Watch Dogs 2 Pre-order now Available at GameStop

The GameStop website has uploaded a Watch Dogs 2 pre-order space, and with what Ubisoft has said of the game before, Watch Dogs 2 may be on the way.

After the rather disappointing first game in the Watch Dog series back in 2014, Ubisoft Montreal is taking another crack at the open-world action/hacking game and has made the Watch Dogs 2 pre-order available at GameStop.

The first Watch Dogs focused on Aiden Pierce, a hacker and vigilante hunting down the people that murdered his niece. With the computer network that runs Chicago at his fingertips, Pierce can mess with traffic lights, sewer systems, hack into computers and bank accounts, and more.

The game got a lot of bad press upon its release, due to not looking as nice as its E3 trailer (and it got even worse when the setting for the E3 graphics was found in the game, able to be easily turned on) and with a lot of wasted potential in general.

The game has, however, been teased in multiple other games including The Division before being confirmed by Ubisoft earlier this week.

While we don’t know anything about Watch Dogs 2, the Watch Dogs 2 pre-order that is now visible on the front page of the GameStop website, and is available for both the Xbox One and the Playstation 4. However, we have no idea of any sort of release date for the game either, not to mention that we have no idea what the Watch Dogs 2 pre-order would even have in it.

We may be seeing Watch Dogs 2 at E3, and maybe even later this year, depending on if we see it there and if its release date is announced. Ubisoft has, however, announced that the game will be released before the end of March in 2017 so we may indeed get a release date announcement at E3.

Either way, the next chapter of Aiden Pierce’s story will be coming soon, and if you’re up for more hacking in the streets of one of the United States’s major cities then you’ll probably be looking forward to it, but we’ll have to see how it looks at E3, and whether Ubisoft will be more truthful this time.

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