Wasteland 3 Reagan Reborn Walkthrough

This Reagan Reborn walkthrough will help you make the "tough" choice in the main story mission of Wasteland 3 that takes you to Denver

In this Wasteland 3 Reagan Reborn Guide, we will walk you through all the objectives of this primary mission and each step that you need to take in order to fulfill those objectives.

Wasteland 3 Reagan Reborn

Reagan Reborn is one of the Primary Missions in Denver Ruins and is centered around the storyline of the game.

Once you’ve reached the feat of Level 9, you should definitely give this mission a try!


  • Attend an audience with the God President inside the Western Whitehouse in the Denver Ruins.
  • Retrieve the Cybernetic Transfer Module from the Machine Commune at the Denver Airport.
  • Return to Regan, Valor, and Mother Nancy Reliance at the Western Whitehouse in the Denver Ruins.

Make your way to the Denver Ruins and head inside the building to your left.

Move past the Vault doors and meet with Valor Buchanan, Mother Nancy Reliance, and the Regan AI who will task you with recovering the Cybernetic Transfer Module form the Machine Commune at the Denver Airport.

For that, head north and make your way to the Denver Airport, eliminating all the enemies in your pathway.

Once there, you’ll have to converse with Machine intelligence Tower and tell them what you want – the Cybernetic Transfer Module.

Here, it’s quite interesting to note that the response of the Machine Intelligence Tower will depend on your past interactions with the robots at the Machine Commune.

Anyways, the Tower will ask you to betray the Gippers and bring Regan back to them.

Now, you’ll be presented with 3 options;

  • Transfer the Reagan into Valor.
  • Transfer the Reagan into the Machine Commune.
  • Transfer the Reagan into the Ranger HQ.

Option 1: Reagan into Valor Buchannan
Head back to the Gippers and talk with Mother Nancy Reliance to begin the transfer.

Regan will be transferred into the body of Valor Buchannan, resulting in the destruction of Valor’s soul.

That will mark the completion of the mission and you’ll be rewarded with $250, 6x Rocket, and 1x Reagan’s Gaze.

Option 2: Reagan into the Machine Commune
Just like for Option 1, this option requires you to proceed to the Gippers and talk to Mother Nancy Reliance to initiate the transfer.

As soon as the transfer of Reagan is made into the Machine Commune, the Gippers will come after you. To be able to escape from there, you’ll have to put them all down.

Having done that, the mission will be complete and you’ll be rewarded with a Party Pal as a follower, who, not only can perform ranged attacks but also has the ability to heal your squadmates.

Option 3: Reagan into the Ranger HQ
Follow the same steps as for other options to initiate the transfer.

Once the transfer is complete, a conversation with Mother Nancy Reliance will be prompted.

Tell her to surrender Valor Buchannan, otherwise, you’ll destroy Reagan.

She will choose to oblige and you can then either arrest Valor or kill him, that’s entirely up to you. Now, eliminate all the Gippers and the mission will be complete.

Once you’ve restored the energy, you’ll be able to converse with Reagan at the Command Center of Ranger HQ.

This option won’t let you interact with the Gippers, Machine Commune, and the merchants except for Vivisecto, RN.

To rectify your mistake of choosing this option, go tell the Machine Intelligence Tower that it was a mistake.

As you read above, whichever option you choose to go for will allow you to wrap up the Reagan Reborn mission. So, choose the one which suits you the best!

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