacy Invasion #19
Check in an L-shaped alley behind the Pawn Shop in Central Loop to find the router.

Privacy Invasion #20
Head to south Loop and near the Palin Correctional Facility.

There is an office nearby with a camera that you can’t hack into. You’ll need the Gates and Garages ability to open the door of the parking garage and access the ctOS inside.

The other two are on the way back to the router next to the stairs when you’re heading up.

Privacy Invasion #21
Head east of Hollenkamp Station in South Loop to find the router south of the Police Station.

Privacy Invasion #22
Head to the Art Gallery in the Millenium Park in Eastern Loop. You should be able to spot the router easily after finding the art gallery.

Mad Mile

Privacy Invasion #23
Head to West Mad Mile and to the Franklin Street. Face the router there and turn left and head down the street to a noodle shop. Turn left again and hack the camera near the Gym Center.

The firs box will probably be hidden, but you can use the camera to hack it anyway – it’s located on a wall nearby an exterior balcony. The second box is next to the ATM.

Privacy Invasion #24
Head west of the Circle Fountain to find the router behind a gas station billboard.

Privacy Invasion #25
Head to the Rendezvous Store, above the South Traffics Tunnels entrance to find the router. The associated ctOS boxes are located below you inside the tunnels. Take the nearby stairs and circle the block to the tunnels.

Privacy Invasion #26
Head south of the Deaver’s Station and head up the steps near the bank building with the ATM.

Privacy Invasion #27
Head to the north part of Mad Mile and into the John Hancock Center. Run underneath the skyscraper into the pedestrian tunnel to access the router.

Privacy Invasion #28
Head to South Mad Mile and into the foyer by the Chicago World News Tower. You can find the router near the distinct statue at the entrance of the skyscraper.

Privacy Invasion #29
Go to the northeastern part of Mad Mile to the Café Plaza. There is a car dealership here with the first ctOS box on the exterior wall on ground level.

On your way back to the router check for a camera to access which will allow you to hack the second ctOS box.

Privacy Invasion #30
Head west of the ctOS Center to a skyscraper. There is a garden at the base of the skyscraper that you can get up to using a lift. Head up to find and hack the router.

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