Watch Dogs ctOS Towers Locations Guide

Watch Dogs
Where there is technology, there is vulnerability. The whole Chicago and everything in it can be in your control right from the start, provided that you unlock all ctOS Towers in the city.

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Watch Dogs ctOS Towers Locations

There are 13 ctOS Towers in Watch Dogs that you need to unlock as a necessary prerequisite for attaining 100% game completion.

None of these collectibles is missable and are marked on the map since the beginning of the game. Unlocking these towers is a good idea as they reveal the locations of other collectibles and unlock Fast Travel locations.

Furthermore, finding and unlocking them will unlock SMG-11 weapon and Amargosa Turbo vehicle along with Clear Signals Achievement/Trophy.

Unlocking almost each one of these ctOS Towers requires you to do a bit of climbing on the rooftops. And like various missions in the campaign mode, you will have to go through a series of CCTV cameras to reach your desired location.


Also expect resistance from Blume Officials who will do everything in their power to put you down.

As the story will unfold, you will be required to unlock some of these towers. The rest can be done with our guide below. Note that you don’t have to unlock all of them in order to complete the story, but it is recommended nonetheless.

Parker Square ctOS Towers

Hilltop Tower
Head to the hilltop station and check the security. Follow the data flow lines to a fence, then hack into the camera here. Lower the crates on the forklift to reveal another camera, which you can access and ultimately use to hack the box.

Head through the open gate, then climb up the ladder. Drop down and unlock the ctOS Tower.

Pequino Village Tower
Head to the back alley here and use the forklift. Climb using it and the parkour to the lower rooftops. Cross the metal catwalk, while summoning the scissor lift in between to cross that as well.

Climb the AC units to the roof. Hack the camera and pan to the right to spot the data flow lines that lead to the box. Hack the box and access the tower to unlock it.

The Wards ctOS Towers

Woodpark West Tower
Head under the L-train tracks to the area with the metal fence.

Enter through the gate and go up the steps. Climb the ladder to the rail line. Use the tower camera to hack another one, and use that to unlock the switch behind pallets.

Run to the platform and then climb to the top. Shoot the canister to make it explode and reveal the box. Hack it then go to the tower to access it.

Rossi-Freemont Tower
Summon down the scissor lift near the metal and climb up. Climb ahead till you are near a locked door and some data flow lines. Hack the camera and follow the data lines to a second camera, through which you can unlock a switch.

Head through the now open gate and climb the AC unit. Spot the second switch from here and hack it to unlock the tower. Run past the first gate and up the ladder to the right on the balcony to access the tower.

Brandon Docks ctOS Towers

Calumet Market Tower
Head around the brick factory and the metal security hut. Access the camera above the construction lift and pan the camera to see another one across the grass. Access it and unlock the switch inside the hut.

Go through the area and leap over the fence to the area with the lift. Summon the lift and use to get to the edge of the brick factory roof. Run around the edge to the ctOS gate and then access the tower.

Des Monts Canal Tower
Head to the rail unloading station and find the camera. Use the camera to access another camera on the exterior of the roof, and pan it to the right to hack into the switch box.

After you’re done using this camera, head across to the scissor lift. Climb up and turn right to cross a metal bridge. Head to the security door and through the second gate to get to the roof with the tower to unlock.

Lake Shore Tower
This can be a slightly tough one. Use the camera here to scan the environment, then hack the stacking crane to drop the container to the ground. Follow the data flow lines from the tower to the small hut-like building.

Unlock the switch and then drive into the container inside the nearby car. Hack the train to move the container again.

Keep your car to the rear, then accelerate and launch of the carrier and into the fence to land on the roof. Open the gate here and use the ladder to access the tower.

The Loop ctOS Towers

Southside Campus Tower
Head to the alley to the scissor lift to get to the lower roof.

Climb over the fence and head up the stairs, turning left and then further heading up to a higher roof area. Connect to the camera at the back and unlock the door switch within the fence.

Look left to a second camera, which will give you access to the second box that can be hacked. Climb left afterwards and go through the tower gate to unlock the tower.

Theater Square Tower
Head to the alley here and use the scissor lift to reach a low-laying roof. Look right to spot a camera on the building nearby, access it and unlock the switch to the right.

Cycle through the cameras till you are on the one that overlooks the entire fenced building along with the billboard. The second switch box can be accessed with this camera.

Hack this and move through the ctOS gate on the roof.

Riverside Tower
Find the alley with the swing stage and use the ladder there, move to the right and up the walkway and stairs to access a camera. Cycle through the cameras till you spot the switch box.

Hack it to unlock the gate. Head along the walkway and climb the ladder and AC units to access the tower. Use the swing stage to get back down.

Mad Mile ctOS Towers

Franklin Tower
This is another slightly difficult one as you can’t access the area from the streets. You’ll spot a spiked metal fence.

Stand by it and access the camera, which should let you hack the box in a corner. Now, head down to the river and grab a boat to approach this ctOS building from the waters.

Get out and go through the door you just unlocked. Head west and follow the date flow line to a ladder and up some AC units to find a switch box. This will open the adjacent gate that grants you access to the tower.

River East Tower
Head into the apartment complex located right in the center of the block.

Search the walls of the complex to locate a switch box on the ground level. Follow the data flow to the south, and go up using the scissor lift to the balcony.

Head through the ctOS gate through to the glass roof. Turn around to find the switch box. Unlock it, then climb the AC units and the fence structure.

Cross the glass roof to reach the solar array and the tower.

Gold Coast Tower
Enter the parking lot here and climb the stairs to reach a region that overlooks the tower. Climb to the top, then drop down the roof of the concrete walkway. Follow the data flow to the right and unlock the switch.

Track back where the AC units were – there is an intrusion box here that wasn’t working previously. Hack into the server room with it and switch to the laptop’s camera to unlock the box switch. After that, climb the adjacent tower to unlock it.

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