Watch Dogs 2 Confirmed by Ubisoft, Supports DX 12

Watch Dogs 2 is now officially confirmed by Ubisoft. The company says DX12 helps Ubisoft improve many aspects of the Watch Dogs 2.

Watch Dogs 2 is confirmed by Ubisoft, it will support DX12 and from the looks of it, it could be better optimized for AMD hardware. Details about the project aren’t shared yet but expect more information around E3.

“The upcoming Watch Dogs 2,” as mentioned by Ubisoft during AMD’s event, is expected to release in Fall for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, however, a final release window is yet to be announced. The title is going to be a sequel to the original Watch Dogs released back in 2014.

The original Watch Dogs wasn’t the best of what Ubisoft had to offer and in many ways dented the company’s reputation. Allegations of Downgrades, lackluster last-gen ports, dull lead character and story, made Watch Dogs a pretty forgettable experience.

However, Watch Dogs laid the foundation of something great, similar to what The Order 1886 did.

According to Ubisoft:

This project was ambitious from the get go so we were very excited to have this opportunity to feed our minds with so much player feedback. Add the press [feedback] and our own internal data and we now have everything we need to identify what worked and what could be improved. Watch Dogs is a great game. But it is also the beginning of something bigger.

We expect great things from Watch Dogs 2 and we hope Ubisoft has learned from its mistake with the first game.

One of the questions that come to mind when we talk about Watch Dogs 2 is that, will Aiden Pearce return? Well, I personally hope not.

Would you like to see Aiden as the lead character of Watch Dogs 2? What changes would you like to see this time around? Share what you think in the comments below.

Source: AMD Capsaicin Event

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