Wasteland 3 The Zealot Walkthrough

Take on The Zealot main story mission in Wasteland 3 with the help of our detailed walkthrough and deal with the Gipper threat

The Zealot is a Primary Mission in Wasteland 3 and in this guide, we will tell you everything that you need to know to complete it. Note, you should be at least level 9 before attempting this mission. Now let’s get into it!

Wasteland 3 The Zealot

The Zealot takes place in Denver City Ruins and is actually a multi-faceted mission requiring you to switch to other missions and progress in them first before you can resume your progress in The Zealot.


  • Travel to Denver
  • Take out Valor Buchanan from the Western Whitehouse in the Denver.
  • Return to the Patriarch’s Palace in Colorado Springs

When you first meet the Patriarch, early in the game, you will be given this mission.

Your first objective in completing this mission is to go to Denver utilizing the Kodiak on the map. You will be trapped in a small event after reaching Denver.

Liberty, the daughter of Patriarch will snare you with two huge robots and warn you many times to not try assaulting her.

Go through the discussion to learn more about her brother, and afterward proceed onward.

You will die if you even think of arresting her. So, it is better to move on.

After entering Denver, you’ll be halted by a gathering of individuals saying outsiders can’t meddle while the court is in a meeting.

The discussion will change to Mother Nancy Reliance where you can demand a group of people with the God-President. There will be a Kiss Ass (4) dialogue choice here.

Changing to the Reagan Reborn Mission

You’ll get the Reagan Reborn mission after talking with the Mother Nancy Reliance. Before moving further in “The Zealot”, you have to complete this mission.

To kill or arrest Valor Buchanan there are different ways.

Mother Nancy says she will let go of Valor if you help her. You can collaborate with the Godfishers to crush the Gippers or You can assault the Gippers all alone and take Valor forcibly.

You will return to your primary mission which is the zealot after you decide what to do with Reagan AI.

On the off chance that you decided to move Reagan to the Machine Commune, you’ll need to battle the Gippers to capture Valor.

Until all Gippers are killed, you can’t call a group to carry Valor to the Ranger HQ jail.

Gipper Battle

You will have to face Mother Nancy Reliance, Heavy Machine Turrets, Light Machine Turrets, and Gripper Mechanics after not following Nancy’s orders.

But you can kill or arrest Valor after the fight is over.

Now from your way out of the Kodiak you have to clear out every gripper. The enemies will suddenly surround you which is the tough part.

So, you have to be prepared for each coming fight and heal up as well since the enemies are everywhere in the White House.

The difficult fight starts after leaving the vault. You have to fight many enemies in this fight.

Here are a few tips which will help you in your battle.

For your Rangers to fight continuously without losing AP to healing, have a medic with you.

Utilize smoke grenades for cover and molotovs to clear large groups. You can also set doors on fire when more enemies are coming through it.

You might have to fight the Statue of Reagan as well. Which might be stronger if you chose to upgrade it previously.

You are safe while you are inside the White House. Use Kodiak to take down your enemies and The Statue nearby.

Now you have to complete your last objective of the Zealot which is to Return to Patriarch in Colorado Springs.

Meet Patriarch in Broadmoor Heights and tell him that you have Valor in custody. Once you tell him that, your objective and the mission will be completed.

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